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  1. I'm sure I can find room.... My little nuvo 40!
  2. 24" 4bulb ATI Sunpower with 2x Current USA prolumen strips 453nm I believe. Ready to go and be hung. Simply got a new light and don't need. Will trade for torches, lobos, scolys lps pretty much. No zoas or sticks. Or $200 takes it home.
  3. That's 100% your issue. Way over crowded and probably lots of aggression going on.
  4. Wait. You have all those fish included multiple tangs in a 55g?
  5. I've used melafix on my mixed reef before with no issues to the corals or nems if you can't QT. They'll get pissed but that's it. Melafix is usually hit or miss but in my anecdotal experience it's served me well.
  6. Dave shut down his tank recently. He's basically fully out.
  7. Up to 7 different torches now will get pics of the others
  8. Seeing if any interest in this rock as I want to make some room in my tank. Covered in tons of fire and ice, utter Chaos, and green shrooms which are bouncing a tiny bit. Let me know what you got!
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