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  1. Mine was from many years ago when I had a clown anemone tank and picked up another anemone with an anemone crab. I don’t think I have the original as it was lost in photobucket.
  2. I removed the posts. Let’s stay on track and be kind everyone. 😀
  3. We have a week left! You don’t want to miss out especially if you are already a paid supporting member !
  4. It seems to be working now for me. I hope it is for others.🤞
  5. It looks just like one of the first group buys I did. I think we paid 400 dollars for a Frag that size and Beth expertly fragged it. It has a lot of sentimental value for me too. It was a Tyree Baby’s Breath. I’m willing to think it’s the same as it has the same color and growth pattern.
  6. Looks like the Baby’s Breath favia
  7. Welcome ! I’m glad you found this place! It’s definitely dangerous when there are two people who love the hobby . You can end up with lots of tanks like that’s a bad thing lol.
  8. Thank you sir for your help and support in getting all the prizes ..
  9. I think it may have been called the same thing but that one looks like the joker to me.
  10. Now is a great time to become a supporting member ! Starting in December we will be giving away great prizes including gift certificates to your LFS, an MP40, a Nero 5 and an amazing grand prize day 12.. What could it be ?🤔 If you aren’t a paid supporting member here’s how you become one: If you are a supporting member enter here !
  11. Nice looking favia. I knew it as the Joker favia and got it from Totally Exotic Corals when they were a sponsor. I’m a sucker for the classics thanks for sharing !
  12. Twelve Days of Giving! On the twelve days of giving my reef club gave to me... We are stepping it up and giving back to our wonderful reefing community! We know times are tough and life is stressful and this is our way of spreading a little joy your way and rewarding all of you who continue to support this club and hobby. We have some great prizes from Mp40s to gift certificates to your favorite fish store to an amazing mystery prize you won’t want to miss as the final raffle!! There will be 12 giveaways starting Tuesday Dec 1 an
  13. More than likely you will lose it. If it’s multiple heads I would trim off the dead tissue and dip and cross your fingers. I have lost many a coral that way. The gold torch I had years ago seemed to have the most powerful sting.
  14. Black storms are my favorite 😍!
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