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  1. I've got to know. Indica or Sativa?
  2. This is a fun puzzle to build. Corals, fish, and plenty of color. Who wants to build it next?
  3. We have finished building a puzzle that SuncrestReef made available to members and thought someone else would like to build it. Let me know if you want to pickup the puzzle.
  4. Rats are known to clean up discarded pizza in big cities!
  5. I was surprised at how heated this topic got and originally didn't want to add to it. But I couldn't understand why Hanna would update the 736 to the 774 and lose so much accuracy. I looked at SuncrestReef's details in his initial post and came to a different conclusion. Range: 736 is .00 to .6132 ppm phosphate; 744 is .00 to .9 ppm phosphate Accuracy: 736 is .01533 ppm phosphate; 744 is .02 ppm phosphate Reading resolution: 736 is .003066 ppm phosphate; 744 is .01 ppm phosphate Conclusion: the 736 is more accurate, by just over 30%; the 744 has a wider range, exte
  6. You want HI774 Ultra Low Range Phosphate PPM Checker.
  7. I have a Great White inside magnet that split. You can have it to experiment with. If you use it on the outside, you can reinforce the magnetic force.
  8. 2 tickets for the mp10, thanks
  9. Hey Bill, have you decided whether you will go vinyl, digital, or just stream?
  10. Two member tickets on the battery backup, please.
  11. I can't see anything except lights in this video Dave. Aren't you done yet?
  12. I have a new one still in the box and can wait until the back orders are filled.
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