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  1. Is the end that plugs into the light fixture a 90 degree?
  2. The power supply on one of my Hydra 26HD's went out today. Can't complain, since it made it 6 years. I had a backup, but need another backup. Anyone have one is good condition, or recommend a source?
  3. Saturday afternoon I picked up an Exquisite Wrasse, which I drip acclimated. The rest of the day the fish swam around and looked fine. On Sunday, the wrasse hid in the rocks all day, which is normal for new fish. Today I found him laying on the bottom. I'm really surprised he didn't make it. I've heard of wrasses that look dead, but instead are in a mucus cocoon. I don't see his gills moving. Dead or Cocoon?
  4. Usually get live brine shrimp at World of Wet Pets in Beaverton, but their out this week. Anyone know where to find some?
  5. For sale are these two Bali Green Slimer frags with multiple branches. Large is $40, small is $30. Mother colony pictured to show actual color Can arrange pick up/ exchange. Located in Tualatin. Cash or PayPal (you pay any fees).
  6. Looking for recommendations on a backup drop in chiller for summer time. Tank size is on 116 gallons.
  7. Thx. Checked all local stores with no luck. Hate to say it but was able to order two on Amazon prime for today's delivery.
  8. I've checked the local lfs' and can't seem to locate a half inch uniseal for my calcium reactor. Does anyone have one, or know where I can purchase one locally
  9. For sale is this large branch(ing) Indo Purple Tip Stag coral. Approx 6 inches. Pictured under 80/20 blue. $60.00 pick up in Tualatin, or we can arrange location. Cash or Paypal (you pay any fees). SOLD
  10. For sale are these large green slimmer colonies. They are nice large pieces. Either pickup in Tualatin or we can arrange a location. Each is pictured with 100% full spectrum and 80/20 blue. Cash or PayPal (you pay any fees). COLONY 1: $50 COLONY 2: $50 SOLD COLONY 3: $50 COLONY 4: $30
  11. Unread message threads use to display in bold when logged on. Lately, new threads haven't been bold when visiting the forum. Is this a setting somewhere?
  12. I only hope BRS doesn't get too big for its britches.
  13. Time to cull the herd. Anyone needing cheato, here you go. Pickup in Tualatin. Free.
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