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  1. That's cool! Takes a utility person to install, but no issues with panel space. Interesting!
  2. Interlock is cheap and easy if you have room in the panel. If not, it will be a bit spendier to move stuff or add a subpanel. An interlock is a tiny bit more work when the power goes out, but not a big deal. Harbor freight generators are powerful for the $$ and highly rated. You don't need the inverter type necessarily just AVR to keep your voltage in check. Your research may vary though. To be ready, you can put a magnetic flashlight on your breaker panel and a print out the list of steps like (customize for your setup): - Kill the main breaker - Turn off all
  3. Reef tank - 1 million watts. 😂 Only growers running metal halides use more juice than us!
  4. Been there done that getting RBTAs off of live rock purchases many years ago! Makin rubble!
  5. Checking it out NateDawg, thanks. He does not have the flashback feature though (TUF Plus, not Pro). Appreciate it.
  6. Hahah, well... there are a bunch of tech people here too 😂
  7. Any pnwmas people have an older AMD ryzen CPU they could loan me or trade for coral? My son picked up a 5800x and ASUS mobo. The mobo needs a bios update to support his CPU (2nd or 3rd gen works). Apparently if you can find an older one, you can flash bios then replace the CPU. Thanks!!
  8. No upgrades for me, the upgrades look nice though. Hopefully they do an upgrade kit!
  9. ReefBotV2 is out, congrats to those who waited https://www.reefkinetics.com/product/reefbot/ Upgraded features Needle Reach – The needle can now reach most of the reagents in the vials allowing you to perform more tests before refilling. Design upgrade – Minor changes were done on the design of the ReefBot V2 to give it a smoother look than the ReefBot V1. Reset Button – A reset button was added to the ReefBot V2 which was not found in it’s younger version.
  10. This is what made me think it, I think it is wrong: Alk resolution is 1 mg/L Went here: https://www.hamzasreef.com/Contents/Calculators/AlkConversion.php Accidentally converted 1 meq/L to DKH, came out to 2.8 dkh. arameter Range Resolution Accuracy (at 25 °C) Method Wavelength Reagent Code Absorbance 0.000 to 4.000 Abs 0.001 Abs +/-0.003Abs @ 1.000 Abs Alkalinity 0 to 500 mg/L (as
  11. Fascinating! The claimed resolution of alk though is 2.8 DKH, did I read that right? So maybe not quite accurate enough for us yet...
  12. That's great news! Inverter running off of car in driveway can make allot of power. It wastes gas and you have to be sure your car is outside, but harbor freight and walmart carry inverters. Generator is if course the best. Reef buddies are awesome too but most of the time our tanks are too full.
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