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  1. You could make your own trap by cutting a water bottle and inverting the top. A rock inside to keep in down and food and it should work. That’s the cheapest I could think of. Or hunt it at night with a speargun and a red light. good luck 🍀
  2. I’m staying at around 8 alk, 450cal, 1380 mg, no3 10ish and po4 0.05-0.1 I am trying heavy in and heavy out.
  3. Thank you! I used to dose both but no need for that since I added the last 7 fish. I guess I haven't removed them yet. I change 1.5 gallons a day but I should note that I also change water every now and then when I clean out the sump, just a compartment at the time between 5-10 gallons.
  4. That doesn’t look that bad. If it stays stable it should be good.
  5. Just curious if you ever tried restarting the WiFi router. That would usually fix lots of issues.
  6. You did a lot of work for this trident. I agree with the $200 for something we can do, is too much. Very curious for the results.
  7. titus'reef

    More sticks!

    Great stuff over there !
  8. The apex classic makes it worth the price tag. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. So far so good with my stuff. Let me know when you need a second hand in moving things.
  10. Truly amazing Brian! Picture don’t do it justice.
  11. titus'reef

    Stick pics!

    Great colors
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