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  1. Mid-week bump. Make an offer. They're just taking up room in my garage!
  2. Cruised up to see him this morning and got hooked up with his famous gold hammer and a very generous frag pack. Super nice guy with an incredible collection. Thanks again man, very excited with the new frags. That CB Jalapeño Mille in particular... yoof. Tubbs Stellata - JF The Unknown - Miyagi Tort - CB Jalapeno - TCK Red Titan Stag - Gold Hammer
  3. youcallmenny

    SPS video

    Works great! That said, holy hell your sticks are beautiful. What is this one in particular? Very 'one of these things is not like the other' vibes.
  4. GLWS just posting to say I love your ATO graphic. Absolutely epic.
  5. Switching salt. Just got these boxes from saltwateraquarium.com this month. Pickup in West Salem only. https://www.saltwateraquarium.com/fritzpro-r-p-m-salt-mix-box-55-lbs-makes-200-gallons-fritz-aquatics/
  6. I'll be joining via zoom, looking forward to it! Thanks for hosting Kim & Sirena! Vicky and I are bummed we don't get to see the new place, it looks amazing and of course the food will be a shame to miss.
  7. That's what I use too and it's great. the 5-7g Home Depot/Lowes buckets they attach to are a great size for vacuuming!
  8. Watching this. My tank is about to turn 4 and hasn't really ever grown any polyps. My last tank grew corals like weeds.
  9. Aptasia X will kill them but honestly that's one of those corals I don't let touch my main rocks, ever. Treat it like GSP and make an island rock if you must but the problem with mushrooms is they can let go and drift away behind a rock where they lurk and multiply.
  10. Agreed. Great sale here this last weekend too and a nice pair of freebies with the order. My water analysis through Eli is in process too.
  11. You weren't kidding, Thanks for the healthy and vibrant frags Eli!
  12. My apologies for the thread necromancy but I just want to say thanks for the discussion. I ended up getting the medium Bubble Magus filter roller and I just want to put it out there that it's awesome! Easy to install and does a great job, already having to spike feeding due to it dropping nutrient levels. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long! Excuse the wires, I just reset the display and redid the entire sump. The cable closet is being completely redone so all my cables are loose at the moment.
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