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  1. Kind of like a coral MMA cage match? 🤣
  2. This is an interesting chart listing many species of corals and their difficulty in keeping them: https://www.thatpetplace.com/articles/coral-requirements-chart
  3. Just delete the = sign: If ATO_RES OPEN Then ON See my Apex Command Reference guide for the proper syntax of all Apex commands: https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/apex-programming-command-reference.771/
  4. My Trident is still doing a great job after more than 2 years in service. I recently rebooted my tank for a sump replacement and slowly brought my alk up from 7 to 9 dKH. The Trident caught a couple of bumps along the way allowing me to quickly respond.
  5. Maybe they should buy a plucky little reefing club in the Pacific NW with a resident Apex guru...🤣
  6. I agree. In working with Neptune on NSI testing over the past year, I've realized they are a pretty small company and probably in over their heads. BRS is much larger, and with their recent influx of cash from private investors, a lot of new resources can be thrown at Neptune to beef up their R&D, engineering, and manufacturing capacity.
  7. Last month BRS announced they acquired Marine Depot. Now today, they're announcing a merger with Neptune Systems. I don't know yet whether it was an acquisition or a joint venture. Waiting for more details to come out. Ryan mentioned one of the outcomes will be a more rapid release of new Apex products, including a Trident 2.0. See:
  8. I dug up our MASNA login info. It looks like we were a member in 2015 and 2018. Is this something we should renew? It's only $50 per year.
  9. Check out the Apex programming I helped set up for the guys over at VCA (makers of random flow generators and other cool products). They're setting up a 134 gallon cube tank with two COR-20 pumps in a closed loop for flow. The Apex coding ramps one COR up while ramping the other COR down for 6 hours 16 minutes for a total cycle of 12 hours 32 minutes. This will cause the cycle to shift slightly from day to day similar to natural tidal cycles. Take a look at the code in their build thread here: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/134-gallon-cube-build-random-flow-generator®-powered-mixed-reef-lots-of-pics.846184/post-9186610
  10. We always have name tags at each meeting which really helps.
  11. Membership is valid for 12 months from the day you register, so if you signed up today it would be up for renewal next July 20, 2022. Looking forward to meeting you!
  12. SuncrestReef

    PVC leaks

    I had a similar issue when I first set up my tank. The 2” fittings on my UV sterilizer had small leaks, and there was no way to cut and replace the fittings without scrapping my whole manifold. I used a shop vac to create suction inside the PVC pipes, then applied PVC cement on the outside of the leak area, and the suction drew the cement into the opening. It only took about 10 minutes and worked great.
  13. My clownfish is laying eggs for the first time in my tank. The goniopora isn’t too happy about it, but it’s cool to see the process. You can see her depositing the orange eggs from a white section below her belly.
  14. Here's another thread on the same topic with some relevant links:
  15. UPDATE — Here are the awesome prizes we’ll be raffling off at the August meeting/BBQ event: Apex-EL aquarium controller - with personal assistance from SuncrestReef for setup and programming! Hydra 26HD LED light Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer (rated for ~100 gallon) Bubble Magus Curve 9 Elite Skimmer (rated for ~200 gallon) IceCap Gyre 2K powerhead Milwaukee Digital Refractometer Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit (Ca, Alk, Mg) $50 gift certificates to 3 different local stores After the raffle, we will draw from the non-winning tickets to give away 6 issues of Coral Magazine. As always, paid Supporting Members of PNWMAS automatically receive one free raffle ticket (two for Family memberships), and additional tickets are available for purchase to everyone for $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. If you are not yet a Supporting Member, you can sign up by following the instructions in this post: If you plan to attend the event, please add yourself to the voting poll at the top of this thread so we can plan accordingly for the amount of food, and post a comment below if you intend to bring additional guests or family members.
  16. Neptune removed AOS version 5.06_6E21 and replaced it today with version 5.06_7D21. They claim it corrects the problems introduced earlier this week. This is the 2nd time in two months that they released a buggy version and had to immediately issue a fixed version. Very disappointing.
  17. Great! Please add yourself to the voting poll at the top of this thread.
  18. Beautiful tank!!! You can become a paid Supporting Member by following the instructions in this post: For the record, attendance at the club meetings does not require a paid membership. But paid Supporting Members do receive a free raffle ticket (two for Family accounts) at all meetings, among other benefits. If you plan to attend the BBQ, please add your vote to the poll at the top of this thread.
  19. To everyone attending, please be sure to add yourselves to the voting poll at the top of this post so I have a running tally for food planning. Thanks!
  20. Do NOT aim it at aircraft. They will find you and lock you away. Look at how the house addresses are superimposed on the live video feed:
  21. Nice! Be sure no other people or pets are in the room while you're using it. The laser can reflect off the tank and be blinding. Also be aware of any reflections hitting your skin or clothing. I burned a hole through my shirt and didn't realize it until I felt my skin burning!
  22. The past several Apex updates have had bugs. The last one they issued a new update 4 days later to correct the problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to replace this update as well. I highly recommend holding off on Apex updates for a few days to gauge the reception and let other people be the guinea pigs.
  23. @NateDawg I just got an update from another person who had the same problem: ”I ended up opening a ticket. They advised to disconnect the aquabus cable and update the firmware for the module then partially through the update plug the aquabus cable back in. The update concluded and I had a green light on the module.” Give that a try. I’m crossing my fingers!
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