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  1. If the sale falls through let me know, I’m interested
  2. I’m sure there are plenty of people on the forum willing to loan one of you only need it occasionally.
  3. I’ve heard diamond is the best to cut corals with, This may be a good option.
  4. I think he meant that fantastic floor mat, it looks incredibly durable.
  5. Anyone here have Tesla power walls ? if so how have they worked for you and what were their limitations?
  6. Alrighty. Full tank shot here! Some of you have some awesome looking tanks, but I think mine should win just based off the rare concept alone. i recently (Monday) decided to go for a tank theme I’ve never seen before. This is my attempt to represent the ocean at the bottom of the mariannas trench. Near freezing temperatures and no light. Creates a beautiful barren oceanscape. thanks to Jeff at cuttlefish for housing all of my normal tank inhabitants!
  7. Thank you all for the offers! The cell tower in the area was having issues and I couldn’t connect to the internet so just got these messages. As always a huge shout out to Jeff at cuttlefish (Micah too!). Got all the critters over there and hopefully they will make it. definitely time to buy a generator!
  8. Thanks for the offer, but I doubt my car will make it up that hill. How’s the driving around there and what time will you be there until?
  9. Hi all, anyone out there in SE Portland have power and willing to house some fish for the hopefully short foreseeable future? I have some Anthias, a yellow tangs, two purple tangs and a wrasse, a couple corals as well. Everyone is healthy but my small battery backup isn’t gonna make it through this.
  10. Cool! 1 free ticket to paradise corals please.
  11. Interesting idea, Do you run that a a 7.4 ph? she’s adorable btw, congrats again!
  12. Yay! Now more reasons to open another credit card! Are you selling yellow tangs or GameStop shares?
  13. Yeah. Plugged into either circuit trips the gfci. (I ran two 20amp circuits to this room). well technically 3 circuits. Two 20 amp 120v circuits and one 20 amp 240v circuit.
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