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  1. Someone on here I'm pretty sure has my old nanobox aquaticlife hybrid 24in. 2x bulbs and 4 led pucks. @hernandezj35 do you have it?🤔
  2. Looks like mermaids wine glass. Type of macro
  3. Fish finally got along so there was no need:)
  4. Trying to get an idea of what you fine people have and hoping to get a deal on frag pack of somesort ready for pickup after memorial day weekend. Preferably larger frags or even mini colonies. Looking for 5-8 different pieces. Wishlist items: Strawberry Shortcake Pc rainbow Oregon Tort Forest fire Digi Pm me please! Thanks!
  5. Based off everyone's responses and some reading on my own I switched to an opposite light schedule. Thanks everyone!
  6. I'm currently running 24/7 to help combat algae since my upgrade is "new" but I'm wondering if going back to the split schedule would be better 🤔
  7. Do you run your fuge lights 24/7? Or do you run them on a schedule? If a schedule do you run them opposite of your DT lights? Just curious what you all do or what you think works best! I guess it depends in the systems but thats why I'm looking for simple anecdotes Cheers!
  8. I have low hopes it'll work on the fish but does anyone have one I can borrow? Gotta Richard of a dotty back that needs to go. once caught he's free for adoption
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