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  1. Thanks, I definitely will! Glad to see you're hooking some friends up! @sharambil @Reeftank225
  2. Big thanks Derek. The frags I picked up tonight are now in the tank and glued in place. This tank is coming together, slowly.
  3. Great Suggestion, Thanks! Good addition. I can test this easily enough. I'm a little worried with the seasonality of temp swings. But I'll add the monitor now.
  4. Outlet name is accurate, but it's listed as Type Radion G4 Pro. Kind of stinks you can't program against it at least being "on" or "off". Per other options I move my PAR meter between tanks. Plus it needs to be taken out and cleaned at times. This option is not robust enough. Monitoring Power on EB832 outlet could work. I would likely want multiple Radion's plugged into that single outlet - in case the WXM fails to connect to the one single one and not fire up. I'm going to keep looking, maybe in Apex forums. Maybe I'll get lucky and stumble over some obsc
  5. The Time method is my current programming. But it's at high risk of Human (me) error, as I change the light schedule in the future This syntax doesn't work. (rejected on upload) Any other syntax suggestions? Maybe this is a generic question associated with programming based on WXM connections. If Outlet Radion01_G4P = ON then ON
  6. Mr Wizard ( @SuncrestReef ) or anyone else, Programming question: Can I control an outlet based on On/Off status of Radion LED's? I've got Radion LED lights connected to my Apex system via the WXM module. I'd like to turn on/off vent fans (an EB832 outlet) to track On/Off of the Radion's. Why? Fans are a little noisy Fans cool off the tank at night, making the heaters fight them Any suggestions?
  7. But, if you go back to the original post - the FeedStorm concept is from @Snappy. You and I turned it into Apex automation. And if you want a funny side story, I couldn't actually use this code until recently. I didn't have the return pump Apex controllable until about two weeks ago. So I can finally see feedstorm in full action.
  8. @SuncrestReefJust watched the live stream replay. Great job. I especially like how you walked through the FeedStorm example step by step.
  9. You know, that would work really well as a 2nd stage reaction chamber. It's already full of media, and just dying for you to put it back into service.
  10. Is this stand made from 15 series? If so, I have 8 plates left over from my build. These are 4351, 5 hole corner plates. And after doing my hood build, I realized I needed to use 4 hole plates. PM me if you don't want to wait for your order to arrive. https://8020.net/4351.html 4351 15 Series & Ready Tube 5 Hole - 90 Degree Angled Flat Plate
  11. I've got a perfect spot for a gorgonian. PM'ing you.
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