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  1. Yikes, so sorry I’m just now responding. I swear this thread was showing me no replies well after you guys apparently did. 😕 @Katrinacan you give more info on when you’d be available for takedown? Also info on what is still alive in the tank that will need a new home. I remember she said clownfish and aptasia (everyone get in line for it, ha) were living, not sure what else. We do just want to remove everything and drain it, 2 people is probably plenty. I don’t have a place to store anything, though, so volunteers definitely welcome.
  2. None of my fish were willing to dress up, but I have a house full of dogs right now and went for a garden theme. Lacy as a bee, my new dog Lila as a butterfly, and my foster dog Lulu as a flower to complement my garden gnome getup. I guess we’re scary if you’re allergic to bee stings or pollen!
  3. Sad day, but the tank for Beach Elementary needs to be shut down. It’s been at @Katrina’s home for a while and is now leaking all over the floor. Returning it to the school isn’t preferable for several reasons, including the fact that @grassinow lives further away and cannot care for it the same as before. Relying on custodians to feed fish and monitor plumbing is generally a recipe for disaster. Fish have all died except for clownfish, and there is an ongoing aptasia problem. Who can help shut this down and clean up? Tagging relatively close-living board members/club officers. Katrina is in north Portland near the Adidas factory. @Higher Thinking @albertareef @Emerald525 @Gil&Fin @SuncrestReef @Gumby @CuttleFishandCoral
  4. I’m still holding out hope on Ecotech. I guess they have Covid-related shortages, so the pump hasn’t come in yet. 😕
  5. Great job on this, Andrew! Congratulations to the winners!
  6. Yay! I loved seeing everyone’s photos. Thanks, everyone!
  7. @Higher Thinkingi think your post is messed up; the prize underneath the Nero and the one above the fish feeder are no longer showing images.
  8. Do I spy a Cuban hogfish? Is that one of the prizes & will it fit in my 40g tank? 😆 Love those fish!
  9. Whoa, that’s me! Perfect timing, as I’ve just been cleaning up and refreshing my sad and neglected tank. Super grateful to win! Who do I collect from?
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