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  1. Just curious if anyone can tell what that's are pics are with just whites, blues with a filter and just blues.
  2. I have 4 in a 20 gal. The only time they move is if I change power heads and they point on them too much. They definitely add color and uniqueness to a nano. I had a peppermint shrimp in my 90 gal with one. The shrimp ate him within hours. Be aware of that
  3. 2 tickets for Hydor Koralia please
  4. Nice tank! Are those relassy lights? They seem to be doing very well for you. How deep is your tank?
  5. Good deal. How fast do they grow? I have orange ones now that finally attached to a rock but not spreading much.
  6. Looking for a nice frag of these.
  7. Soo question.. members like me with trying to stock up a large tank..I have no frags. Will there be the possibility of purchasing frags at these meetings?
  8. I like this stuff. I may order it. Looks like what I need
  9. How do u put the glue to rock? Take it out? I've tried long ago to use the glue under water and it solidified in the tubes nozzle. Didn't work and had to throw the whole tune away
  10. What does everyone use to.stick frags besides super glue? No matter how much glue I use, my snails still manage to knock them off
  11. No worries. Can't be easy putting all this together. Get some rest
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