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  1. Bought this as a one eye frag back when they were super popular. That was probably 3 years ago. It’s now 20 eyes and I’m bored of it cause it grows so slowly. Paid $300 so selling for $300. Unless rainbow chalices aren’t worth much these days then it’s OBO.
  2. Depends if you got the optional insurance lol
  3. I get bored of my corals after a few months. There really should be a subscription based coral rental service you keep them for a few months and then you return them and get new ones.
  4. Big birdsnest colony. It’s like 7” across. A carpet of twizzlers zoas. Hundreds of them a orange ricordia some rastas selling as a whole. Please don’t ask for individual pieces all that for $40. Pick up in Happy Valley
  5. Good reminder for me to renew I am a supporting member "again again"
  6. I set an alarm but I’m not even planning to buy anything cause I don’t have room. That’s how good Holly’s sales are lol
  7. Let me know if you have that trio. Looking to buy or trade. Thanks!
  8. Don’t they have yellow tangs for $90 usually?
  9. This is the mom when I bought it 6 months ago. Jeff had cut a big one in three at CnC in January and this was one of them. Lineage goes back to Elite Reef
  10. Natural split. My large CSB split in three and I am selling one of them cause I was able to get it off the rockwork $600 obo
  11. I did one last month is everything was fine except for increased aluminum
  12. No update for the last six months cause the tank was struggling. Lots of corals not growing and lots of corals dying. Unless I did weekly water changes, a lot of things were starting to die. Last week I found the reason why. The back up heater was broken
  13. This I think is considered the holy grail. Green gold with purple tips Am I correct?
  14. What do people consider holy grail torches these days? it seems like any purple/gold is called a dragon soul. While the green/gold is holy grail. I think the true holy grail needs to have purple tips. here’s an example of my fake holy Grail which has the teal colored tips
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