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  1. So I have my low boy that im getting ready to setup,I plan on drilling it (2) 3/4 drains and I made a weir for a overflow, but now I'm thinking about extending the placement of the 24in weir to maybe 8-10in to house nems. I plan on drilling the bottom glass panel. Itll be a multi tank system, frag tank,drain into a refugium tank 20T,plumbed into a sump tank 40b to hold skimmer,rock and return pump back to frag. What do you think about the weir placement? I'll have 2,3/4 pvc pipes sticking up 1 about 1/4 short of where I want my water level and the other(emergency) about 1/2 taller.both will have pvc strainers so nems don't go down the drains.
  2. Thats happened to one of my branching splatter hammers after it was stung by my torch,I moved my torch and my hammer stayed closed for a bit and when it returned it was completely bleached. Transparent. But I've moved the torch, hammer.it thriving again but still a little bleached but has been getting its color back. Could be that it was stung at some time and those tentacles retracted for a bit. Id dip it to be safe and put it back.
  3. Well if you can't drive,you can have chewy deliver,you'll get the water and jugs and can cancel if you decide to make your own.
  4. Sweet ill be there, lol anyone want to setup trades? 🤣
  5. So I have this 20L i made for a small frag tank but I have a lowboy I want to setup and need this gone. Asking $220 for tank,stand,sump(10g),return pump(480ghp adjustable) and plumbing(hang on return)1in drain w/ball valve 5/8 ? Return hose. Pick up in Vancouver wa. Maybe open to trades also
  6. I just bought this and it does work,however the cord to the brick is a little shorter then the original, has worked on my ai 52 (old) and ai sol (old) Accessory USA 90W 36V AC DC Adapter for AI AquaIllumination LED, Hydra TwentySix 26, Hydra, Vega, AI Sol 36VDC 90 Watt Power Supply Cord https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075JDB9T3/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_ZRQXJRVEQVSNMA8VW6HM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Yes kinda like a nem,but they lock on pretty tight,so it could take awhile
  8. Remove rock,chisel and chip off the rock they're attached to,or try and hit them with alot of flow and they "might" detach after awhile. Sweet shrooms btw
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