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  1. Old tank was 4’ long, 2’ deep. New tank is ~6’ long and 3’ deep. Yup, perpendicular. That’s why the old holes & drywall had to be fixed, and the stain on the carpet needs to be cleaned. This is going to be great!
  2. Remember the light support rack, It's In! I cut slots in the drywall so the 8020 horizontal support bars are mounted directly to the studs. And everything went smoothly from there. I cant bring the stand in, until the stain on the front left corner of the carpet is cleaned. That's the visible spot that wont be under the new stand. Thursday... Thursday.
  3. I'm in the low teen's in the winter/spring. and the low 20's in the summer/fall. From April:
  4. Clean Slate, Ready for new tank install to begin. (okay, still need the carpet to be cleaned) Tank plumbing goes through the wall, into the garage fishroom. That means a few holes through the wall, and ~20 years of saltwater corrosion on the dry wall. Honestly, dry wall held up impressively, only mild blistering - except where the holes were. New tank, needs new hole locations. Took the tank and stand out Friday night, final coat of paint is now dry (Sunday ~noon). Let the Next Phase of install begin. READY TO GO! (except carpet cleaning)
  5. Ahh, double digit days. I agree, I find them with the lights out. First thing in the morning, I'd have 6-10 visible on the glass. easy pickings. then go hunting with a flash light on the rocks At one point, I was able to pull 30-50 out Per Day - for a week straight. That's when I got the shrimp. Very effective at hunting the stars. Returned them in about 30 days so they wouldn't starve. Stayed Star Free for about 6-8 months. And then... Population started growing again. Guess I should have kept the shrimp, and been manually feeding them so they didn't starve.
  6. Nice Job. I really appreciate the before, during, and after photos.
  7. Kill it, Kill it quick. Although many people say they have these and they don't bother anything in your tank... I too was in that boat, until they DID start bothering corals. I recently emptied my tank in prep for an upgrade (moved everything to the new fish room frag tanks) and found these starfish on corals in concerning locations.
  8. Drat! I was at Jeff's twice in the past 7 days, and simply forgot. Good thing I've got another visit coming up. Thanks for the reminder, I'll pick it up.
  9. If you want something nicer than 4x4's sticking out, checkout making a strong light rack using 8020 parts. (8020.net, it's what I built mine out of) Checkout this video for the basic idea:
  10. thought is I may be able to chase the wrasse, a shrimp, the royal gramma, etc into one. and then cap ends and pull them out. Think of me chasing stuff around the tank tonight with the net. trying to offer someplace for them to go/hide, that can make it easier for me to catch. Tonight, Everything comes out.
  11. Day 5 (last night) tear down continued. Basically, all corals are out of the tank, fragged or scrapped. Ready for last rock and fish removal tomorrow. FREE: Small Fist size rock with basic Zoa's available. It's not coming to the new setup. PM me if you want it and willing to pick up tonight or tomorrow. Last picture, before tank gets emptied tonight.
  12. Easily outsmarted, yup. Look to the right, you'll notice a gray PVC pipe - next attempt at outsmarting some tank residence.
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