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  1. TheClark

    More sticks!

    @J-Dog has beautiful frags! Awesome!
  2. Zip ties? Not gonna mess with mine, but makes you go hmmmm.....
  3. Yes!! I am getting one! Known Daniel for years, trustworthy and great asset for the reef community. Tech looks spot on, going to run it on my son's 60 gallon cube. He loves that tank, might as well make it as good as possible. I have a sky also, which is definitely nice but that side glare... Otherwise I run 6 Ocean Revives, most have the white spectrum replaced with more blues and violets. That also works well but gets tiring to maintain...
  4. Good share thanks! Love Trident!
  5. So... in SW WA, we are pretty close to the beach. Can we just grab sand or mud from a clean location on the beach? Or does it have to be tropical in nature? What about pests / parasites?
  6. 1) I love this club because no one else can stand to hear me drone on and on about chemistry, lighting, skimming etc! Also connecting with local reefkeepers for sale and trade is a very good thing. protects us all against tank crashes. 2) Tough one, so many worthy to nominate. So lets go with seniority! I nominate @Chief for most years of service to the club!
  7. Thanks for your time and energy you have shared with the club, you will be missed but hope to see you around! Keep on growing epic coral!
  8. I remember Roy's last tank run. Huge boulders covered in cyphastrea. This is gonna be epic!
  9. Intrigued, but I have had good luck with dual stage Oxygen regulators converted to CO2. Many years of stable service. I debated going to carbon doser but followed the rule of 'copy a friend's successful tank' 😂
  10. This tip you shared with us changed my life years ago, its gold! Thanks!!
  11. For a more plug and play solution, APEX has the ATK, which will integrate beautifully with your system and has everything: https://www.neptunesystems.com/products/expansion-modules/atk/
  12. Then you need a topoff pump. If your RODI is near the sump, simple aqualifters work great. Slow and reliable. I use a peristaltic down in the garage to pump up to my office, this one: https://www.amazon.com/Dc12v-Peristaltic-Dosing-Tygon-Deliver/dp/B00S0FVFC4/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Peristaltic+dosing+Pump+tygon&qid=1630988084&s=pet-supplies&sr=1-3 It's noisy but in the garage.
  13. AutoTopoff makes some nice ones that are ready to hook up to APEX with the breakout box: http://autotopoff.com/Floatswitches/index.html I like the dual on this site for my mid switch, its quick and easy to wire up. The lower float controls the ATO pump, the upper float triggers alarm and shuts off ATO. You can also buy these straight from amazon but autotopoff is a great site and Amazon is like 8 days in our area right now to deliver <GASP>
  14. Your APEX is your best ATO JR. We can set it up together. You just need to grab some floats. I run three double floats, low, normal and high. That enables all kinds of conditions to check and redundancies.
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