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  2. How much does that wind up costing you? What do you feed? I'd be interested in trying it out as I go through a bag or more a month.
  3. Hey Taylor- sorry to hear about the losses. Brutal. Been a rough year plus on many levels. GLWS and hope to see you back someday.
  4. Fresh aquascape i built because I was bored. Roughly 30# dry marco/reef saver. Fusion painted lightly. No mortar used, went with the sand and thin super glue trick. 17L x 14D x 10H $200 pick up in Vancouver wa.
  5. More photos. Located in Lake Oswego. Can meet or even deliver in the Portland area.
  6. As the title says. I'm done. After the 5 days without power I lost pretty much everything, started to rebuild, things were going great until 115° days where my ac couldnt keep up and my chiller I kept on hand turned out to only work when it felt like it. Lost everything once again, this time my motivation to keep going went out with it.. I dont have much for livestock left Sunkist bounce mini colony. Theres 5 or 6 quarter sized shrooms on one frag plug. Few no name rhodactis shrooms. Indo lobo, got this from jeff for $100 about 2 months ago. It looked amazing when it was colored up, but it lost some tissue. Orange disco was sold to me from a seattle shop as a jaw breaker about a year ago. I have never seen any red in it and I'm skeptical its actually a jawbreaker at this point. Who knows, maybe it just needs better water conditions. Couple bleached ricordeas, one also has a photosynthetic purple sponge on the same rock. Not sure what all for zoas are left, nothing has opened up fully since the crash. Had lots of named zoas, but I can never keep track. Rastas, krakatoas, rainbow incinerators, etc. Theres like 4 or 5 plugs with polyps still on em, some had multiple types on 1 plug. 1 plug of xenia. Would like to get $375 for all the corals mainly just due to the bounces, but if I can get enough interest I'll break up the bounce plug and sell corals individually. Really cool ORA snowflake clown with blue markings, and more standard ora male clown. Would like to get $75 for the pair. The rock is almost all blue iquatics rock, or actual Tonga branch, with the exception of a few random unique pieces I grew to like. Would like $150 for all of the live rock in the tank. No aiptasia or known pests. The tank is a Red Sea E170, included is all of the caps to run as an AIO, as well as the plumbing and the reefer170/250 sump. The factory ATO reservoir was converted to an algae scrubber and seems to work okay. This will be ready to go once livestock is sold. Only pump included is the factory circulation pump for the back of the main tank. The stand has some water damage and I would recommend replacing it but it has held up fine. $350 Ecotech radion xr15 G5 pro. Great light, only ran at 65% since I got it from jeff back in October last year. $350 Simplicity dc1600 return pump. Almost new, bought it from jeff a few weeks before the heat wave, ran at lowest setting since. $100 Coralbox dc500 protein skimmer. This skimmer works great, but I'm clumsy and I've broken a few pieces over the course of ownership. In proper hobbyist fashion I made due, and fixed the few places with PVC cement. All has held without issue, but it's not the prettiest. $80 Take it all at once for $1000. Brand new in box 50g lowboy. $140. I will keep this and set it up eventually if no one needs it bad enough to give me retail. Eshopps pf1200 HOB overflow, dual u tube, dual drain, rated to 200g tank. Brand new in box. $120.
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  8. Thanks for the kind words. Let me know how the frags are doing for u
  9. Thanks J-Dog. The coral looks great and your tanks are amazing. Great person to deal with!
  10. Would you ship them? I could really use them,id pay the shipping gladly
  11. 4 boxes worth. Pick up in Salem.
  12. I just ordered a few dendros that I want to frag and sell/trade but have never fragged a dendro before,is it like fragging a branching hammer,torch,duncan? Its some rare stuff i havent seen in awhile so I want to make sure I do it right and get the right tools for the job. I ordered 2 , a green skeleton and a pinkish/purple skeleton. They haven't arrived yet so I just want to be prepared. I was thinking a dremel with diamond wheels.
  13. Which coral do you have, or want to have, that makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning? For me, I have two answers. Sticks are by far my favorite. I love the challenge that comes with keeping them and the colors are insane. A very close second has to be zoas though. They would take the top spot, but I do love the challenge of SPS. Zoas are some of the most diverse corals and arguably the prettiest. From out of this world colors to enchanting designs coupled with the ease of keeping them makes them my favorite. If you're looking to fill in a tank or have a barebottom that you'd like to put coral on, zoas take the cake. Pics are appreciated and welcome.
  14. Hey there! They are 3-5 polyp frags with a couple that are priced per polyp as I only have a few available. PM me a list and we'll see what we can do.
  15. Interested in a few,is it priced per polyp or frag? And how many? I may pick some up at the meeting,ill be there
  16. 55 gallon not drilled and needs a good cleaning Stand needs some refinishing Looking to get $80 for both or trade for equipment/live stock or corals. Im really looking for DC controllable return pumps,skimmer, ato w/pump. Cleaning crew(no crabs) or anything reef related. Pm me. Pick up in Vancouver wa. I need more space in my crammed garage.
  17. They are actually a great for a clean up crew alot of reefers don't want them for me they are great
  18. DaveZ

    Looking for zoas

    How high end are you looking for?
  19. EMeyer

    Looking for zoas

    We've got a bunch of zoas in stock currently, maybe something you're looking for? https://orchardreef.com/product-category/zoas/
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  21. @AnglersReef, tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you based, are you online only or also walk in ? I checked out your website, it looked like on-line only. And thank you for your sponsorship.
  22. Welcome !!! It’s nice to have more Southern representation!!
  23. Thanks for sharing I have heard that they do such a good job people have to downgrade their skimmer. I decided to go with the tried and true filter socks because I’m not very handy with equipment so I tend to minimize anything mechanical. Other than that I would have gotten one.
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