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  1. See below for items left over from my tank tear down for sale. Let me know if you have any questions! Photon V2 Light P(hoton 24-V2 (P24V2)) 150$ 3yrs old Sold Aquamaxx ConeS Co-1 Skimmer 75$ Sold Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH) - Sicce 35$ ReefKeeper Lite Plus 75$ (3) Jebao Powerheads, i think these were Jebao ow-10s, but im not positive. theyre a little scuffed, one of the buttons on the controllers is cracked, Say 20$ for all Sold Bulk Reef mini reactor 5" and mj2100 pump https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-gfo-carbon-reactor-5-single.html 20$ Flipper M
  2. Oh thats funny, I hope the fish are doing well! I believe the overflow is the 16" version. The 40g Breeder does have a small chip on the corner, but it never bothered me. It does have a fair amount of coralline on it and the usual water marks. I iwll try and get some pictures tonight. Also i highly reccomend the synergy overflows, It worked great for me and was super quiet once it was adjusted right.
  3. So everyone that expressed interest in this tank setup has fallen through, so I've torn it down now and will be working on cleaning stuff. If anyone is interested in buying pieces let me know. All fish and coral are gone. PENDING 40gal breeder drilled w/synergy reef overflow, and plumbing for a sump 40$ But will need cleaning. Would also sell just the Overflow. PENDING 20gal sump - Free with tank above Photon V2 Light P(hoton 24-V2 (P24V2)) 150$ 3yrs old Aquamaxx ConeS Co-1 Skimmer 75$ Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH) - Sicce 35$ ReefKeeper Lite Plus
  4. Well if no one wants the whole setup I would be willing to part it out.
  5. Hi, I am probably getting out of the hobby for financial reasons and time constraints. I have a 40 gal Breeder set up that i would like to sell entire. Location is North Bonneville Wa. 40gal breeder 20gal sump Photon V2 Light Aquamaxx ConeS Co-1 Skimmer Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 GPH) - Sicce ReefKeeper Lite Plus Jebao Powerheads Bulk Reef mini reactor 5" and mj2100 pump Eheim Jager 150w SynergyReef Overflow EcoChic Waterproof refugium light Tunze Nano Osmolator Auto Top Off Flipper Magnet Cleaner Fish are inc
  6. 1 free ticket for Paradise Coral please :)
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-25/hydroxychloroquine-no-better-than-regular-covid-19-care-in-study
  8. I dont know if any of these can help, but they are vendors we use for acrylics and polycarb sheets where i work. Multi-Craft Plastics, Laird Plastics, calsak plastics, piedmont plastics,
  9. That anemone crab I picked up found his new home 😃
  10. About a foot out here by Bonneville Dam
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