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  1. Lost my small Storm to a crack in the top cover last week and was hoping to find a med to large example here locally. I know LFS get them in but I would like to get a larger size than the 1.5" that usually come in. PM me if u have anything.
  2. Kim Stop hijacking my thread, I'm trying to get you on that boat.
  3. Like the title states- Looking for a Welder who Tig welds Aluminum Preferably but a Mig welder with a spool gun would probably get the job done. Some light fabrication skills. I have Medium size boat project that pays cash. PM me if interested Jon
  4. I have a Waterbox 20 cube gallon tank that is about 8 months old that has been taken down and is already cleaned and ready for a new home. Excellent condition and has a mesh top screen and extra filter socks that are included. $125 Oregon city
  5. I have 2 Discosoma Mushroom For Sale - I bought the original at Cuttlefish around a year ago, it was less than a quarter inch when I purchased it. These are Nuclear Sunset but we have no lineage on them. Pretty hard to find this shroom and it is a real beauty. Has a Greenish / Bluish body that changes colors it seems like daily, with some really pronounced red / Deep orange spots. This may have been a trade in locally to Jeffs as it was the only one he had and it was on a piece of rubble. The colors really pop. Pics are under Deep Blue Kessel with Orphek filter. $100 for single- 1st and 2nd pic are of same shroom - 2nd pic was a couple months ago- it has a baby now. $75 for single No hold's I can meet halfway in the portland Area. I'm in Oregon City
  6. Looks like a High end Morph. Time to rename them for some serious $.LOL
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