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  1. When you remove the led diodes, you created an open circuit. That's why the other don't work anymore. Those LEDs sounds like are hooked up in serial, so when you remove one, they all stop working. As for soldering... What kind of PCB is it? Is it standard FR4 or metal core PCB? If FR4 you can use heat gun or hot plate. If metal core, you'll need hot plate or soldering oven. Just put a little solder paste and place the led diode on. You don't need to be too precise. Then heat with heat gun or hot plate. When the solder paste melt, LED will snap in place. This is called reflow solding. YouTube reflow solding.
  2. Check out ReeFi Uno LEDs. You can see them in action at Seahorse Aquarium Supply and All Things Aquarium. They have all the bells and whistles, at 180W max, 72 LED diodes, 9 channels for 9 color types, WiFi, custom programmable schedule with dimming, and 3 years warranty, all for $350. Read more about them here: https://www.reefi-lab.com/reefi-led-uno/
  3. My last tank was kinda bare bottom. The glass bottom was clear so when I put styrofoam insulator between the stand and tank, I put the reflective aluminum side facing up. Pro: You get light reflecting off the bottom back up toward the corals to fill in more shadows. Con: You don't get nice looking contrast when viewing from top down. Once you fill with water, you won't see the reflective aluminum from the front or sides of the tank unless you look from top down. My current tank have black starboards already installed at the bottom. I do miss having some light bouncing into the caves but no big deal. If you have stable/secure aquascape and don't but large heavy tiles that can be knocked over by snails, then you don't really need to have the starboards. If you worry about having pressure points where rocks sit on the glass, you a band saw or dremel tool to flatten where the rock would sit on the glass.
  4. Made a top down 4k video. 2.5min clips took up 8gb of storage, cause Canon 5D4 do not record with good codec. My old laptop took over 1.5hrs to compress it down to 130mb. Might need a new laptop. Here's the video, enjoy:
  5. Some eye candy of the new additions: Malaysian torch, Aussie gold, Aussie lime, and Aussie hammers!
  6. Been awhile since I updated. All the heavy feeding I've been doing (trying to get new fishes to fatten up), have caused phosphate to shot up between 2-4ppm. Nitrate was pretty high but got it down to 10ppm with vodka dosing. I attempted to uses Lanthanum Chloride to reduce phosphate by dosing directly into one of the skimmer over 8hrs period. Dose enough to reduce phosphate by 0.5ppm over total system of 850ish gal. I though that dose was slow enough for the skimmer to remove all the precipitants, but enough escaped to suffocated 4 flame wrasses and 6 yellow tangs. 😭 I was devastated. For now, I will live with high phosphate. Added a couple new corals every week or so, mostly hammers and torches. SPS frags still show good PE but haven't grown much probably due to high phosphate. Here are some pics from tonight:
  7. Unfortunately, I lost both crosshatches. 😢 I think they might have over eaten and injured their stomach. Then they stop eating. Now, I can have more smaller fishes without them becoming dinner.
  8. $200 for stand plus 50gal cube rimless starfire glass tank.
  9. Need to pickup in Hillsboro.
  10. Wooden tank stand 72" x 24" x 32"H?, with doors and solid top
  11. HD Bucket head, missing hose 2 Standley white L brackets 20"x13"
  12. Everything shown is free. Octopus skimmer Reef Star skimmer Coralvue skimmer Chauvet SF-4005 2/4CH timer pH calibration solutions Opened unused bags of sand Pumps 10gal glass tank
  13. Buy new ReeFi Uno plus Tank Mount Kit, get FREE 50gal SCA cube rimless used tank. Pickup in Hillsboro, OR.
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