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  2. Good luck on that front. In my experience with them in my tank, when you start to see aiptasia disappearing is about when berghia populations are hitting critical mass, but the wrasse may change the dynamics of that a little.
  3. In terms of feeding I feed lightly, and my food of choice is fish roe. I have no lighting on them but have them near a window where they get the most of the day's sun. I could give them more lighting but this has been effective in the past. In term of outfitting the tank, it's been simple, it's a flat clear container. I don't have structure in it. I just pluck them off glass with forceps, but gravel does make for a decent idea. In terms of pictures I wouldn't have much to show. I have minimal aiptasia left as I haven't been able to get them to take off, probably because I haven't bee
  4. I am super stoked to say after bryopsis, dino, and cyano the tank has made a 90% recovery. A lot of my sps took a hit through all the nutrient spikes and subsequent treatments but I am absolute believer in reef flux for nuisance algae elimination. This killed my remaining bryopsis and the turf algae that took its place! Total duration was about 3 weeks. What a ride...here are some pics of the tank now!
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  6. That’s awesome. They are weird little buggers, I put in about 30 into my 210. About 20 in the display and 10 in my sump/grow out fuge that had aptaisa in it. I thought my wrasse wiped them all out but did finally see some in the display a few days ago. Slowly the aptasia are disappearing, but not sure they will make It to all of them. They take a while, still have lots of work to do. Wouldn’t mind getting some more in the future from you 👍 saltyunderground wants a mint for them...glad I bought during the sale.
  7. Okay, let's cut to details. What's your feeding regime of the aptasia farm? tell us about growing out aptasia. daily feeding, multiple times a day feeding, heavy feeding, light feeding. Light or no-lights ... How have you outfitted the farm, to enable harvesting aptasia to feed to the berghia? Is this just a low flat tank, or do you have struture in it? course gravel bottom, so it's easier to pull out an aptasia to feed, or just razor blade them off flat glass Pictures?
  8. That sucks man, sorry. It times it is really hard to understand how stressful moving fish is to them. BTW, you can cut your ich fallow time in half by increasing the temp of your tank so that it never dips below 80.6. If you can do that you are down to 46 or 47 days.
  9. Congrats! I'm sure the market for local berghia is immense
  10. Vipar Spectra black box size something or other grow light. It's not that it puts out much heat, but that my tank starts to climb in temperature once my house gets above 73 degrees. My (3) Reefled 160's and (4) T5 bulbs are adding the heat. After setting up my new tank last year though, I've had trouble keeping my phosphate and nitrates up so don't run the fuge very long. And my giant new badass skimmer helps with that too.
  11. Bump! Open to offers and maybe trades. The worst I can say is no thank you!
  12. I have tried all of the above over the years. I run reverse schedule just because my current system gets by with only 5 hrs on. Heat management is a deciding factor for me, as well as anecdotally my calcium reactor.
  13. I did forget to mention that this also comes with an apex classic that's on the fritz. It is reporting the temperature at 150 degrees. I just haven't had the time to troubleshoot it. Worst case, the eb8 is working and it has temp, pH, and orp probes.
  14. Good luck, Nice work on the qt system
  15. After a two week qt with copper all my ich is gone. I had all my fish pulled in four 10 gallon tanks in copper. They are out of their tank for 8 weeks. So in the qt tank my tang attacked my lemon peel angel.now she has Popeye and missing a fin. So I bought another tank. So 5 tanks now. And she's on antibiotics now. Wish her luck.
  16. Last week
  17. Um, well yah... I just got these new Kef R3's set up, and a new turntable, listening to a couple particular albums for the first time again on vinyl in 40 years. It was a pretty moving experience. And yes, a fair bit of sativa and beer in the mix...
  18. In the past I found about 16ish hours was a pretty decent sweet spot and just opposite your primary lighting schedule. When I ran 24 hours growth wasn’t as good. Been a long time though since I’ve had a Chaeto based fuge, right now I just grow nems in my fuge when I can catch them from my display 😂. Not really for nutrient export though, but I do run it slightly offset from my primary lights to help with pH.
  19. Based off everyone's responses and some reading on my own I switched to an opposite light schedule. Thanks everyone!
  20. I run reverse with a bit of overlap. I overlap in the morning for a few hours to help with PH swings. Fuge kicks on about 30-45 minutes before blues are off and run for 1-2 hours after whites are on the next day.
  21. I finally have my second successful batch (though not large) of berghia! They're tiny for now, so I need to feed them to get them up to sellable size, but the work has paid off! Thank you all who provided me with aiptasia to keep my efforts going! (Though the aiptasia farm is another work in progress, and I probably am in need of more since I'm still fine tuning that).
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