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  1. I am a supporting member. Tis the season!
  2. Using a Lumix GX85 with a Minolta to m4/3 adapter. The lens is a Sigma 90mm 2.8 Macro. All shot in manual.
  3. Got a new macro lens I've been playing with. Here are some of the pics I took!
  4. I don't have any bounces or sticks at the moment. Pretty lps heavy. Feel free to shoot me a PM if interested. My latest FTS is on here somewhere but here ya go.
  5. Anyone have a 4/3 macro lens they're not using? Or a regular macro lens that I can simply buy an adapter for a 4/3 camera? Let me know what ya got!
  6. I don't think a healthy fish would get sucked up by it. Especially a clownfish. Sorry about your loss tho 😔😕
  7. For the price it's a little ugly of a light for me... Granted idk what's going on with SW light aesthetics. The new kessil looks like the fricken enterprise
  8. You might like the new ATI Straton as well. https://www.atinorthamerica.com/lighting/straton/
  9. Also have a plug of fire and ice zoas I didn't realize I had 10+ heads $20.
  10. Rest is sold! All that is left is the torch. Let's get it moved!
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