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  1. 1 free member ticket for Barrier Reef. Thank you
  2. Seems like a great product for new tank!
  3. I was wanting to get some feedback from people that have the rollermats. I like the idea how the Klir drops into filter sock hole. Any likes or dislikes anyone want to share?
  4. Thank you everyone! I really liked visiting with everyone.
  5. Thank you for the nice compliments. I hope you get as much enjoyment the corals as I do.
  6. Yes a couple this evening and 12-7pm Sunday are left. Probably will have at 100 frags left by then all $10 each.
  7. I still have some spots open Saturday after 3pm and 11am-7pm Sunday. Should be plenty of frags available.
  8. Yes on the TDF but not ready to frag
  9. When you come over for some frags. You can look at my radion G5's & G4's over my 360 gallon tank to see what you think.
  10. I have pc rainbow. Text me.
  11. Vancouver just 3 miles from the I-5 bridge.
  12. I am moving my frags tanks and would be easier to sell everything in this tank. The price will be from $10-$20. If you are interested please PM me to set up an appointment. I have hour time slots available. Thursday & Friday 6, 7, 8pm. Saturday & Sunday 11am-7pm one hour each. I can take cash, paypal or venmo.
  13. Is the second connection with the quick disconnect for airline or to put second bottle in series?
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