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  1. Ha, no way! Often admire that train art..
  2. Awesome stuff people, thank you. I hope to surprise her for Christmas!
  3. Exactly what I am looking for, awesome!
  4. My daughter has an interest in betas, so there are small tanks all over her room. I would much prefer to get a one tank system for her with partitions. Kind of like what you see inverts at in reef stores. What options are available? Anyone have such a thing for sale?
  5. Classic here, I am Spectra's cousin.
  6. Holy smokes, 156 MPH! That was intense to watch, incredible!
  7. This is so cool. I wonder how many reef keepers have mistaken them for small majanos, especially the green babies? Once they get bright colors I would guess not, but I could see myself making that mistake.
  8. Good point! They are so reasonable priced, I run two returns, one per sea swirl. Just dial them back as necessary. If one goes out, the overflow is noisy but everything is just fine! Because, once, getting ready to board a plane, my return quit! Murphy!!
  9. Maybe! I think I have two hammerheads though, but one needs some seal work. I want two have two, so that if the seals on one goes while on vacation, can switch it over.
  10. Same, really tough to beat. When I move the sump to garage 1 level down, will probably need to switch to the reeflos.
  11. TheClark

    Jimbo Mojo!

    Dang! I should have picked up a piece of that the other night 🤪
  12. I am a calcium reactor guy, but... One of the big values of an APEX controlled doser is the ability to control it depending on DOS results. So that is where DOS will be tough to beat IMO. I suppose if ALK was high, you could power down the kamoer until alk drops. That almost gets you there! With a calcium reactor, I just disable the solenoid when Alk is too high, and it self corrects.
  13. So awesome, I challenge any human to test 8 times a day, the robots will always win! We don't do repetitive monotonous well!
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