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  1. If you mean the new HR nitrate checker that just came out, I found extra reagents directly through Hannah. Everyone else was out.
  2. It's amazing when they do that. It might have slipped your attention since they haven't done it before but you can watch the female balloon up for maybe 3-4 days before she lays eggs. In my experience once they start they will continue this process 1-2x/month as long as they remain happy. My new avatar is our clowns actively laying because I love it so much!
  3. Pretty well, just finished redoing my scape. I've had a lot more time all the sudden now that school is out.
  4. Got tired of the old so in with the new. How'd I do?
  5. Just ordered a kit. Thanks for the heads up. Your tank is looking great!
  6. Staggering, that piece is.
  7. Whoo! Got that Fun House!!! Thank you Jeff, very excited to have the first new frags of quarantine.
  8. It's a proprietary controller that isn't an app and isn't touchscreen. I didn't have any problems with it but after Orphek's it might seems a little antiquated.
  9. Logan (the RB owner) has a nice 12 hour ramped schedule on an excel spreadsheet that calculates intensity for you, if that's something you'd like. Here's a link! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cszhnspj4gaopt4/Photon V2%2B Program Recommendations.xlsx?dl=0
  10. Likewise Sean! It's been too long, I've just been busy with my own school and being a teacher for our children during all this. Good memory though! I was a big fan of that series. I had the 24" and the 48". Now that the Hydra's have stopped dying repeatedly they're working nicely for me too though.
  11. I'm here. The Photon V2 is a great light that I would heavily recommend.
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