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  1. Sorry to hear. Should I close this thread ?
  2. So Rudy in your opinion were the wild coral exporters just not aware of the ten year time to convert to mariculture or were they hoping the law would go away ? Personally I am happy to see more maricultured corals from India. Those sps and Zoa farms are fun to see on videos. I love seeing maricultured clam farms too which actually brought the price down on those beautiful maximas.
  3. Wow that thing is bigger than it looked in the picture but looks nice.
  4. This is too bad. There could have been ways to keep it open. So what does this mean Rudy other than prices going up ? I know there are a lot of maricultured sps and zoas and torches now . Are there certain things that are going to be lost like certain fish and certain corals ?
  5. Sorry to hear. Thread closed. Thanks for trying to save him.
  6. Here’s my original build. @fpd4308 do you remember this tank? How is Dave doing by the way ?
  7. This is my old tank from years ago. Custom envisions tank and custom built stand. It was an awesome frag tank.🥰
  8. Oh good to know. Do you have any idea what a transfer switch would cost ? I’m guessing around a grand because of labor.
  9. That looks amazing !! Hi Cooper !!!
  10. Thanks for showing a picture. Did an electrician put this in for you ?
  11. Happy Birthday John @SuncrestReef. You have been a great member of the community and represent what this hobby is all about. You are such an asset to this club. Your support with Apex has been priceless. You are always willing to offer to help a fellow reefer. Heck when I needed RO water for the grandkids tank you were the first to offer. You have been a great contributor as a board member and I enjoy collaborating with you. You have run the raffles like a precision time piece. I hope you have a great day !
  12. @freddyk good information. I think my best bet is to get a generator that can run off propane and store that. You don’t have to worry about it going bad or the entire house blowing up in the event of a fire. This is highly rated by consumer reports as far as generators but doesn’t run off propane. I would consider getting this one for the power and features. I think I’m leaning towards getting an electrician to put in a transfer switch and then getting a portable generator that rinds on propane and storing propane. The fancy one @suncrestreef has is tempting but fro
  13. Honda’s are great. It sat for like five years in the house with leftover gas in it and started no problem. I will probably invest in another one but they seem to have the brand name markup. Reliability is very important to me.
  14. Yes sold it to my daughter and boyfriend as they were getting more use out if it than us.
  15. The aquaculture did species all came from wild colonies so it’s not unusual to get a wild colony that is the same as a “brand name” Many unethical people sell wild colonies as named colonies. Wild colonies are typically harder to keep as they have not adapted to aquarium conditions .you clearly have some skills as pearlberries on a good day can be touchy.
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