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  1. Oh ya, there's also a cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp, and sexy shrimp in there. If you want to buy any livestock individually pm me your offer!
  2. Located in Tacoma wa. Hey guys, due to some major life changes the tanks have to go. First up is my 10yr old reef. Some of my fish corals and nems have already been sold but there is still a bunch of smaller fish and inverts. Also a bunch of coral, a green bta, yellow and green mini maxi nem, and several rock flower nems. Fish- 2 clownfish Bengaii cardinal Yellow watchman Leopard wrasse Blue chromis Red choris wrasse Green dragonette Inverts- 2 brittle starfish 1 serpent starfish 2 cucumbers Halloween hermit Snails
  3. 2 member tickets towards the generator plz!
  4. If they're just in the overflow I'd probably shut down the return pump for a while and let them dry out. Are you sure they're glass nems? Got a pic?
  5. I use a mag float with an acrylic safe scrubber pad stuck between the acrylic and the inside magnet. And for the tough stuff the kent plastic scraper is my go too. Of course my kid went s different route and cleaned it with the glass mag float from my sump. That didn't end well
  6. 112g 5' acrylic tank. Wish I had a more up to date picture but here goes!
  7. We made it out unscathed up here in Tacoma, wa. No need to break out my large trusty marine deep cycle battery and power inverter this time. But yesterday at work I did drive my box truck up to shoreline. The drive went totally fine, but as I was pulling up to the customers house I started sliding sideways and hit their van 😔. What a way to start a job!
  8. Ya looks like aggression to me too. Maybe that damsel in the background? Or another tang?
  9. Congrats guys, we'll be expecting pictures of whatever you buy with your gift cards!
  10. Shellfie! Haaaaa I have an app called dad jokes that I like to use on the wife and kids. But my wife says it's lame 🙃
  11. Yep your good to go. And if it makes you feel any better my tank is about 10" longer than the framing in my stand (5" per side) ðŸĪŠ
  12. 1 free member ticket for barrier reef. Please and thank you!
  13. How about a tuxedo urchin and a brittle or serpent starfish!
  14. I've seen this happen when the tang gets too big for it's tank..
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