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  1. Bump on this. I still have the lights. the Skimz and Tunze skimmer. OBO
  2. I just sent my BRS temp controller back so they can check it as the temperature swing was 2-3 degrees when was supposed to be .3 degrees. I hope they can figure this out for me. The titanium heaters from BRS are small and nice though.
  3. Great little pumps. They are dead quiet and put up a lot of flow. I run them at about 50% at the moment
  4. Finally almost done organized all the cables and installed the Dos for the AWC and I love it. No more buckets to move around 😎 I used 55gallon barrels for the fresh and saltwater right underneath my little work bench in the garage nothing fancy but it works. I used kayak hatches on top for easy access.
  5. I’ve been taking it very slowly, but finally some updates. I don’t have many corals as I’m still working on getting a few fish. I have a flame angel that’s in the sump right now because he is a bully. He pick on all the corals including the leather coral. I was trying my luck with this beautiful fish and it has to go. Everything else is good so far.
  6. Simplicity 240DC. $200 Comes with an extra impeller. 3 months old. SOLD Skimz Mini SN143 $150 The pump has some issues but a Jebao pump can quickly replace it for cheap. Tunze 9004 $90 SOLD Ai Hydra 52HD $450 New as it has never seen water.
  7. I’ve got 250w halides literally taking space in my garage.
  8. It looks good. Here is a preview with my wire mess.
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