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  1. Yeah I ordered from them.over the weekend. Just got an email that they are unavailable at the moment, but will ship when available.
  2. Is anyone else having a hard time getting replacement reagents? Big delay from their website and everyone seems out on eBay, amazon
  3. I made this for a 20 gal.
  4. It's hair alge. I picked and scrubbed as much as I could this weekend. Seemed to have helped. I may need to get a alge eater after all. The tank is a year old now
  5. I'm running two vipraspectra over my 90 gallon. Will.a fox face get too big?
  6. Nitrate is 6, phosphate is .06 I just can't figure it out. Lights only on 6 hours a day. No direct sunlight. I just did a 50% water change yesterday I figure that will either help it or make it worse. I did end up scrubbing both salt and r/o holding containers too
  7. Zero tds. It's 40 going in. So far thr only thing I've changed on it in a year has been the DI cartridge. Is it possible the have bacteria in the water but still have zero tds?
  8. Is it possible to have bacteria grow in ro containers? I only use a Rubbermaid container and nothing else goes in other than ro water I make. I swear however, no matter how little I feed and how many water changes I do, I seem to get fast alge growth
  9. I'm keeping everything on, just have fans in sump area and blowing over the top. Evaporation is a bit higher, but water temp is staying ok. No air conditioner here either. I've tried the ice in bag or, frozen water bottle. Melts too fast to keep up for me
  10. This is good info to consider. Thanks
  11. Does anyone use these much anymore? If so, what media do you use and how long do you run it?
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