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  2. Dr. Dendrostein on reef2reef has 60 of them in his tank. From what I've read, the most difficult part is providing enough food to keep them from starving. My setup is 150g DT with 40g sump/refugium. I threw one of the 8 into my frag tank and it's doing fine. So Im going to feed heavy and see how it works out. They might be more effective than a skimmer? Certainly cheaper, 13 bucks for a dozen. It's been almost 2 days and they are all still alive.
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  4. The Pacific oyster, Japanese oyster, or Miyagi oyster, is an oyster native to the Pacific coast of Asia. It has become an introduced species in North America, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. Wikipedia
  5. Define "Pacific". That could range from cold waters in Alaska to warm waters in Baja. Even if you acclimate them, I can't imagine a species expecting 50 F water temps to survive in a 78 F aquarium.
  6. Bought a dozen Pacific oysters from Uwajimiya, ate 4 of them and the rest went in the refugium after a slow acclimation. Bad idea?
  7. I love Jebao pups for their quality and price. I am controlling them via Apex. I buy two at the time and plumb them in both and use one in a stand by mode. and still save money over 'top' brands. Using Apex I can switch the pumps from anywhere, in case of failure. Did not had to do it, yet.
  8. I am a supporting member! Finally!
  9. There are small holes around the rim of the lid and a 40x40mm fan that sucks air out of the tank which is connected to a variable driver so I can adjust how much air I want to move. The holes around the rim keep the glass clear of condensation.
  10. Been reading a pin cushion urchin. Black face rabbit fish can help.
  11. Take a look at this big boy tank! Man crazy to see an Innovative Marine tank this big! EXT-200 https://www.innovative-marine.com/shop/EXT-200-Peninsula-Aquarium-w-APS-Stand-Black-p238793472
  12. Bump it up. Make me an offer if u are interested
  13. Beautiful tank, and great coral selection! 🙌
  14. Nice setup, and great colors! I like your cabinet idea.
  15. Your tank is looking great. I have the 50 lagoon and really enjoy the AIO simplicity.
  16. After watching this tank cycle with aged rock for 2+ months, I finally upgraded into it from my IM 14 Penninsula. equipment Nero 3 Hygger Nano Powerhead 100w Hygger heater Neptune Apex Neptune dos dosing All For Reef Radion XR-30 G4 (overkill) Sensored ATO (can’t remember the name) filtration is just carbon and Chemipure with 5g weekly water changes Sicce 1.0 return Pics of under cabinet coming, false wall is made, but still organizing. Mostly what the pics show is space, I have room for many many frags, so I’m quite bulli
  17. Oh yea, Murphy! Nice redundancy with dual return pumps.......easy to do that with the price of Jebaos and likely safer than any single high end return pump. Maybe when I’m leaving the house post covid I can install a second pump.
  18. Good point! They are so reasonable priced, I run two returns, one per sea swirl. Just dial them back as necessary. If one goes out, the overflow is noisy but everything is just fine! Because, once, getting ready to board a plane, my return quit! Murphy!!
  19. Those Jebaos are hard to beat. I put one on my closed loop and has not skipped a beat in a couple of years. Just makes me nervous having one as a return pump 😆 but this is not based on a bad experience. Just because you pay more means it’ll be more dependable right 😂
  20. I picked up some other stuff from Brian over the weekend and he hooked me up with some nice frags. Killer deal here!
  21. Maybe! I think I have two hammerheads though, but one needs some seal work. I want two have two, so that if the seals on one goes while on vacation, can switch it over.
  22. I have been thinking of switching my reeflo hammerhead out for two Jebaos.. maybe we should chat?
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