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  1. Supporting Member: One free ticket for the MP10 and another for the MP40 please.
  2. I dealt with a cyano and dyno outbreak almost a year ago. Here were my steps on how I tackled them 1. Introduced Phytoplankton (Reef Nutrition Phyto Feast). Can easily be bought at your local fish store 2. Introduced Beneficial Bacteria ( Microbacter 7, Tim's Waste Away, and Vibrant). Bought on Bulk Reef Supply. Follow instructions on bottle closely. 3. Syphoned all the Cyano and Dinos every 2-3 days by attaching a filter sock @ the end of the siphon tube. The filter sock collected all the cyano/dino and was later soaked in a bucket with Vinegar then washed. 4. Started
  3. Thats right, the are hard to come by. When this became available on WWC, I did not hesitate and quickly bought it lol.
  4. Thanks, fingers crossed that it takes off soon. For sure, you will be the first to know when I frag these out.
  5. 3 months of growth. It's coming along nicely.
  6. Got a mixed reef 60.557644567764556666675446 gal cube A little over a year old :) gotta say i aint doing too bad
  7. 1 free ticket for Paradise Corals please! TY in advance
  8. Hey everyone, so I need some advice on dosing Reef Roids. How Much? How Often? Best time of day? Mix with water? What other things should I look for after I dose ( parameter wise)? Did it ever increase your Nitrates/Phophates considerably and cause Dino/Cyano? Just give me the full details on how you go about it and what sort of benefits or downsides you got because of it. My tank info 60 gallon cube w/sump. Currently have a refugium with no protein skimmer. I have a skimmer in the sump, but don’t operate it anymore because i try to maintain a d
  9. Pm when this becomes available. How much would you want for it?
  10. Thanks for actually looking for a lagoon
  11. Looking for a lagoon aquarium. Let me know what you got with additional info 1. Dimensions and Capacity 2.AIO or piped 3. what’s included (pump, socks, etc.) 4. other info
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