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  1. Yeah and then when u get real coraline you won't know 😁! I love the rocks. I have them in my Reefer 350. And I will be upgrading to a 525XL too after Christmas. Such awesome tanks! Excited to see how yours progresses.
  2. Love the aquascape. Is that the man made rock from Cuttlefish? I love that stuff!
  3. I just got home after a great day at Cuttlefish getting some awesome grab bags and a mystery box 📦! All were straight FIRE 🔥! And then I checked my phone and saw this!!!!! I legit jumped for joy! Thanks for the awesome prizes! And yes @SuncrestReef I have an Apex EL. Was going to be sett6it up after Christmas when I switch to my bigger tank and finish my controller board/ roll out shelf. I would definitely appreciate your expertise in the programming department. Thanks again for everyone in the club for being so awesome, kind and helpful.
  4. Mine were about 6 weeks too. Yeah we could totally swap. There are about 18 babies hiding in the box. Last pic is of moma.
  5. Mine had babies about 2 months ago and I am finding them all over too! Started to scoop the ones out of the sand and put in a plastic container with a bit of sand and have been direct feeding them reef-roids. They are going really well. So cool that u got to see it happen!
  6. I am a supporting member! And love this community!
  7. Not sure. They came with my tank i recently bought, but I already had some other pumps.
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