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  2. Petco has instant ocean for $40 delivered right now.
  3. I think that on the long list of things for a successful tank, what type of salt is really low on the list. Like near the bottom
  4. If you want details on my mixing station, I documented a complete plumbing parts list here: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/suncrestreefs-red-sea-reefer-xl-425-build.358990/post-6173194
  5. Inception just happened. You were probably sleeping
  6. Yeah I got it for an even better deal haha. A guy had it on offer up for $800 bucks. So saved a few hundo there. His wife said hell to the no you not having another fish tank lol.
  7. Sweet! Yes I will have to pick your brain once I get to that part. I still need to build my mixing station as well. Appreciate your help!
  8. Whoa, I don't understand what just happened lol. What is that?
  9. BRS hype train is what happened. I still have a bucket in the garage but switched to Red Sea a long time ago
  10. About 2” when fully open. $250 in Portland
  11. I have my system set up for auto water changes from my mixing station in my garage, about 30 feet from my display tank in my living room. I ran 1/4" tubing and a long AquaBus cable through the wall between my tank and my mixing station, and have the Apex controlling a DOS in my garage to do daily water changes. Let me know if you want specific details on this setup.
  12. Whoever buys this, be sure to read my tutorial on Apex Feed Cycles for examples of how to automate and coordinate turning off pumps, powerheads, or other devices with scheduled unattended feedings: https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/neptune-apex-programming-tutorials-part-7-feed-cycles.715/ And I'm always happy to answer any Apex questions you may have. I use my AFS any time I go out of town. It's super handy.
  13. Selling this for $80. Perfect condition and has been cleaned of any previous fish food residue. I have the long cable for it too as well. Located in lake Oswego
  14. Looks like its coming along! I am jealous. I have been eyeing that sca 150. its such a good deal.
  15. I can't see anything except lights in this video Dave. Aren't you done yet?
  16. I still have frags available. PM if u are interested.....I might be able to make some deals on larger frags too.
  17. I need classic tropic marin if anyone has it!!!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Reminds me of that scene in Jaws where Hooper is examining the sunken boat with a flashlight...😬
  20. I have a bucket of tropic Marin pro reef for sale if you are interested.
  21. 156....this fish tank on fireeeeeaaahhhh! 🔥 😂 No idea on apex issue, glad we have Suncrest around to help 😬
  22. I do not have the display module. I'll try to access the classic dashboard when I get home tonight. The status light was solid green.
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