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  1. All gear sold minus the Light and light bracket. Open offers on the nanobox and bracket. Mostly want it out of the closet. Throw me an offer. You never know 👀 Will consider trades for techy/random items: pc/computer stuff, photography stuff, audio stuff, tubed guitar amp, quadcopters/drones, idk what ya got that I don't need? 😎👉
  2. Ink bird and power strip are actually pending pickup today.
  3. Added pics. Also added a light bracket built by the very own @spectra ridiculously solid, looks great, can probably hold a car.... It's perfect for a 24" fixture. Height from tank mounting brackets to light mounting is pretty much 5ft. The cross post is 2ft. $25 Misc. Dosing stuff, nets, scrapers, auto feeder, joesjuice, reefroids etc. $25
  4. Update. New prices and items. Res, fans, and inkbird pending pickup Sunday. Nero 5 SOLD Items still available: Tunze Nano ATO sold BRS Mini Reactor Kit with pump $20 IM Chaetomax LED $30 Heater $5 Finnex 300 Thermostat $10 New Item for sale. 24in NanoBox Hybrid T5 fixture with 4x NB pucks, 4x RB/UV NB strips and 2x Actinic T5s. Hanging kit included, extra power supply included, extra 7up driver board with ldd drivers attached ready to go. Works 100% with out any issue and don't see anything going wrong with it anytime soon. Nanbox are high quality and built. Unfortunate Dave no longer makes them. Fully WiFi controllable, 5ch LED control, Fan Control, weather effects, peak day effects, etc. Asking $350 for the light. Possible trades for PC gear.
  5. Tank is shut down. Light, stand, sump, light bracket, return pump, uv reactor, and Skimmer are spoken for and pending pickup this weekend. The following is available for sale. Tunze Nano ATO with newer pump SOLD Trigger System 5g Reservoir $50 SOLD IM Cheato Max LED $35 (have box for) SOLD BRS Mini Reactor with pump, tubing, canisters, and carbon media $30 SOLD AI Nero 5 $100 (have box for) SOLD DJ powerstrip $10 SOLD Misc. Timers $10 SOLD 300 Watt ceramic Heater $10 SOLD Finnex 300 Thermostat $15 SOLD Inkbird Thermostat (cooling/heating) $15 SOLD Dual Cooling Unit with Noctuna Fans for rimless tanks $10 SOLD I believe that's it. Will update if I find more stuff. Located in Westslope/Beaverton area. Pm please. Bundles get better deals.
  6. At the moment all livestock is pending pickup. Will post or reply asap to those in line if any of the pendings don't happen.
  7. Flame Angel, Starry blenny, and Peppermint pending. All torches, melanrus wrasse, and emeralds pending tomorrow. Cardinal pair pending this weekend.
  8. Work, other interest, time devotion, expenses, whatever you wanna call it I think it's time to shut this tank down and take a little break. Also maybe moving within the year and the thought of hauling a running a sumped tank to another place sounds terrible (for me at least). I'll start with the fishies/inverts. All fat, happy, eat like pigs, and are healthy and probably the hardest to let go. 😞 Male Melanrus Wrasse $40 pending Flame Angel (doesn't pick at my coral) $40 pending Purple Dotty Back $10 Starry Blenny $15 pending Mated Pair Bengai Cardinals (not to be separated) $40 pending Mated Pair of Lighting Maroon Clowns with RBTA (not to be seperated) $120 *can purchase more nems for them for cheap from me* Cleaner Shrimp $15 Mated Full Grown Harlequin Shrimp with two chocolate chip star fish to go $100 2x Peppermint Shrimp if I can find/catch them. Free. Pending 4 emerald crabs if I can find $10 for all pending Large Tiger Pistol Shrimp $20 Corals 4 ish headed Hellfire Torch sorta hanging on. Lost some heads now recovering $100 pending 4 headed purple/gold indo with green mouths fist size thriving $200 pending 2 headed cotton candy torch $60 pending 4 headed fat aussie skittles torch $175 pending 3 headed indo gold $120 pending 3 headed ultra indo gold $150 pending Don't remember the names but large blue ish ez thick stick colony, small yellow milli frag, and mini colony of a bright highlighter green ez sps. $50 for all. Large Blue/purple Lobo $75 Large Rainbow Lobo $200 Large center rock with buttmunchers, space choas, fruity loops, and more zoas completely covered along with an encrusted blue Berry Ice favia. $250 Medium sized rock covered in fruity loops $50 Shmedium flat rock covered in JF Star Gazers $50 There's some other random lps pieces but they're not worth posting. The more you wanna buy the better. These prices are to ensure fish go to a good home but also want to make sure I'm offering below retail price so all prices are OBO. Live rock is also available but BEWARE! I do have bristle worms and also struggling with flat worms. Luckily they're not harming my corals but are annoyingly there. I do have a fresh bottle of flatworm exit unopened you are welcome to. I'd recommend dipping fish/corals first before putting in DT just to be safe. Will post pics hopefully soon but tank glass is a lil dirty... Please PM me with your number (if your comfortable with that) just so it's easier for quick communication. Located in Westslope/West Beaverton area. I will not deliver but work remote so you can come by when I'm free and take a look. Wife works remote as well except for Wednesday's (tomorrow) and Wednesday's would be perfect for morning/mid day pickups as the tank is where she usually works. Otherwise weekday evenings and weekends are best. Gear will be for sale soon however need to sell live stock first. No exceptions. If interested in entire setup we can chat. Just search my name here on the forum and you'll see some fts pics and what not. For the most part not too much has changed. Please respond via pm, first come first serve. Thanks, Matteo
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