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  1. I recommend 2 ReeFi Unos for your tank dimensions. You can probably get away with 1 ReeFi Uno but since your tank is much longer than wide, a lot of light will spill out the front and back if 1 Uno is mounted high enough to cover the length of the tank.
  2. Take a look at ReeFi Uno: https://www.reefi-lab.com/reefi-led-uno/
  3. I'm running custom for all but the 2 center ones. I use polycarbonate sheet to cover the top of my tank to prevent evaporation to the tank room. Unfortunately, I just discovered that polycarbonate blocks at least 2/3 or more of the UV light, so I crank up the UV for all but the 2 center Unos which are over glass center brace.
  4. Here are some updates.... Finally finished plumbing to the sump and filled up the tank 2 weeks ago: Added auto filter floss. It's kinda rewarding seeing the dirty part rolled up. I wonder what the fabric is made of. Hope it's not polyester... I would hate to be generating more plastic waste. After a day or so, fishes go used to higher water level and come to the surface to beg for food as usual: Finished printing some light rack mounting parts. I used 2040 aluminum but they don't ship in 10ft lengths, so I ended have to use extenders to secur
  5. Congrats to all the winners! Since tax day is pushed back to May 15th, we should do something like this again for May 15th? 😜
  6. 2 tickets for MP40 please. Thanks!
  7. Added a few new hammers, still recovering from my dips: RBTA getting some morning sun: Some new torch additions: FTS sporting 5 ReeFi Unos, probably will end up with 10 or 12 Unos. Maybe I'll go all out and put 15 or 18 Unos assuming my circuit breaker can handle them.
  8. These would be perfect for my clam filter system.
  9. I bet the the sound is coming from the dry side. I doubt the sound would be so crisp when muffled in water. Maybe time to change the felt?
  10. Here's review writeup from Dana Riddle: https://www.reefi-lab.com/reviews-and-social-media/
  11. Here are some pics of new additions...
  12. Thank you for the tip. One of my wall hammer didn't expand for a week and possibly early sign of BJD. Dosed cipro and on fifth day started to expand again!
  13. Wow.. I'm so jealous of your fish room sink!
  14. I think there should be 70 fishes. A few new additions didn't make it. Filled the pipes with water to test for leaks. One of the pipe might be leaking... Will need to go back in the crawlspace to see what's going on.
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