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  1. Okay, let's cut to details. What's your feeding regime of the aptasia farm? tell us about growing out aptasia. daily feeding, multiple times a day feeding, heavy feeding, light feeding. Light or no-lights ... How have you outfitted the farm, to enable harvesting aptasia to feed to the berghia? Is this just a low flat tank, or do you have struture in it? course gravel bottom, so it's easier to pull out an aptasia to feed, or just razor blade them off flat glass Pictures?
  2. I've got one you can borrow for a week. Caught my wrasse two weeks ago, enabling to move it between tanks. PM me if interested.
  3. I got a very thoughtful gift this week. With me hinting/suggesting/or even realizing this would be a good addition. I love it!
  4. An interesting article how rats introduced on remote islands end up with reduced coral populations. And when removed, how the reefs recover. Spoiler Alert -- Guano is the key https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/04/want-to-save-an-islands-coral-reefs-get-rid-of-invasive-rats/
  5. I've built a Mandarin feeder to supplement the natural supply that's in the tank. Currently stocking it with baby brine every other day. Design has been well published. If found it easy to make from a 4" drain cover (green) fit into an end cap piece. Glued large frag plate to the bottom to give it some weight. So far, my Watchman Goby thinks it's the bomb. IMG_0480.MOV
  6. If (When) I find another load, I'll give you a proactive ping. I'll look again tonight in the overflow, maybe there's more in the box itsefl.
  7. Crap. Just last night I found a robust population of Aptasia on the stand pipe in the overflow box of my frag tank. I thought of you, but hadn't heard any I-need-more in a while... So i just bleached the crap out of them (stand pipe is removable). The odd part, was looking like I've knocked my aptasia population down to invisible again. (in all visible tank space) And then I found this corner of them! Really shows how aptasia stay a pest. Only takes one protected spot to be the source of them spreading again. These were huge, and I could see they were loaded to release new babi
  8. $18 post amazon coupon offered. Mine will be here Saturday. I'm an iPhone user, so this one will get plugged into a laptop. Simple enough. USB Endoscope Type C Borescope for OTG Android Phone, Windows PC, MacBook, 5.5 mm 0.21 Inch Inspection Snake Camera Waterproof, 16.4FT Semi-Rigid Cord with 6 LED Lights (16.4 ft) Learn more: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07PBF6DX5/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_D49M2DMPJYX91RXZR1EN?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  9. for ~$20, Amazon will deliver a USB endoscope (snakescope). Or for $40 a Wifi type model. Might be an easy way to checkout the plumbing run on each return tube. just search: USB Endoscope, or iPhone Endoscope Thinking about it - I may proactively order on for me right now. Because when I have a plumbing problem, I may not want to wait for delivery. USB Snake Inspection Camera,Fantronics 2.0 MP IP67 Waterproof USB C Borescope,Type-C Scope Camera with 8 Adjustable LED Lights for (16.4ft) Samsung Galaxy S9/S8, Google pixel, Nexus 6p(Not for iPhone) by My Fantronics
  10. I smell a Mighty Magnet F-6 in your future. @markvopointed them out to me. https://www.mightymagnets.com/product/f-6/
  11. I use Nitrate Low Range Colorimeter HI781. No view which is best.
  12. PNWMAS paid Supporting Members each receive 2 free tickets. --> Two free tickets for the Neptune WAV please.
  13. Come on, We all want to hear the story. What's the magic recipe to get banned?
  14. That's a pretty good reason for not shutting it off.
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