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  1. I have a 4-6 inch RBT and 5-6 head frog spawn (maybe 4 inches across) for trade. Mostly interested in adding a torch (don't have any), but open to other ideas. Would consider some beginner-level sps (previously had LPS and softies only). I recently upgraded from a 25 gal to Reefer 300xl, so plenty of room. Can meet at C and C this weekend or elsewhere if it's on the route from Hood River. Pics are with phone under normal mid-day light setting (blues + whites). It's a different RBT than the one pictured but about the same size and split from the same individual. This one was be
  2. Figures my turn would come up during this snow storm! I'm out by Hood River with 16-18 inches and I-84 closed. If @scubaethan can get get there, I'll trade spots with him and shoot for next weekend.
  3. 1 free ticket for Barrier Reef Aquariums please. Thanks!
  4. That's a great idea on the snails. Never had much issue with the bristle worms -- they seem like just another part of the clean up crew.
  5. Thanks for the responses. Yeah, the vermetids don't seem to bother my corals, but it's just LPS and softies. I'd like to have some SPS in the new tank and was more concerned about the effect of the vermetids on SPS. As for the aptasia, I seem to have contained that issue with peppermint shrimp and kalk paste. Shoot, maybe I'll just go for it. The benefits could outweigh the cost, but there's no going back once it's done!
  6. Just saw the post by @MReef20, and it got me thinking about my situation. I'm 3 months into cycling a new tank with nuked Marco rock. My old tank (still running) has had Pukani live rock for over 10 years. Amazing pod diversity and likely microbiome too. I'd like to introduce this diversity into my new tank but pests are holding me back. Had a few aptasia that are mostly taken care but a pretty solid infestation of small vermetid snails. What would you do? Any suggestions?
  7. After years of having a cesspool of a sandbed, I'm definitely on the no-sand bandwagon now! Can't argue about the natural look of a sand bed though. I've had the same set-up for over a decade but recently upgraded. I've been very happy my new Red Sea Reefer system from CnC (tank, stand, sump, and plumbing) and all used components from folks on this forum (pumps, skimmers, lights, etc).
  8. Please add me to the list for a meter that would work best with a T5 / LED hybrid. Thanks!
  9. The Wet Spot or Pets On Broadway.
  10. I started mine on live black worms. Now they eat anything. The live foods works well for getting picky eaters started.
  11. Awesome feedback. Thanks everyone!
  12. After 13 years with a 24 g Aquapod with 150 metal halide, I finally upgraded to a Reefer 300 XL (36-inch 65 g DT). I'm a couple months into the cycle process and starting to think about lights. Current lighting technology is totally new to me, so I'm interested in opinions for how others would light this tank. The goal is a mixed reef with LPS, softies, and some SPS. I'm leaning towards two AI Prime 16 HDs. Cost is one consideration, and this seems like a good option for balancing cost with quality while meeting spectrum and intensity needs. Thoughts?
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