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  1. I've got 3/4", 1", and larger. But nothing 1/2". sorry.
  2. Let's bound this. External measurements: 349 gallons. (112" * 24" * 30" ) / 231 cubic inches per gallon = 349 gallons Internal measurements, if all sides are 1" and tank is filled 100% up (no air gap at top) 293 gallons. (110" * 22" * 28" ) / 231 cubic inches per gallon = 293 gallons Thus, somewhere in this range, under these assumptions. But the more important question, Why Didn't you Make it Bigger? 36" front to back would have been cool.
  3. I came up with 349 gallons. (112" * 24" * 30" ) / 231 cubic inches per gallon = 349 gallons
  4. Wasn't this supposed to go into the (now paused) new addition to your house. Does this mean the other bay of your garage is where you're installing a new 300gallon tank?
  5. How about a school of 6-8 Vlamingii Tangs? They've got such personality.
  6. I'm a long time salt water tank keeper. What I appreciate about PNWMAS members is diversity and how well connected we are. I've met seasoned tank veterans and new tank college students I've met those doing two part dosing, CaRX, ZEOvit system, or just water changes I've met those digging all softies and those into sticks only I've met those with all different personalities and viewpoints I've learned something from each which recharges my passion, and keeps me going... when I inevitably get hit with another tank issue I have to research and deal with I look forward to meeting more of you in the future I nominate @SuncrestReef, the Apex Master. Happy to have a local expert, who's also out helping the rest of the world. Thanks @Manny Tavan. Nice positive energy.
  7. I yearn for the old-school days where every pet shop carried live brine. I really liked feeding. And then as time went on, fewer and fewer shops carried it. Thanks for letting me know WWPets is a place to check.
  8. @reefrun, do I remember you were considering selling a sump?
  9. Just got back my 2nd water analysis through Eli. I like the format!
  10. I like to feed. It's almost that simple. If I could, I'd do a multiple time a day feeding, but there's no way I can be consistent by hand. So I bought the plank to be a normal cycle feeder, to augment my normal "every evening" manual feeding. The original purchase was before I upgraded my display tank, and I used it to also feed the corals. I started the new display tank from scratch, and well... I'm still getting corals established - so not much to feed in that department yet. - Yet
  11. I've got a Plank, I like it. Dead Silent. Here's a clip from it feeding today. Don't be confused, I've got the microphone turned off. Attaching so you can visually see how slow the auger goes, supporting the idea its silent. BTW, I have a 4+" eurobrace on my tank, and had to order a bigger mounting plate for it. (something like +$8) The Plank.mp4
  12. I'm a fan of cleaners from Algae Free. Currently running the Tiger Shark plus (floating) on a 1/2" glass tank. Wicked strong, Do Not get your finger pinched between the two halves. Blood blister time.
  13. obrien.david.j

    Stick pics!

    Great Teaser Picts. I'll be back when running comfortably again.
  14. Noticed this post in facebook today, and found this article in USA Today. Looks like our aquarium friends in New Orleans are in for a rough ride. Looks like I better start thinking of my Winter backup solution. We didn't lose power last winter, but you never know what mother nature may bring this year. Plan ahead folks! (Side note, I've gotten a generator since last year, but planning to add a 12v battery based system directly into my MP40/MP60's as well. It will bridge the gap if I'm out of town or can't get back to the house for a day.)
  15. In our house hold, we know who lives there!
  16. Looks like you've got a nice collection of corals going. ... But is that a Pineapple, under the sea, in the lower right corner?
  17. Pictures! We love Pictures. (of the tank, of the new coral frag you just bought, of the new bucket of salt dragged home, of the spill your water change hose just made when it fell out of the bucket... We love Pictures!)
  18. Thanks for the Defer recommendation, all 4 header outlets updated. And I'll file something with Neptune later this weekend. THANK YOU
  19. I don't get pop-ups in my browsers. And so I've never seen this message. I'm on windows, I know you're on a mac. we're getting a different experience. It would be nice if this wasn't a pop-up. (BTW, I tried chrome, edge, changed the settings to put apexfusion.com on my approved pop-up list /etc. no luck. Suspect all the security SW/etc has them turned off...) BUT, what's causing it... DataLog on Misc screen is set to 10 minutes, like it has for the past 10 years. BUT... looking at my heater programming, I don't have any bounce protection, which I should add. Which do you prefer on a heater, so it doesn't turn on/off too often - two Defer statements or two Min statements? Current programming: Fallback OFF If T-Tank < 77.8 Then ON If T-Tank > 78.0 Then OFF Addition option 1: Defer 002:00 Then ON Defer 002:00 Then OFF Addition option 2: Min Time 002:00 Then ON Min Time 002:00 Then OFF For the display problem, I'm at a loss. Just "lots of data?!"
  20. All, (+ @SuncrestReef) I've been having a strange problem with my apexfusion web account. Graphs show/don't show data, depending on how I scroll. I used Tank Temp, Heater (on/off) and Heater (Wattage) to demonstrate the problem. Here's screen captures, pay attention to the date on the X-axis in each graph, as I scroll back in time. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  21. The heck with color. I started with red sea "Coral Pro Salt" too (left side of my pict), and switched to "Red Sea Salt" (right side of my pict) because my KH was too high. I stuck with the same brand of salt, under the idea of minimizing overall changes. That logic may have been junk, but I did it.
  22. Might you have a typo in your intro post? ... do a 10 gal water change once a week with the Red Sea coral pro salt (blue bucket = KH of 12). My history is the red sea PRO has the high KH, but is the Black bucket. I was using this salt, and had the same Higher Alk scenario as well. I switched to Red Sea (BLUE) bucket, with lower KH, and am running fine now. Which salt are you using?
  23. Doesn't sound like you missed anything. You could have taken the CaReactor completely out of service, and changed/check it there... But how would you have known it would split a seam later. Sounds like a fluke.
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