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  1. Kessil H350 w. Gooseneck mount for sale for $125 OBO. Works perfect and grows Chaeto like mad.
  2. I am a supporting member. Thank you.
  3. Could I please be added to the list? Much Thanks.
  4. 3 tickets towards the Hanna Alkalinity checker and 3 towards the MP40 please. Thanks all and good luck to me and me only!
  5. Forgot, also comes with a return pump.
  6. Comes w. the stand, light (AI Hydra 26HD, protein skimmer, sand and a few rocks. I have a few fish that I haven't bothered to move into my new tank yet so the rock should be good to go. No sump, but it has the option to install one.
  7. I have a Red Sea Max e170 that I've been meaning to sell. $350 takes it.
  8. Anyone have a clean ball of chaeto I can have? I'm located in Lake Oswego.
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