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🎉🧣RSVP Holiday Party!🎉🧣


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Now is a good time to be a supporting member! 
The holiday party is at Lucky Lab Multnomah Village December 11 from 1:30 to 3:30. 
We have a private room and there will be a pizza and salad buffet which is FREE to supporting members!

Other members it will be 11.50. It only costs 24 dollars to be a supporting member and there will be a supporting member only raffle so now is the time to sign up or renew !

We need a head count so please RSVP here !F19508FF-6B38-4DFA-B898-F3451106B2A6.jpeg81B4EB85-190C-4DAA-B143-2D472A408971.jpeg


edited:  Adding link to Holiday party notice



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17 minutes ago, edsimmons said:

Too far for me (Sad Face).

You could think of it like a field trip.   Visit a shop or two in Portland (we have some excellent ones), go to the holiday parts, win prizes in the raffle (no guarantees), participate in the blind frag swap...   Hey, I haven't seen the blind frag swap announced.   

@AquaKey - Are you going to add a blind frag swap announcement to the December/Xmas party meeting announcement?

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1 hour ago, Gil&Fin said:

I'm going to try to make this!  The holiday parties are the best.  It would be great to see everyone.  Thanks to all the officers/board members for organizing.

Must have a tank to attend. Please see JEFF at CNC for all your tank needs. 


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