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  1. Jake Adams from Reef Builders
  2. Keep them coming. Marc Levenson from Melev's Reef.
  3. Joe Caparatta is good one. If anyone else has ideas. Post them up. No wrong answers.
  4. We discussed at our last Board Meeting about having a guest speaker in the near future. Give us some names of speakers that you would like to see. Then I can make a list for everyone to vote on. Pull out that bucket list.
  5. I would prune some of branches underneath and like the others said stability. Stylos will grow like weeds.
  6. Looks great! Glad the roller mat is a success. Interested to see the new Neptune lights.
  7. Sorry didn't mean it in a bad way. Tank looks great!
  8. I might be interested in some SPS but hard to tell from distance away.
  9. Been using my Milwaukee for almost 8 years.
  10. Great Burritos! Thank you Kim for storing the tank for all this time. I am glad we were able to help.
  11. Happy Birthday Kim!
  12. Dancing Queen is amazing!
  13. Brett owns Paradise Corals. He has really nice shop out there. 229 E Main St, Hillsboro, OR 97123
  14. I have a 3 puck. They are alright. I don't think they would be good on a main tank. The blues seemed to have a tint of purple to me. I didn't think they made the corals pop enough but i am spoiled with my radions. I used it on my frag tank.
  15. He has some good videos. Thank you for sharing.
  16. My system is over 500 gallons. I use a calcium reactor first to bare on the parameters. I have an apex trident and the Dos to maintain consistency on alk and calcium. Magnesium very seldom change so manually dose when needed. Works great! It has really cut down the fluctuations of swings the corals tend to absorb.
  17. Gumby


    Here is my new bonsai tree. I made out of cyano glue and accelerator. Pretty strong after practice.
  18. 7 koralia, 7 mp10, 7 mp40, 1 gyre, 1 Nero 5, 1 Nero 3
  19. Interested also with more details.
  20. I think most of them will just flow back into the sump. If they if they clogged.
  21. Kim keep an eye on the motor size. I heard some of the smaller motors bogged down at the end of the roll with the weight of the water and detritus. That is i am holding a bit to see other versions that might come out after things open up a little and to hear more reviews.
  22. Gumby


    Here is a recent scape I made.
  23. Gumby


    I have tried the mortar. It works good. I like the 2 part epoxy on smaller pieces.
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