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  1. Aaaaalrighty then. it’s time (Thank you Brian for the drag pack!!!) enough sticks in the tank I’m done dosing kalkwasser. I’m in need of a c02 tank and regulator since my old one hasn’t been used in a decade...[language filter] does that mean I’m old now? It’s been so long I can’t remember. anyone got one out there to sell?
  2. Happy to be a supporting member.
  3. Commander of the northern legion! he looks great!
  4. I thought most 40g breeders had tempered bottoms. What brand is that?
  5. Good evening all. had two of these pop up in the last two weeks and wondering what it is...other than the obvious “reef tank critter”
  6. James at envision acrylics does an awesome job!
  7. Material is gone. admin please close thread thanks!
  8. Pending kilmca second in line is Danik
  9. I’m finishing up a deck project and have some extra material I don’t need. All this stuff is free for anyone that wants it. Just let me know. I have about ten 2x6x16 fir board Two 2x6x20 boards ten 80lbs bags cement located in SE portland
  10. Dang it! Just started a 3 week road trip. if there’s anything left when I get back I’m definitely interested.
  11. Thanks! Best Buy had a variable dc adaptor that works perfectly, $12 And it’s running the AFS beautifully. thanks! admin please close.
  12. Thanks to both of you! im heading to Home Depot and Best Buy today. Micah, If they don’t have something that will work I’ll shoot you a pm.
  13. Ah, Good question. yes, I’m looking for the Aux 12v power adaptor for the apex classic base unit, or any 12v 1+Amp adaptor that would work. also, what the heck are you doing up? Looking for Bristleworms 😉?
  14. Good evening all! im in need of a power supply for an apex classic, or for the AFS from Neptune. anyone have one they would like to sell or can direct me where to get one in the next few days? please and thanks!
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