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    Jimbo Mojo!

    Dang! I should have picked up a piece of that the other night 🤪
  2. I am a calcium reactor guy, but... One of the big values of an APEX controlled doser is the ability to control it depending on DOS results. So that is where DOS will be tough to beat IMO. I suppose if ALK was high, you could power down the kamoer until alk drops. That almost gets you there! With a calcium reactor, I just disable the solenoid when Alk is too high, and it self corrects.
  3. So awesome, I challenge any human to test 8 times a day, the robots will always win! We don't do repetitive monotonous well!
  4. Trident has been great! You mentioned loud Jeff @Blue Z Reef? I need to video reefbot. It sounds like a rock tumbler. Incredibly loud! Like leave the room if you are on a work call loud! Although I have no reefbot complaints other than that, I have much greater faith in the trident. I haven't observed the alk drift some report on the trident. In fact, I double check Trident using the reefbot with a different test kit now and then. Trident is like the secret to reefing for me. Testing alk 4x a day and adjusting the calcium reactor based on those results is-the-bomb!
  5. We had some ticket updates, and some new errors today. Ticket has been updated, lets hope for the best!
  6. We have a ticket in since early this afternoon, no response yet. Hopefully there will be updates soon!
  7. That seems about right, but I dunno! I run the 20s on an 8' frag tank but they are like 5 years old plus. On the 240 cube, I run a pair of 20s also, but also very old. They might be better / stronger these days!
  8. What size tank do you have?
  9. I want to grow this sucker as big as a soccer ball! Love it
  10. Yep, that rings a bell! Bought it a while back, it has grown into that nice moon brain shape. Much prefer it over a flat frag it was in the beginning but we all gotta start somewhere
  11. I really like this one, does anyone recall the name?
  12. Awesome! If you can fit em in a USPS box and ship priority, I will pay the bill and ship you something back! It's not very expensive and very fast for local mail. PM if interested.
  13. Got a link so I can check it out? I need to test mine, have one of those 3-4' tall tanks DI units but have no idea how much life it has left.
  14. Nice juicy ones! Have they completed their work and you are rehoming?
  15. Very well could be the proper name! Definitely a joker theme with that purple and green. I have another one with much larger eyes but same color, feels like something different.
  16. Proud to be a supporting member! I am a supporting member (per the rules )
  17. A nice classic, love the purple and green mix
  18. Man, I would really like a handful of splits... but... running low on room. Hydnophora and monti dominating the tank 🤣
  19. Jebaos, running most of them for years trouble free, no cleaning, no maintenance. If they do go out I just get a new one. APEX control mine, run a tide simulation of incoming and outgoing tides of sorts.
  20. Unfortunately I don't have any MP power heads so my help is limited at this point to general stuff. Hopefully our chatter will attract some of the MP40 gurus on the site. Sorry and good luck!
  21. Oh good! So any corrosion in the fittings?
  22. Is the power supply voltage right and amps sufficient?
  23. Still going strong. Showing some interesting trends. Phosphate varies quite a bit for example. Going up and down day by day with seemingly little changes to my routine.
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