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  1. Sorry to miss it! A friend decided on a weekend trip to celebrate her birthday, after all, so I’ll be out of town. Have fun, everyone!
  2. I’ll probably be able to come but selected maybe since my bff’s bday is the 19th & there’s a chance she’ll want to celebrate with a weekend trip with friends. Will update once I know. Miss you guys!
  3. Yikes, so sorry I’m just now responding. I swear this thread was showing me no replies well after you guys apparently did. 😕 @Katrinacan you give more info on when you’d be available for takedown? Also info on what is still alive in the tank that will need a new home. I remember she said clownfish and aptasia (everyone get in line for it, ha) were living, not sure what else. We do just want to remove everything and drain it, 2 people is probably plenty. I don’t have a place to store anything, though, so volunteers definitely welcome.
  4. None of my fish were willing to dress up, but I have a house full of dogs right now and went for a garden theme. Lacy as a bee, my new dog Lila as a butterfly, and my foster dog Lulu as a flower to complement my garden gnome getup. I guess we’re scary if you’re allergic to bee stings or pollen!
  5. Sad day, but the tank for Beach Elementary needs to be shut down. It’s been at @Katrina’s home for a while and is now leaking all over the floor. Returning it to the school isn’t preferable for several reasons, including the fact that @grassinow lives further away and cannot care for it the same as before. Relying on custodians to feed fish and monitor plumbing is generally a recipe for disaster. Fish have all died except for clownfish, and there is an ongoing aptasia problem. Who can help shut this down and clean up? Tagging relatively close-living board members/club officers. Katrina is in north Portland near the Adidas factory. @Higher Thinking @albertareef @Emerald525 @Gil&Fin @SuncrestReef @Gumby @CuttleFishandCoral
  6. I’m still holding out hope on Ecotech. I guess they have Covid-related shortages, so the pump hasn’t come in yet. 😕
  7. Great job on this, Andrew! Congratulations to the winners!
  8. Yay! I loved seeing everyone’s photos. Thanks, everyone!
  9. @Higher Thinkingi think your post is messed up; the prize underneath the Nero and the one above the fish feeder are no longer showing images.
  10. Do I spy a Cuban hogfish? Is that one of the prizes & will it fit in my 40g tank? 😆 Love those fish!
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