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  1. I did one last month is everything was fine except for increased aluminum
  2. No update for the last six months cause the tank was struggling. Lots of corals not growing and lots of corals dying. Unless I did weekly water changes, a lot of things were starting to die. Last week I found the reason why. The back up heater was broken
  3. This I think is considered the holy grail. Green gold with purple tips Am I correct?
  4. What do people consider holy grail torches these days? it seems like any purple/gold is called a dragon soul. While the green/gold is holy grail. I think the true holy grail needs to have purple tips. here’s an example of my fake holy Grail which has the teal colored tips
  5. I ordered 0.5 inch berghia nudibranchs online and they arrive tomorrow (Friday 18th). Between the time I ordered and waited for them to be in stock, my aipatasia problem is significantly better after introducing 10 peppermint shrimps. I don't think I have enough aiptasia to feed these Berghia anymore. They'll die in my system cause I only have a few aiptasia left they cost $16 each but I'm letting them go for $100 ($10 each). Only catch is that they much be picked up either Friday or Saturday (I'll keep them in the bag in the sump)
  6. Oh wow. If you have stuff you need to to house (maybe some corals you really want to save) I can try to make room but I’m at level 1 still. Just let me know
  7. Has anyone had to evacuate? What did you do with your livestock? Im still at level 1 but the fires are moving closer
  8. My calcium reactor co2 tank pressure is at 250 currently and I still get 10 psi at the regular. When should I consider it empty and switch out for a full tank?
  9. he probably wants 2016 prices, not the 2020 price...I would too
  10. My bugs would destroy your corals. Guarantee!
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