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  1. @danlu_gt would probably be the best person to answer this question. But with those tank dimensions, I'd probably guess two FeeFi Uno's spaced about 10" apart would give great coverage. If you scroll down the page from the link he sent, you'll see the light coverage and PAR readings.
  2. He has more than just personal experience with them. @danlu_gt invented them and manufactures them. I have 3 of the ReeFi DUO Extreme lights (the larger version of what was posted) and they are fantastic. You can read my full review of ReeFi here: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/reefi-duo-extreme-led-unboxing-and-first-impressions.643718/
  3. My tailspot blenny also changes color/patterns at night. During the day his back is solid brown: but at night he gets this "X" pattern on his back:
  4. Yes, those endoscopes come in handy. That's how I discovered my missing pipefish stuck in the Red Sea overflow valve a couple years ago.
  5. I’ve been sidetracked with other things, so I still haven’t finished assembling my new sump setup. I hope to get the plumbing connected next week, then I can try it out.
  6. You could post your question as a comment on the YouTube video. He answered someone else asking about a particular coral in the comments.
  7. So you're simply going to ignore the fact that the resolution is nearly 3 times different as I posted above?
  8. They are not the same. The resolution of the 736 is nearly 3x better than the 774: HI736 = 0.0036066 ppm Phosphate HI774 = 0.0100000 ppm Phosphate
  9. See this post for the raffle winners:
  10. Here are the winners of the Tax Day Windfall Raffle: _____________________________________________________ Hydor Koralia 3G - 1350 gph (4 winners, 64 total ticket entries) 1. @Gumby 2. @Saltfishlover 3. @Gil&Fin 4. @Gil&Fin _____________________________________________________ Nero 5 (1 winner, 61 total ticket entries) 1. @jtichenor _____________________________________________________ Nero 3 (1 winner, 78 total ticket entries) 1. @Emerald525 _____________________________________________________ Icecap Gyre 2K (1 winner, 90 t
  11. OK, the deadline for raffle entries has passed. I will announce all the winners tonight at 6:00pm. Good luck, everyone!
  12. Your $50 purchase gives you 27 tickets (25 +2 free), but as a Supporting Member you also get 2 free tickets. Would you like those additional 2 tickets towards the Gyre as well, or a different item?
  13. Very cool. I've considered getting some mangroves, though I have a lid on my tank. I could make some cutouts for them, similar to the cutouts for my lighting mount arms. Have you seen the mangrove lagoon display tank at WWC's facility? Very cool:
  14. The deadline to enter our Tax Day Windfall Raffle is tomorrow (April 15th) at 4:00pm. PNWMAS has 124 Supporting Members, and well over 1,000 regular members, yet only 41 people have entered the raffle. Don't miss out on your chance to win some great powerheads: Click here for full details on how to enter the raffle:
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