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  1. Shoot! I am down to one box. What is the alternative people are using?
  2. Note that my signature has a tapatalk image in it, which as of tonight stopped working. Not a good sign, hopefully temporary. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/09/20/3esuhe9e.jpg
  3. No new plugins yet guys, sorry.
  4. Those are nice, did you print them? I can see the infill but not the layer lines.
  5. Thanks for noting this @SuncrestReef, its a nice thing to fix up for sure.
  6. We tried an update this morning, still no tapatalk fixes. Just know that we are on it and trying everything possible. More updates to come when new releases hit. Thanks!
  7. I wonder, can magnets be cast into reef safe resin? It would be water tight for sure... hmmm You could even make it clear, so you could check for leaks / rust...
  8. Awesome, hit me up in a pm, all I need are a couple pictures and a couple measurements.
  9. My daughter is looking for good stuff to design or print that is reef related for her store. Now that the face shield craze is dying down, we have idle printers. There are tons of already built designs out there. Every type of cradle for every controller, feeders, skimmer parts, fake rocks, the list goes on and on and on and on. That's kind of the issue, picking things to make that people actually want. I am leaning toward the MP40 nem guards as they are pretty expensive and we could easily make our own design from scratch thus honoring licensing policies. For inspiration rea
  10. I ran a batch a while back for Brad, decided to run a few more since the printers are finally getting a break. Just looking to get a listing picture but Brad set me up. We good and thank you Always interested in your projects too, shoot a PM any time.
  11. Ya, it's a race to the bottom for sure! I made a few for Brad a while back, he liked em. Keeps the printers busy!
  12. I am looking for one just for designing a better mounting bracket. Photogenic is a plus, so it can be used for listings. Broken is ideal, it doesn't need to work, just look decent. In exchange for your controller, I will send three mounting brackets. We can mail them to each other.
  13. Generally they will hatch, and if you have enough aptasia, start another generation. Part of the reason they take so long to clear out a tank is that the population builds, then fades as the aptasia go away. So it's a good thing if you still have aptasia to kill! Pods do eat the eggs though, so not every batch of eggs will make it.
  14. AWESOME! We tried to stop there once, but we came on a Monday, they were closed to public. Just double check to make sure they are open on whatever day you go. Take pics, that's going to be a fun trip!
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