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  1. Are you feeding them? What colors are the parents?
  2. You actually see the fluorescence first, just little glowing specks when you're looking at them head on.
  3. Oh wow, I just caught one going pelagic floating around and catching itself on the glass.
  4. Cool! Neat how you can see the tentacle color.
  5. Mine have mostly moved to rocks, I've only seen a couple in the sand. I need to get some 'roids, my phosphates have bottomed out. I dose ab+ aminos daily and reef chili a couple times a week. I assume the babies are from the event I saw, but the gestation period was more like 5-6 weeks, not the 8-12 I've seen posted. I'll swap you some color morphs!
  6. Looks like I have at least 40 babies, though I can only see the ones with fluorescent oral discs. Mom's is grey, so unless that's recessive I think I probably have 10-20 more. The pic is of the biggest one so far.
  7. Oops, it's a gfci breaker, forgot to mention that.
  8. I haves some 30 & 40 amp rated wiring, 15-20' flex tubing, Breaker box and 30 amp 2 pole breaker. I was trying to wire up a hot tub but the inspector said I needed a single pole breaker which you can't find so I have some materials up for trade or cash. Probably $200 in supplies.
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