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  1. My clowns are finally laying again after a tank move, so I'm going to try and hatch and rear some. Anyone got an active rotifer and/or phyto culture that could get me jump started (not too far from Portland area)? I've ordered starter kits from Florida Aquafarms previously, but thought I'd check with the club this time.
  2. I love this forum for everyone's generosity. For example, I got some purple Monti from @shaywood, and he tossed in a couple of other frags just because!
  3. I use to run a reverse light schedule in the summer when I had metal halides. On about 6 or 7 pm, off at 2-3 am. It reduced both house and tank heating during the day. I don't need to do this anymore with hybrid t5/led. And evaporative cooling with a fan on the water's surface is super effective.
  4. I got this piece for a good price from another reefer thinking I could nurse it back to health. It had some tissue die back. So now what do I do? I did a prophylactic dip in Reef Primer mostly for pests and have placed it low in the tank for now. Do I just give it time and leave it alone? Iodine-based dip? Cut off parts that are dying back? What would you do? One pic is under tanks lights. The other is with a flash and better shows the die back areas.
  5. An oldie but goodie. This system has served me well for 13 years. Finally upgraded to a Reefer 300XL. Fee to a good home, but will accept donation/trade for other reef stuff. -24 g Apauapod and stand. Has seen better days, but still serviceable. Tank is pretty scratched, as pic below shows. - 150 Watt metal halide, Current USA Sunpod. - AquaC Remora Pro. Needs pump. I'm keeping return pump, circulation pump, and heater. Tank is getting broken down today. Located in Wite Salmon, Wa (near Hood River). I'm in pdx every now and then and could deliver at some point.
  6. 2 member tickets towards the icecap gyre. Thanks!
  7. Hey @Emerald525, I've been tracking your recent cycle thread, and was thinking that this Live Reef Rubble could be a good way to get all diversity benefits of live rock but none of the pest issues.
  8. I'll take it. Will PM you in a bit.
  9. Thanks! That looks like a great set up, but we just got a Waterbox 20, so I'm no longer looking.
  10. Bump. Still looking. Thanks!
  11. Yes, I saw that. Thanks. I think it's too wide for the built-in desktop space I have (36" wide x 24" deep). I think 24" wide max is needed to leave some working room around the tank.
  12. Looking for as much of a package as possible - AIO with pumps, lights, skimmer, etc. - No stand needed (going on a desk). - Cube-ish dimensions preferred (i.e., no lagoons). - with or without livestock / liverock. - rimless preferred, but would consider rimmed. - Prefer puck-type LED (e.g. AI Prime).
  13. My 2 tickets for the generator please.
  14. That's it, just poo! Whew. Never seen my frogspawns do this. Thanks!
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