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  1. I have two photon V2 50". I love them, cheap, powerful, comes with mounting hardware Can't beat the value imo
  2. that's what people with small tanks always say...
  3. another small tank? you got room 200g
  4. People still measure phosphate? Haven’t checked in months
  5. Bubble magus rolls are cheaper so I just bought those. Couldnt find something similar that is “aftermarket” and cheaper
  6. They are both solid pieces of equipment. I haven’t had any issues with the clarisea. What’s nice about the Clarisea is that I’m able to use a cheaper filter paper I bought on eBay.
  7. I have clarisea and bubble magus the clarisea works flawlessly for me. Went with bubble magus for my second build cause it was a lot cheaper and honestly, it's the same thing
  8. I’ve got a laser somewhere. Didn’t work for aiptasia but maybe I did it wrong
  9. that's why my tank is 20" high 😃 I can reach the bottom and my elbows stay dry
  10. My $10 costco sump is installed lol. Plumbing is 95% done
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