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  1. I suppose I can look for a doser. I'm probably going to need to go that direction eventually. I was just trying to avoid having to research another piece of equipment . Lol.
  2. Can this just be added to my top off? Guess I'm confused whether I need a doser for the two part or just add mix to a topoff
  3. If I know my tank uses up between 1-1.5ppm alkalinity. Can I just calculate the amount of ash needed to bring it up and add that to my 5 gal top off ? Or is it best to buy a doser?
  4. So I meant 5 nitrates lol. I have a clean up crew but they ignore it once it's too long. Some knock over my coral..I know...1st world problems....but I had a sand sifting gobie. He jumped out first night. Was lucky enough to land in overflow and ended up in sump. He is now in a different tank lol
  5. Its only 6 months or less old and the battery was added when I got it. I'm just trying to keep the green hair out of the the tank. Its not bad now, but I see it and it bugs me. My nitrates sit about .5. I don't have sps.
  6. I used two viles yesterday and got different readings twice. I did a 15 gal water change and checked again tonight. I didn't use two viles this time, just one each test. I did set it to countdown. I think I'll try your idea of using se sample and either see if it stabilizes or average it out. .09 is acceptable range tho? I thought had to.be down around .02-.04
  7. So I just did three water tests using ulr hanna checker. I got readings .04. .06 and .09. I did three checks because my other test said zero using sera phosphate kit. I followed the instructions and have been using it for about 6months now. Anyone have same issues?
  8. What's the best placement for a chalice and scans? I see them on the bottomed of a lot of tanks. I'm trying to get these all placed to fill in a 90 gal. Don't really want everything on the bottom. I guess I can not glue the plugs and go from there
  9. So im about to put some frags on my tank. I've had them for a month on a rack. Got a couple chalices, scans, blastos, and favia. I want to place them where they can grow but also touch as the get bigger. What corals really.need to be solo and way is not a big deal if they are close?
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