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  2. I need a bunch of bumble bee snails, maybe a few trochus
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  4. Been meaning to replenish my clean up crew for a while, but have been holding off. Now I need a pretty sizable supplement but would like to see if anybody is interested in taking advantage of bulk pricing/splitting shipping (I think they may have something regarding shipping above a certain amount of items ordered too?) Not sure if general is the best place to post this. Anyway. Just want to gauge interest.
  5. @obrien.david.j I tried F Aptasia, and the aptasia just gave me an FU back πŸ˜› I literally have giant aptasias sitting next to the lumps of Faptasia I used trying to smother them.
  6. I have some but unfortunately life's caught up to me since then and there's not enough of them for me to sell. I will be ramping back up production of them for good though as I have just recently had more time and am getting together a better setup for them+ the aiptasia (the latter is really the limiting part). Getting aiptasia to explode when you're continuously chipping away at its population needs a lot bigger and more dedicated of a setup than I initially expected (and if you feed them too much, you get algae that competes with/slows them down). Long story short, don't have enough now, will have enough probably given a month or two. Sorry about that.
  7. I like Frank's F-Aptasia the best of all the manual chemicals. Have three bottles of it... And I just can't keep up. I find this stuff works for 1-3 aptasia. And I've let it get way out of hand (again). Sounds like there's some pent up Berghia Demand out there. Glad to hear it. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/f-aiptasia-pest-anemone-treatment-frank-s-aquarium-products.html
  8. I'm also in, not sure how many I need for a 75G but its getting bad. I just ordered some aptasia x to fight it back a little bit
  9. I'm in for 10, but @LadAShark sold me a bunch back in March. Let's see if he still has any.
  10. I'll admit it... I haven't been able to keep up with my Aptasia problem... And I now have enough that I need Berghia to get rid of them. I'd love to find them locally, haven't found them. (contact me if you've got them) On-Line, they're cheaper if you buy them in bulk. SaltyUnderground has them for $10/ea or $8.50/ea, when buying in quantities of 25 or 50. (shipping included) Anyone want to split an order? I need no less than ~15. If no one joins me, I'll likely buy the bulk 25 pack. I'd rather split the 50 pack with a person or three. (I'm located in Cedar Mill, Just north of Beaverton - factor travel time into your decision.)
  11. Mid-week bump. Make an offer. They're just taking up room in my garage!
  12. All gear sold minus the Light and light bracket. Open offers on the nanobox and bracket. Mostly want it out of the closet. Throw me an offer. You never know πŸ‘€ Will consider trades for techy/random items: pc/computer stuff, photography stuff, audio stuff, tubed guitar amp, quadcopters/drones, idk what ya got that I don't need? πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰
  13. if you end up doing another monti pack i would love to get some, really just wanting purple or green.. let me know when u grow some more Thanks
  14. Now, that's pretty brilliant. Irresistible bait. 🍻 /cheers
  15. I plan on attending. Just me
  16. I feel like I'm there most of the time anyway so Serena throw a dog on for me.
  17. Yes, you can daisy-chain using the AquaBus cable, but not with the 1Link cable. Each DOS will need its own 24v power adapter.
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  19. I have two DOS's, and connect them daisy chained.
  20. I'm currently getting out of reefing and will be letting this beautiful cynarina go for $225. I tried my best to get decent pictures, pm me for more photos. I recommend to dip as I haven't been on top of pests (red planaria). Local pickup only
  21. Ok so I can connect a second dos right to first one it looks like. Ie daisy chain it
  22. The pump went out on my old bio cube 29 gallon and sadly I don’t have the time anymore to invest in the tank. trying to sell the corals inside I have a couple softball sized Zoa colonies few mushroom colonies ( about 50 head) and some other random corals. looking to get rid of all the corals for 125 obo selling the tank and stand for 75obo and the light for 50 obo currently reside in Longview wa, you will need to pick up and fairly soon as the pump stopped working two days ago. just fair warning I have been unable to really keep up with the tank for about a year now, there are colonies of aptasia so you would need to quarantine unless you have livestock that feeds on them.
  23. The DOS only requires an available AquaBus port or 1Link port. The DDR connects directly to the DOS. Neither one requires a breakout box.
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