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  1. Picture is not great, but was wondering what the name of this coral is. It looks like a lps of some kind
  2. My rock flower ate two zoas I dropped and the next day spit them out. They loved and are doing well. I call them vomit zoas now
  3. It just started growing two more heads.. ugg will coral rx suffice as a dip?
  4. I woke up and found a snail knocked over my blasto and it face planted into my acan. It is now showing skeleton, but acan is fine. With it showing about half the skeleton all the way around, will the blasto likely die off? I tried getting some pics but they are all blue and blurry.
  5. Hello. So recently I noticed these little red worms on the base of my toadstool coral. Looking around I see a few on my glass. I searched around and now know they are red flatworms. I don't want to add another fish to my system. It's only 20 gals and I have about maxed that out. Since I only see a few, would it be safe to use sailferts worm exit? I know I have to do a water change but would like to rid tank of these before they do get out of hand. I recently acquired some coral.frags and although I dipped them, believe this is how they got in my tank. Any advice would be wonderful.
  6. Yeah that's the best my phone will do. It's def adds more blue than the actual tank is. I ordered a blasto and acan. I'm certain this is not either. Just looking for species so I know how to care for it. I do think it's a favia now that you say it tho.
  7. Can anyone please tell me what the name of this green coral is?
  8. Question.. do you float this because the weight is bad on the top of the tank? I'm thinking of building one, but was going to rest mine on tank top.
  9. Thank you. I will upgrade, just not now. I have seen the Nicrew 100w led. Thought about that light. Seemed cheap and too good to be true, so I'm holding off.
  10. Trying to keep cost down at This point. I'm sure I'll move into a led later on. For now just trying to get it going. Thanks for the offer tho
  11. So I have a small frag tank and moved to a 30 gal. Now upgraded to a 90 with 30 gal sump. Due to cost I'm forced to light the tank with an old 4 bulb t5 fixture I found on offerup. I put in new 2- 10k and 2-420blue lights . It's a total of 216watts. Will this be enough for lps and softies all the way to bottom? Tank is 48" long and about 20" deep. The fixture it's right on my tank. This fixture was free, though would have preferred LEDs. The wife would not approve of a large purchase at this time .
  12. Yea, it fully opens within 30 mins of lights going off and stay open until they first turn on. Confused, but im happy if they are. I'll take the advice and try to feed with lights on and see what happens next few weeks.
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