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  1. I plan to attend in person. Mark
  2. I have a bag of BRS cation resin I can lend you. I'm in South Tigard. Mark
  3. What fish do you have that triggered you to buy a $200 auto-feeder?
  4. I was, but I'm retired now and have downsized to a townhouse.
  5. Yes, a lot of good sps. Your tank is making me envious.
  6. I need to buy a generator but I have to find a fairly quiet one because I'm in a townhouse and the HOA is very restrictive. Any ideas?
  7. So, you're making breakfast smoothies now.
  8. Is this linked to your other tutorials on Reef to Reef? I use them for my Apex programming, very good.
  9. markv

    Sad Day

    I'm sorry for your loss Holly. We went through the pain of losing our dogs and it took a couple years and Covid for us to be willing to get a new pup. I hope the future brings peace and healing for you.
  10. Excellent looking setup and very temping. How about some dimensions for the curious.
  11. I've got to know. Indica or Sativa?
  12. This is a fun puzzle to build. Corals, fish, and plenty of color. Who wants to build it next?
  13. We have finished building a puzzle that SuncrestReef made available to members and thought someone else would like to build it. Let me know if you want to pickup the puzzle.
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