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  1. Does anyone know the brand of this sump? Is the return pump in the correct spot? Seems like water level may end up.being pretty low in that chamber
  2. Ahh. You know what, that very well may be the issue. I did have a spatter next to it as well. I have moved my hammer and I'll see what happens next. Thank you.
  3. I have a purple tip hammer with 4 heads. This grew from one head. I have had it in the same place and under same light for a year. Yesterday I notice two heads have bleached tentacles near the mouth. I did water tests and phosphate is .04 nitrate is 5 Alk 8.5 salinity is 35 I really have not changed anything. Anyone have this happen before?
  4. So you are saying I should drop the price to $8999?
  5. From a bottle and put into a pipette. I then squeezed it on them while in tank.
  6. I did this with some pallys and xenia. I scraped them with a razor and removed while wearing gloves. I added carbon and turned on my skimmer. Then I used a pipette filled with lemon juice and very slowly injected whatever tissue remained. They all melted away over a few days. This was in a 20 gallon tank. Some corals closed a bit for a short time, but everything eventually recovered. Some pallys started growing back and just a scrape with razor a week later they were all gone. Just for what it's worth
  7. I love this style and comes with a reactor and space for it! Definitely a good price to anyone needing a sump
  8. So if I'm 75 to 100....I'm ballpark?
  9. I was wondering if there is a general expectation for what par should be at the bottom of a reef tank and at the top for one with Mostly LPS and softies
  10. I am still trying to locate some of these reagents. I was just refunded by hanna after a 46 day order was not fulfilled and no reason was given. Has anyone found a vendor or heard when they will be stocked up?
  11. Sorry you feel this way. I have met two people.here in person and they have been awesome! Several others have been kind and offered help and an ear when needed. I still personally text one member and he always offers good advice and nice priced frags. I do agree with you about @CuttleFishandCoral. I went there for the fist time last weekend. Very cool place and the best customer service.
  12. I have used one before, but not for this light. I didn't like the output and no longer use one. I also run 2 vipraspectras on a 90 gallon. I removed the lenses and run them at 80% blues 1% white. Whites only on for 3 hours. Very happy with spread without lenses. Apparently you can buy better 90° and 120° lenses for them, but I have not. I keep softies, LPS, some sps.
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