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  1. Meeting is less than a week away! Everyone who signs on or shows up in person gets a free raffle ticket to win a prize!! Lots of freebies so you are likely going to get something!!
  2. Will miss you it’s been a long time but completely understand and we do want to keep the in person part small. Should be some great information.
  3. Oh it’s all coming back to me. He said he wanted Cuttlefish.
  4. There might have been an awesome LFS back in the day that had a grow business in the back area prior to marijuana being legalized.
  5. He is only about ten minutes from me. I would get yours for you but you don’t want to miss seeing his tanks. As long as we have that little mushroom I’m going to let it grow and give any babies away and pay it forward!
  6. Hopefully you can find a ride ! If not you will be able to access the meeting via zoom.
  7. @Manny Tavan I picked up the jawbreaker that Sirena won thanks to @albertareef nominating her. Her Seahorse tank isn’t quite ready for it so I’m holding it for her. This pandemic has been tough so it’s nice to have some bright spots and members like you who want to spread joy. You have awesome very clean and colorful tanks 😍. You know what you are doing. Wish I could have stayed longer.
  8. Woo hoo! Thanks for doing this and congrats to the winners !!
  9. I totally get that. You should be able to edit your posts as a supporting member and just add to the original post. You should be able to delete your own thread. @SuncrestReef @TheClark let me know if this is the case but I believe so.
  10. This post is not directed at any one individual. This is simply a reminder of how to post in the classifieds. The main issues we as moderators have been seeing is failure to post prices and multiple sale threads which ends up cluttering up the forum with classified ads. We admittedly have been lax with the rules because we just want this to be a chill place to talk about reefing and prefer not to be hall monitors. Lately this forum feels more like a classified section and other members posts are getting missed. As a reminder here are the rules: Happy reefing everyone and thanks for being a great community ! What Must Be In a Classified Thread 1. The title of the thread must indicate whether you are selling (“WTS”), buying (“WTB”), or trading (“WTT”). 2. Sellers must include a price. 3. Sellers with multiple items for sale must list them in one thread. 4. Threads must be updated when items are pending/sold. 5. Location information and/or whether the item can be shipped should be included.
  11. Welcome to the forum! Good luck on your studies too!
  12. I really like the duo. It’s such an easy set up.
  13. I have been a part of this forum since for over ten years because of the people. I have served on the board been president secretary and stick around and keep this club going because there are so many good people here. There are going to be negative posts and we always tend to gravitate to them but there are so many positives. This thread and @Manny Tavan ‘s generosity is an example. I also was very proud of how everyone handled themselves in the thread he referred to. For me it’s nice to be part of a community that has such a passion for the hobby and is willing to help out. I have made so many friends outside of this who have helped me so much. When we plan big events there are so many people who step up to help. I would like to nominate @wegotjs because he has dropped everything to help me when I was selling my house or basically when anything urgent falls apart for me.
  14. I was thinking we could pretend he’s a piñata 🪅 and take a few swings at him and see what comes out !
  15. +1 for Envision he’s a master
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