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  2. Ha, no way! Often admire that train art..
  3. Awesome stuff people, thank you. I hope to surprise her for Christmas!
  4. Exactly what I am looking for, awesome!
  5. Been using lanthenum chloride. That stuff is just a miracle. Brought my phos from above 2 to 0.1 in a week
  6. Mine is not that popular in Oregon🤷‍♂️
  7. Mine is from my toad stool leather. He is still alive, and much bigger but his polyps don’t extend that much any more
  8. I just added some livestock this weekend and haven't updated in a couple months so I thought I would share a few picks of the tank with some life in it. Big thanks to Jeff at Cuttlefish for most of the great livestock. Sorry for the iPhone photos.
  9. Yeah I’d try GFO. Or start a refugium or throw some extra live rock in the sump.
  10. Hey Jeremy! I’ve got 8 of these, might just do the trick. I’m down in Salem, but we might be able to meet up some time? Shoot me a pm if interested
  11. Yesterday
  12. I can deal with daily cleaning of glass, but now the growth has accelerated so that there is a solid film only one hour after a thorough cleaning. So, in spite of zero phosphate readings, and no apparent algae on the rocks or sand, I assume the phosphate is hiding in the water column and providing a banquet for the algae. I took steps early on to ensure the rocks held no phosphate, but maybe I missed something. Next step, slap on a GFO reactor.
  13. Mine is a work van I had for a bit until my employee blew it up. Plus I thought it was funny because it looks like something that shouldn’t be allowed within 300 yards of a school.. we have a demented sense of humor.
  14. Mine is 2 tailed lion from coat of arms for Czechia/Bohemia kingdom.
  15. Mine is an original graffiti design I stole off of a train boxcar.
  16. There is a tank specifically for that.
  17. My daughter has an interest in betas, so there are small tanks all over her room. I would much prefer to get a one tank system for her with partitions. Kind of like what you see inverts at in reef stores. What options are available? Anyone have such a thing for sale?
  18. For some shots the camera lens is probably only 3" away from the glass. Depending on how close up the piece is I usually don't have to go more than 6" from the glass to lens. My lens in 90mm which will zoom if far but also means you are taking shots for a little more distance. Where a 50mm macro would let you get super close to the object itself.
  19. The dimensions of the tank are 16.25 inches high, 24 inches deep and 35.5 inches wide. The stand has the exact same width and depth and is 46 inches tall. It allows you to look into the tank at at a nice level instead of looking down. Depending on how tall you are of course.
  20. What are the dimensions of ththe tank and stand?
  21. Mine is from a shipwreck dive called the tulemben in Bali.
  22. Beautiful work. I am thinking about a macro lens and wondering: How close are you to the subject? Can you set the lens front on the side glass? Specifically, what is the distance from the subject to the focal plane?
  23. ‘‘Tis the season to watch that classic....”it’s not going in our backyard, Russ, it’s going in our living room”. My family has had countless laughs about that movie over the years!
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