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  1. Noticed some attention to the wifi power strip on facebook. A user is getting beaten for calling out similarities to an AliExpress $12 strip made in china. Appears to be the same strip with with the Hydros name. Hopefully they will address concerns.
  2. You can borrow mine. It's the large one.
  3. Confused. This pump is $199 every where.
  4. For sale are 3 Bali Green Slimer Colonies. Each one starts with a single stem and has many branches. Pickup in Tualatin, either porch pickup or local meetup. Cash or PayPal (buyer pays any fees). Only $40/each! PLUS, I recieved a bottle of Vibrant from BRS this week, which I won't use. First buyer that wants it, gets it too! Colony 1: Colony 2: Colony 3: Pending w/Vibrant
  5. I see. I didn't realize it must be changed in the phone settings, not Apex. I only want to change on Apex. Oh well.
  6. Notice that comment too, but can't locate a referenced display setting.
  7. How do I enable dark mode on Android apps or desktop view?
  8. For sale is a dual 375ml dosing mount and containers. Includes 1/4" bulkheads and interpipe. . Porch pickup in tualatin or can arrange pickup in tualatin. Cash or PayPal. $20. Payment with Paypal, please pay any additional fees.
  9. I believe AI will send you guards. Use them!
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