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  1. Welcome !!! It’s nice to have more Southern representation!!
  2. Thanks for sharing I have heard that they do such a good job people have to downgrade their skimmer. I decided to go with the tried and true filter socks because I’m not very handy with equipment so I tend to minimize anything mechanical. Other than that I would have gotten one.
  3. And the memes keep coming : Personally I don’t find that backers with deep pockets buying up smaller businesses so that there is less options is a good thing but I’m also not a big fan of Amazon and don’t use them very often.
  4. Tank has been up 4 months. Really pleased right now where it’s at. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to fill it!
  5. I would think so. They are a good organization and will reimburse you part of the guest speaker cost.
  6. Me too! It’s a morph from just a regular Yuma. I thought it was a bubble tip when I saw it in the bag!
  7. Went over to Jeff’s to pick up a dendro and a fellow reefer brought in this amazing bounce Yuma . I tried to make a side deal with him 😛 but Jeff said …
  8. I haven’t seen this available for several years ! They are NPS so they have to be fed but they are great for that back corner of your tank that gets no light ! Thanks Jeff!!
  9. No it would be fine depending on how many fish you already have. They are great algae eaters but the one I had years ago started nipping my zoas. I don’t think on purpose but it killed a few frags. Some of the bristle tooth tangs also would work like the purple and Tomini . Is your tank relatively new ? Sometimes that’s just part of the process as the denitrifying bacteria population grows. I personally fill like after about a year is when the population starts building up and the tank stabilizes.
  10. Wasn’t sure Lou Ekus did a good talk on reef chemistry . I also liked Tim Hovanec aka Dr. Tim’s talk on tank cycling. If we sign back up with Masna they will pay some of the fee for a Guest speaker.
  11. some excellent suggestions here’s another Randy Holmes-Farley the reef chemistry guy
  12. Like Lexinverts said algae is normal though we try to fight it. A good herbivore like a tang or fox face will help. What lights are you running ? When I tried to turn up the whites on my nanobox I had an ikncreased growth of algae.
  13. What is your phosphate level? Nitrate level? Anything change with your lighting ? What makes you think the source is the RO containers ? If O Tds is coming out I would think it would be other things .
  14. Wow !! Is this for aiptasia or intruders ?
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