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RAFFLE -- For the Love of Reefing


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In celebration of Valentine's Day, we will be holding a "For the Love of Reefing" raffle for the remaining gift certificates we have left from last year:

  • $50 Gift Certificate to The Premium Aquarium  - 1 Winner
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Paradise Coral  - 3 Winners
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Barrier Reef Aquariums  - 3 Winners


  1. The raffle is open to all members of PNWMAS, both paid Supporting Members and free members.
  2. Supporting Members get one free raffle ticket.  Family Supporting Members get two free tickets.
  3. Additional raffle tickets may be purchased, $5 for 1 or $20 for 5. All of the ticket purchases will be posted on this thread. If you don't feel comfortable posting publicly what you spent or where you put your tickets, you can PM me directly and I'll take it from there.
    The primary method of payment will be through PayPal. I realize some people don't have that so reach out to me if you can't do that. I believe we can send you an invoice through PayPal where you can use your credit card without needing a PayPal account. The club PayPal is PayPal@pnwmas.org
  4. You must post (or PM me) a screenshot of your payment in order to get purchased tickets.
  5. Reply to this thread to indicate how many of tickets you want to go into each bag. There will be one bag for each store.
    For example:
    "1 free ticket for The Premium Aquarium"
    Post a screenshot of a $20 purchase and then say, "3 tickets for Paradise Corals and 2 for Barrier Reef Aquariums."
  6. We will take ticket requests until Sunday, February 14th at 10:00am.
  7. The raffle will take place on Sunday, February 14th at 12:00 noon.  Winners will be announced in a new thread at that time.

Good luck to all, and Happy Reefing Valentines Day!

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