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  1. Thanks for the offer but my parts should be here tomorrow. It is 15 series
  2. I’ve only quarantined fish and I’ve been lucky. Getting ich from inverts and corals is less likely but not zero. it’s like crossing the street. I look both ways some of the time. Not everytime time
  3. What a beautiful beast. This is an office tank lol
  4. Im getting some additional outside brackets. Can’t use inside brackets because of the cut to fit board that goes on top
  5. That’s ok. You’ll just make me a better one
  6. I kinda want it but it's probably overkill for my 120G build...
  7. I’ve got say this is too much fun. Like a giant lego
  8. Parts from tnutz.com came in today shipping of custom parts was super quick and the packaging was impressive. It’s heavier/studier than I anticipated. It’s a good 100lbs of weight right there some of my measurement were in 1/16” and they are on point!
  9. That’s like reef talk to non reef people...
  10. Hayes had lots of frags for sale!
  11. I thought about but in the end when it’s all covered in corals you can really the rock anyway. I always aim for 100% coverage of the rocks so the “bones” don’t really matter. I really want something to prevent corals from growing into each other tank is ready, I get the stand parts tomorrow. Still need plumbing and sump. I’ll probably have water in it in a month
  12. Shelves from addictive reef keeping
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