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  1. Good luck, Nice work on the qt system
  2. I think brownies are normally made with chocolate.
  3. There’s no one perfect method, most seem to recommend a reverse photoperiod to the main display for two reasons: 1) PH control 2) dark period for photosynthesis having a reverse photoperiod (refugium lit overnight and “dark” during the day) allows for photosynthesis to occur 24 hours a day(12 when your display tank lights are on and 12 when your refugium is on). Ph will actually increase while the lights are on and then lower when they are off. Using a reverse photoperiod for refugiums seems to stabilize the ph swings. most plants have been found to grow better whe
  4. Nope, nothing fishy about that statement.
  5. Hi all. Looking for a calcium reactor for a heavily stocked system of 700+ gallons. anyone have one they want to sell?
  6. Put it in the ocean, corals love batteries. or hook it up to your car. Then you could say you have an electric vehicle
  7. Lol, Next time you’re at cuttlefish just give it to Jeff.
  8. If we got rid of rats the alligators would have to consume the next most harmful mammal. =(.
  9. It’s OBO, don’t let this one pass you up. Probably could power a decent size tank for a couple hours.
  10. Sounds like a nice setup. i would recommend getting a separate ammonia and nitrite test as you will use those every few days for the initial setup to let you know when it’s safe to add critters. make sure to post photos so we can check it out!!!
  11. Uh oh. Jeff it looks like you may be out of room. If you need to store some of those in my system just let me know.
  12. My two for the hydro koralia please
  13. Sushi prep might be helpful on here. We’ve probably all had that fish we look at and think...what does that taste like?
  14. How long has the tank been running? -dimensions? -glass or acrylic? If glass starphire? -what size return bulkheads and how many? -will my wife be happy with this purchase?
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