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  1. @AnglersReef, tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you based, are you online only or also walk in ? I checked out your website, it looked like on-line only. And thank you for your sponsorship.
  2. Just checked, came up on my browser too. Congrats on getting a good deal!
  3. I agree. Tried going to the RO unit, and I'm getting the spinning wheel of wait... Looks like Marine Depot is winding down early. If you Really wanted one, call their phone number (bottom of the homepage) and place an order verbally. I had to talk with them about an item two days ago, they were still picking up the phone. But they shut the doors Today, so here's the last chance.
  4. Marine Depot is down to it's last day of sales. (I think it closes tomorrow) I ordered a few misc things yesterday, but just noticed this killer deal. 100gpd RO unit for $64. If you don't have an RO unit, you'll almost never a new one this cheap, and I consider an RO unit essential to reef keeping. https://www.marinedepot.com/puratek-100-gpd-ro-di-filter-system-aquamaxx
  5. I can't match your stability, but I can match bumping equipment and creating a glitch.
  6. Dear Bulk Reef Supply, (aka Neptune Owner) Can you *please* update Apex Fusion Software to enable 1-2 month long graphs, like the one above, instead of maxing at 1 week. It's a pain to do it by hand. Yours truly. (Side note, it's a Pain to collect the data manually. My Apex can only hold ~1months worth of data. So I have to proactively pull/store the data every month, just in case I want to look at trends. I've developed an Excel sheet, with macros, that helps greatly. But there's still manual steps involved.)
  7. If this is the outcome, I welcome it. I'd like a Trident 2.0 that can measure NO3 & PO4 daily.
  8. I always NEED name tags on everyone. Because I stink at remembering names too. (And I'm going to need both a personal PNWMAS "handle" and their Real World Name)
  9. If we Don't have you at the next club meeting. Please announce here the next place you are going to present at. I'd like to attend.
  10. obrien.david.j

    PVC leaks

    This is a really creative solution, and I'm glad you shared. This opened my eyes to this type of option, and I see the value. Well done. (If you have to do it again, post pictures. :))
  11. I vote we contact @emeyer and ask for the latest status of his DNA based insights. I was at the first club meeting where he offered free tank sampling to help build his sampling database. Since then, he's revised his reports a number of times. I'd like to hear insights how to interpret various testing results, and maybe some interesting tank results.
  12. Thanks for setting this up and hosting! Will be so nice to see people again, and without a mask!
  13. Heads up, if you're doing plumbing work - I noticed there's a bunch of deals at ~50% off at the Marine Depot liquidation sale. (all sales final/etc etc) I have no affiliation here, just placing an order and passing along the info. https://www.marinedepot.com/aquarium-plumbing
  14. Sure is a fire pit! Some nights a beach bonefire is nice, some nights a local firepit fire is nice. Does allow some people to be in the house, and some around the fire - and still be one party. The grill was used for burgers on the 4th, so for breakfast on the 5th... It had to be marinated flank steak, in resting butter. Soo good!
  15. And yes, the tank is on cameras.
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