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  1. I need a sock holder for a Red Sea sump. Do you have a scanner?
  2. I'm bringing the USB meter back shortly.
  3. We'll see, RFAs have a 2-3 month gestation period.
  4. A black box to an sbreeflite ultra 34.
  5. I think it was because I changed up lights, or maybe the female just decided to dump a bunch of hormones into the water stream causing the guys to lose it. In the beginning I thought the now identified female just needed to take a dump. My understanding is there's internal fertilization and brief gestation, but I have to read up. I'll be interested to see the colors as the three are very different from each other.
  6. Let's just say it's pretty obvious, I was just lucky to see it. The two guys 🌋 simultaneously and th'lady was... receptive.
  7. I just saw my 2 male and one female rock flower anemone do the nasty. I've never had them before. To those who have, does this happen often and is it ever successful for you?
  8. Alright, I have two but there's some other pvc attached. They're pretty ugly, but yours if you want them.
  9. I think so, I'll check when I get home tonight.
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