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  1. Closed. Let us know if you want to open it up again.
  2. I second the check Valves on returns. Has way too many “hey look, there’s water everywhere” incidents.
  3. Oh! Looks like fun! Always liked setting up new tanks. why are two of your drain lines connecting? I haven’t seen that design before.
  4. Parzifal

    More sticks!

    Ugh. Those are amazing. How do you get the black background?
  5. Bubble king 250 or reef octo space saver would be good choices with no budget constraints and an under tank internal location. Both could handle your tanks future bio load.
  6. It’s a great question that many have asked! Lots of opinions on here and sadly no perfect way. The more details you put on here the better guidance the community can give.
  7. Space and location are huge factors. are you looking for an external or internal? is this going under a tank? If so what is the clearance. there’s no limit to skinners you can get, seems clearance height is the limiting factor for most. If clearance isn’t an issue an etss works amazingly well!
  8. Thanks! Have t seen those, look useful. Sadly need the union as it’s cemented directly to the reactor with no room to cut and reglue.
  9. Looking for two schedule 80 unions. There’s one catch…they can’t be spears brand. anyone got One they would part with? I bought some reactors and they need unions, but the ones I have (spears brand) won’t fit. All the local plumbing places seem to only carry spears brand =(
  10. I feel like there’s a jaws reference here but just can’t come up with it. did you build the stand as well?
  11. Ooooh snooker! it’s been years since I’ve played. Looking forward to the next meeting at your house!
  12. Ooooh. Ahhhhh What’s the volume? Who made it? why is it being delivered in the middle of the night? wait, did that tank “fall off the truck”?
  13. i vote for @Micah , I only met him once but seems like a great guy and quarantines everything! thanks for keeping your pets as healthy as possible! thank you @Manny Tavan for doing this, always good to have a reminder of why this community rocks.
  14. +1 on James over at envision. He built my sumps and frag tank and they are AMAZING. the extra cost of a custom build for cold water temperature control is well worth the decrease in labor and upkeep you will experience. Few people have the passion to clean up that much water daily from inside their house!
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