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  1. 5' 112g. On the opposite side I'm still running an old koralia (800 or 1000gph, can't remember). I did just order a sow-15 to replace the 20 but I'm nervous that's gonna be too big too?!
  2. Well I ended up grabbing a jebao sow-20. That's the size jebao recommends for my size tank. The pump is silent and looks good but what heck, this thing is huge. The lowest setting seems ok but anything else seems like it'll blow the water out of the tank! And no way can I use the random flow setting (which is what I wanted to use) Anyways it's a very nice pump but I need a smaller one!
  3. Oddly about an hour later it spit them out
  4. Bonney Lake huh? Tropical fish world is a great start for fish and dry goods. Not so much for corals or inverts. Aquarium paradise in lakewood is also ok for fish. There are also some great coral stores in renton and Bellevue. Welcome to the club, I'm about 20 minutes from you over here in east Tacoma
  5. I guess not! Bye bye palys. This is a very slow murder, I wonder if I should stop it? Could the palys be toxic and hurt the plate?
  6. Some inverts need quarantined, others just need to be rinsed. Humblefish wrote a guide on the subject https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/coral-invert-quarantine-time-frames.334584/
  7. OK thanks, I really appreciate the info. If I can get about 5 years out of a new mp40 before having to replace parts I think I would be happy with that. Plus having these spare parts is a bonus.
  8. Out of curiosity do you have certain upgraded parts because the originals failed? Do they fail often? Are the replacement parts affordable? I ask because I've always been happy with my koralias but am wanting to upgrade so I don't have to deal with broken parts regularly
  9. Thanks, I'm trying wiggling it all around and nothing. This thing looks pretty old so who knows. If I have to I might buy a new higher end pump. Would it make sense to stick with an mp40 and keep this one for spare parts (are they interchangeable)? If not I'll probably go with a cheaper gyre or something
  10. What kind do you use/recommend? I've never used these higher end Powerheads before but I am getting sick of replacing koralias every couple of years.
  11. Looks nice and shiny in the 24v socket. But the 12v socket does appear to have some light corrosion. I'm not using the 12v socket currently, is that for a battery back up or something? Should I open the controller up and check things out? It looks like it could just pop open?
  12. I believe so. It is 24v which is what the socket on the controller says. And the listing said mp40
  13. Hey guys, my koralia pump started leaking voltage the other day so I need to replace it. I found this oooolllldddd mp40w in a box and thought I'd give it a try so I ordered a new power supply (which doesn't seem to plug in all the way) for it and plugged it in and nothing. Anybody have any experience with fixing these up? I thought maybe a new controller was in order but I can't seem to locate one.
  14. I always use a water bottle with the top cut off and inverted. Caught many fish this way. For bigger fish I use a wide mouth apple juice bottle and cut the opening bigger if needed
  15. That's really high but I have seen some beautiful tanks with similar numbers. Stability is key. Oh ya and not buying acros, duh!
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