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  1. 2 supporting member tickets for the mp40 please!
  2. I work for Clark Public Utilities in the Vancouver area and we get calls about generlink quite often, especially after outages. It is a slick solution but not allowed in our territory. The meter has to be pulled, install the generlink, then reinstall meter. I don’t know the exact reason why, engineers just say “not allowed”.....But there are certainly utilities around that do allow them.
  3. I’ve gotta wear a tank top to do tank maintenance on mine 😝 meanwhile my trigger fish is trying to bite me. Tough times!
  4. That thing does look good and those dimensions are awesome. The 24” high 120’s are great for open space but make reaching down pretty tough.
  5. Nice bonsai.....oh yea, aquascape is nice too 😆
  6. One freebie member ticket for Paradise Corals pls!
  7. 13 got me just over the $75 free shipping threshold.
  8. If I start collecting them in socks I’ll let you know. Only issue is I think you need to add several at a time so they can start reproducing and I would usually only find one in the socks every few days. When I saw the sale right before bed I quickly ordered enough to qualify for free shipping and as soon as I hit purchase, realized I should have checked about splitting a 25 pack.
  9. I’ve used them in the past with good success. I didn’t see much change for several weeks but they eventually got them all and made their way into the filter socks so released those to the sump. At this price it’s a no brainer to try. I just got my order in and they were all almost 1/2” and I ordered the 1/4” ones. But after aips are gone they die. I was aip free for quite a while but they managed to reappear.....so back at it again!
  10. Salty underground has a sale on berghia right now that makes them very affordable. https://saltyunderground.com/8-berghia-nudibranch
  11. You mean chuck a hair dryer in there and call it good? 😁 A GFCI detects when current is flowing beyond the circuit and is much more sensitive than the flow needed to trip a standard breaker. That is why they are recommended around water since any amount of current flowing to water can be dangerous. Once the current escapes the circuit, no way of getting it back in. A grounding probe on the tank would dissipate it, but would still trip the GFCI since it “sees” the lost current and not a fix in this case. Maybe the cord has a small crack allowing water to leak or a seal is letting water seep in?
  12. If the GFCI breaker or outlet is not the issue then your pump is leaking current to ground, in this case the tank water. Water, or moisture, must have worked it’s way into the motor causing current to flow to ground. In this case, it doesn’t matter what speed it’s running at.
  13. I got rid of it a while back using kalk paste. I manually removed as much as I could (mine was the branching type) then covered the remaining tissue with the paste. There were a few isolated, but large patches. After several weeks, I broke up the kalk shell that had formed and sucked it up while doing a water change. The GSP never came back. I’d see a small one pop up here and there afterwards but those areas are easy to hit as needed. Eventually it was all gone. I used to like it until it started to take over 😆
  14. I’ll take this Brian, I’ll send you a text.
  15. I think those clamps only fit the braided type vinyl tubing with a larger OD. I just use nylon zip ties if below water line or near salt spray.
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