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  1. Brian always delivers middle of the night…
  2. If they send me the wrong torch. I don’t think it would survive more than a day in my tank. Certainly would die before I get a chance to ship it back wanna picture of the dead skeleton? Too bad I don’t own a camera. oh cell phones usually have camera? Pretty sure mine doesn’t
  3. In light of the recent dramatic exit of one of the members I thought I would throw another contest. Similar to the other contests before rules: 1) Post reason why you love this forum/club 2) Mention someone here (one one) who you would like to win a coral. Don’t need a reason but feel free to leave one 3) no shipping. Must be able to pick up in Happy Valley or at Cuttlefish 4) October first I will have google pick a random number from the number of posts in the thread. The author of the winning post and the person mentioned in that post each get a jawbreaker mushroom (poletti lineage from Rudy many years ago) 5) double posts will be disqualified
  4. I’ll give you some for free. That stuff grows like weed in my tank
  5. What a fatty (that’s what she said)
  6. Sold out. Will start a new for sale thread once I have more available. Thanks everyone!
  7. I’ve got one more pack available
  8. I’ve sold and bought from countless forum members. Never had an issue like what you’re describing.
  9. 5 pack for $600 (1 head of each) aquacultured for 2-4 years - holy grail - purple gold - jester - dragon soul - green cut to order
  10. wow it's a CSB factory lol
  11. Nice to see it can be done. Do you run carbon?
  12. Selling my Red Sea reefer 170 - some light scratches on the glass custom acrylic sump mp10 vectra L1 eheim jager heater AI hydra 26 Would prefer to sell as a package. But will eventually consider parting out $700 obo
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