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  1. Wow, interesting! I would welcome some APEX updates, we all know the list of favorites such as code comment, better conditional logic, support for low cost WiFi enabled outlets etc, etc, etc... Trident 2.0 is a no brainer as well. They nailed the trident.
  2. TheClark

    PVC leaks

    Love this, thanks for the share!
  3. This reared its head up again. Of course, late in the evening. My original theory looks to be a fluke, bad connections were at least one of the causes of intermittent failure. The connection from APEX to EB8 was: Apex Controller->USB Cable->CAT6 Keystone Jack->CAT6 Cable 100' ->CAT6 Keystone Jack 2->USB->EB8 I cut off the USB and CAT6 and wired them directly together one just one end of the cord. All problems instantly solved. New configuration is: Apex Controller->USB Cable->CAT6 Keystone Jack->CAT6 Cable 100' ->Directly Wired To->USB->EB8 So my keystone jack was bad. I did try repunching it down last night, no dice. If I had another jack, would have used it. Haven't added new jacks in a while apparently. Anyways, putting this out there on the great inter-webs in case it can help someone out there.
  4. Buy with confidence, awesome guy. We have a clutch from him doing great for many months now. Having a clutch is so beautiful in a reef tank....
  5. That's awesome! I wish they would officially become open, maybe put their APIs out on github. The old line would be "we cannot support that" but it is 2021 after all and open source is the way. Thanks for the ravendb tip, was not aware. Been using firestore for cloud (limited but fast and free), and mongo for on prem, raven looks interesting! How are you into hacking REST APIs and pumping data into NoSQL dbs? A dev or just having fun?
  6. Curious if anyone is doing anything beyond what the docs show (AI prime / Hyrda)
  7. That's a plus for sure, my eggs are in one huge basket. Most of the time, the basket is quite wonderful though. Considered having a spare apex brain, spare eb8. Expensive spares though!
  8. That is so dang nice!
  9. Here are a few, if any of these look good the local guys can probably set you up! I hate making things that I don't have myself to test with. No MP -anything here 😂 just a bunch of cheap Jebaos! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4589722 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4709077 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4744846 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4775289 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3437651 There are also a bunch on Etsy, even with color choices! https://www.etsy.com/search?q=mp10
  10. Yes, only the eb8 programming thankfully. Thanks again! Interesting!! That's probably it, we did have a recent power fluctuation doing wiring in the garage. Very good to know! Maybe I should UPS it, but with 4 EB8s it gets spendy! That's awesome, thanks for the offer. Good for now, but much appreciated.
  11. Crazy update. Went to the garage to unhook everything. Light was flashing green this morning, instead of solid green (last night) Unplugged USB and AC for 1 minute. Plugged in, it all works now. I lost all programming but had it backed up. Re-applying now!
  12. Sure appreciate how quick you are to always help APEX users in need! Good idea on another APEX. I will try to see if I can find someone in town local here like @stylaster For now I am going to shuffle some outlets around and free up another less critical EB8. Then bring this one upstairs and try it in different ports / different cables as you suggested. Depending on testing results, will probably order another EB8, worst case I have a spare... Sure is odd though how the light goes solid green.
  13. This guy had the same symptoms, had to reinitialize all to fix. Hoping there is something lesser, I have 4 eb8s and a ton of programming and virtual outlets. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1943760
  14. Just nodding off tonight, and a calcium reactor PH high alarm went off. Went to investigate, it looks like my EB8 in the garage is disconnected. I cannot get it back online. Things I have tried: - Powered off eb8 by unplugging and disconnecting USB cable for 30 seconds - Rebooted apex via fusion - Traced out USB connections. They appear valid, and in fact make the light turn solid green on the eb8 when plugged in - Deleted the module via fusion. It won't come back now. This EB8 is remote in my garage. Probably 50' or so from the apex controller. Wired via homemade cable, cat6 with USB ends. Been that way for at least 5 years. Its possible the USB is bad, but seems unlikely given the years of service. However, I can drag the eb8 upstairs tomorrow morning and hook it up closer with a shorter cord and see... Honestly though, thinking the EB8 is finally just bad. Hoping not, any other ideas to try? This is surprisingly difficult to google for some odd reason. @SuncrestReef
  15. I miss him, was an awesome LED resource and good guy. Crossing my fingers he will be back again, so I tagged him 😂
  16. Thanks for responding, its a relief we are on the same page. I come hear to learn, easier here than the hard knocks way. Appreciate those who take the time to discuss and share. Check this post out below, it explains how, but sadly without the original pics.
  17. Turned out great! Nice job on not using the saddle. It is tempting, we have all been tempted, some more than others!
  18. Hmmm, you got me thinking with that comment. Back in 2015, I added a GFCI per APEX outlet on the DT. 16 of them. Here was my thinking: - If a single component goes bad, only one GFCI trips, everything else keeps running. Why I did this: - Many years ago, I used to have a single GFCI for the whole tank. While at the beach it tripped due to a bad skimmer pump. My dad came and saved the day. - If I had a separate GFCI for everything, only the skimmer would have been off. - This works well for Christmas lights in the rainy NW! - It was recommended by @Bombertech, remember him? That was my process at least, in case I am explaining it poorly or don't understand something, quite possible! So you say that is a good way to come home to a dead tank? Help me understand, please!
  19. Here is the old GFCI thread (also 2015, pretty old). Unfortunately pics did not get transferred to AWS apparently, so no pics.
  20. Here is the (probably outdated) 2015 fire thread:
  21. I do have a picture of the APEX setup! Will dig it up, somewhere on the forum. I did it a bit different with the GFCIs, pics help. Basically I made outlet boxes, that plug into the apex, with gfci receptacles. Yes, subpanel would be tied in, and could be powered by the generator or mains. This assumes you have a spare double pole breaker, sounds like you do. Electricians to confirm, sharing FWIW
  22. Some random thoughts / opinions. 20 amp AFCIs for sure at the panel. 20 amp gives more power, barely costs more (at least DIY). AFCI, I have fire posts on here about it that topic going back many years. They do have CAFCI (combo GFCI and AFCI in panel), but I wouldn't use it. Why? GFCIs nuisance trip. I run one off of every apex outlet. If one GFCI trips, the other equipment keeps working. For example, heaters and return pumps split on GFCIs. It will cost about 20 bucks per outlet, but well worth it IMO. You can use the portable GFCIs and run them straight out of the EB8, one per outlet. Make sure to get the ones that self reset after a power outage. Here is an example, but you can probably do better on price. https://www.amazon.com/GFCI-Inline-Single-Outlet-Cord/dp/B01GSPTUZG/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=gfci+adapter&qid=1620744525&sr=8-8 Don't forget to run a grounding probe, or GFCI will not trip until you put your hand in the tank and ground it. In DT and in sump. An AFCI nuisance trip with everything on one circuit will cost ya everything. So dual circuits are definitely better than a single. Lastly, if you have a spare 60 amp, consider running a subpanel to that space. Why? You could go nuts and have as many outlets as you want. Cost I suppose will be quite a bit higher, but I love subpanels. They let you change your mind down the road easier, and there is never enough outlets it seems in any panel.
  23. I bought 5, returned them all. For me, the purple was too strong for a DT and it made the water look cloudy. It's a shame because on paper they were looking good! Perhaps mixed with other lights they could be balanced.
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