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  1. Careful with those super expensive fish! all jokes aside though! He’s depressed his buddies are banned from crossing into the mainland, so he is suicidal. I’m glad he didn’t choke to death!
  2. Every tank looks good, however we still need more options to vote. Come on reefers, post something!
  3. Thanks. It’s hard to keep it simple 😂
  4. Red Sea Reefer 425XL What a cool idea! Thank you !
  5. I can trow in some water if needed for an even better deal.
  6. 1 free ticket for Paradise Corals please!
  7. I know that Diamond Goby, 😂 With the new minimalistic aquascape we do this days wish are lacking hiding places. I see that in my tank as there is not much places to hide. Good for flow and coral placement but fish struggle with it.
  8. Thanks guys. I’ll most likely open a ticket with Neptune.
  9. Today I looked for any possible corrosion on all the connectors and rebooted the system again and change a few things including a brand new Ethernet cable, but things are still the same. The plugs turn off randomly as soon as I plug the Ethernet cable back in any v1/2 v3/4 slots. It seems the issue is worse when the lights is starting to dim. Any ideas of what to do? I could always just run the light as before but ... I like the dimming options, and I hate the idea that it doesn’t do what’s supposed to do.
  10. I’ll definitely check for corrosion. It is very possible it might be the case as I haven’t used the Ethernet ports in a while.
  11. Thank you for the quick feedback! I have rebooted the system a few times and that didn’t help. Just checked for duplicates and I didn’t find any. I couldn’t see any corrosion on anything but I will have to look again later today to make sure. I switch the light on v1/v2 and it doesn’t act any different. Maybe the Ethernet cable I used is bad. I’ll replace it and and go from there.
  12. I have this blue led light over my led tank and I was just turning it on and off with my apex classic. I wanted to get fancy as I had my v3/v4 (variable speed) available and I connected it to be able to dim the lights for smooth on/off transitions. That’s done and it works, however when I plug in the Ethernet cable in the v3/v4 in my apex classic some outlets randomly and quickly turn off for less than second and than back on. I have two EB8 and I see that both strips are effected. (Hydra 32hds, skimmer, UV, ATO Etc.) Does anyone have an explanation and a solution? The firm
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