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  1. Auction starts now !! Starting bid 500 dollars Auction includes everything listed and pictured including my admiration for supporting a good cause. All proceeds go to Tanks for Teachers Auction ends Thursday May 20 at 8pm Payment is PayPal@Pnwmas.org Must receive payment in 72 hours ( May 23 8pm) or it goes to second highest bid Tank is located at my home in SE Portland . I am sure we can figure out help with delivery.
  2. Auction includes: Red Sea Reefer 350 tank stand and sump 2 AI hydras (no mounts) Canopy custom made by spectra for the school JBJ ATO Bubble Magus skimmer odds and ends Everything you need to start this tank up!!
  3. This was the Boys and Girls club Tank. It needed to be taken down due to Covid. It was only up for about 2 years as it was taken down last year. All proceeds will go back to our Tanks for Teacher program ! Get an awesome tank and help us continue a wonderful program!
  4. This is the same concept for refugium and the rationale I had for running it at night.
  5. I am new to the refugium world and my tank has only been up a month but I have been running the light from 6pm to 6am. From what I have read most people recommend running opposite the day lights and so far so good. Great post would be curious what others experience is.
  6. I moved your post to share the love and modified the title so people know you are passing along this cool puzzle !
  7. Welcome to the forum!! Chungus has a lit if personality. Good luck with finding tank mates he definitely has this air about him that the tank is his.
  8. With all the great frags Gene has there I can see how you would run out of room quickly !
  9. Wow you got some of the classic corals ! Some of my favorites !!
  10. @SuncrestReef How are you liking your new platinum sump ? I go back and forth. I just feel like the more automated something is the more likely it can go out on you at some point.
  11. Yay !! Good to see you back ! Missed your pictures . Sorry to hear about your tank crash you had some nice corals.
  12. This is how you hijack a thread . You invite all your friends !!😂
  13. Me too it’s good to be back ! I have missed everyone !! I’m waiting for someone to warn me a 25 lagoon is too small a tank for it .😜
  14. Stopped by Jeff’s to pick up this little mystery wrasse. 🥰 I have always loved these even if they do tend to eat your shrimp and snails at times but also eat pests. My tank has been up 3 weeks now and Jeff was kind enough to hold this little one. Already tried to eat yesterday. Jeff also had a shipment come in and there were some amazing acans and scolies.
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