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  1. Personal opinion but I really don't like bare bottom tanks. The glass gets dirty, you'll see detritus, and any fish or invert that needs a little sand is now off the stocking list. I also think non sanded tanks look unnatural and you lose the benefit of having bacteria and other goodies in the sand. Like I said personal opinion 🤷‍♂️
  2. How did work with the heatwave?
  3. Someone on here I'm pretty sure has my old nanobox aquaticlife hybrid 24in. 2x bulbs and 4 led pucks. @hernandezj35 do you have it?🤔
  4. Looks like mermaids wine glass. Type of macro
  5. Fish finally got along so there was no need:)
  6. Trying to get an idea of what you fine people have and hoping to get a deal on frag pack of somesort ready for pickup after memorial day weekend. Preferably larger frags or even mini colonies. Looking for 5-8 different pieces. Wishlist items: Strawberry Shortcake Pc rainbow Oregon Tort Forest fire Digi Pm me please! Thanks!
  7. Based off everyone's responses and some reading on my own I switched to an opposite light schedule. Thanks everyone!
  8. I'm currently running 24/7 to help combat algae since my upgrade is "new" but I'm wondering if going back to the split schedule would be better 🤔
  9. Do you run your fuge lights 24/7? Or do you run them on a schedule? If a schedule do you run them opposite of your DT lights? Just curious what you all do or what you think works best! I guess it depends in the systems but thats why I'm looking for simple anecdotes Cheers!
  10. I have low hopes it'll work on the fish but does anyone have one I can borrow? Gotta Richard of a dotty back that needs to go. once caught he's free for adoption
  11. It's actually pending pickup Thursday sorry!
  12. UNS 3N (3g) Onf Flat Nano LED HOB filter Heater Like 30+ shrimp and dwarf hair grass. Asking $150 or trade for coral.
  13. Currently setup and running. UNS 60S 10g Twinstar 600e Twinstar M5 Algae Inhibitor AC 30 HOB filter Tetra 50 Watt heater Very high end fw setup but I want to focus on reef more. Asking $300 obo or trade for coral.
  14. Jebao is free to anyone who wants it otherwise its going in the trash.
  15. I've heard good things on Nanoreef.com about these. Definitely an upgrade from black boxes. You'd want two of them for the 20g long
  16. Hellfire is liking the new tank.
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