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  1. Price drop! Need to sell so I can have it gone before I start moving.
  2. Selling my Redsea Reefer 350 tank so I can move. Asking $950 Includes Tank, Stand, Sump. I also have Reef Octopus 150-INT skimmer and some live rock that I can through in for a bit extra. I also still have some coral to sell. No lights or pump- I am keeping for my next tank. Located in McMinnville
  3. Still have some stuff! Come get it an make offers. I need to thin out more coral.
  4. I have Rock Flower nems. Love them! Like most have said they don't really move and mine spawned also. I have 8 big ones and about 30+ babies ones now. Was able get some of babies our of DT and put in a Tupperware to grow. They colors on them are amazing! And some have crazy patterns. Definitely never had anything do well after crawling or swimming through them. Don't know if its their stung or the fact that they seem to be really sticky.
  5. 13 tickets for me. 3=Nero 3 5=Gyre 4=MP40 1=Hydor Thanks! And good luck everyone
  6. Added more pics. Still have a bunch of stuff for sale. Moving in 2 weeks.
  7. I have tons left. I need to go from my Reefer 350 down to a 25 gallon tank. So more needs to go
  8. That is one of the pieces we are keeping. Sorry
  9. Sorry, I added some prices to main items.
  10. I have some reef flux and some flux rx enough of either for about 80 gallons. In McMinnville
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