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  1. Aquascape changes because LPS tentacles extensions. VID_40140811_234029_916.mp4
  2. Hi everyone, tanks roughly 4 months old now. 40 breeder 20 long diy sump Jeboa 4k pump 2 460ghp powerheads Split line lock return 3/4 drains and 1/2 return I'm upgrading to 1in drains pretty soon Milwaukee ph monitor Diy mesh lid Viparspectra 300w, 150w black box, 4lamp t5 HO. Currently using black box because LPS dominant. 2 old heaters Diy stand Been running for about 4/5 months and been doing pretty good but found my t5s not enough power (24in over a 36in) then got the Viparspectra 300w which was great but found that it is too much power and no low par areas in my tank unless under a rock. Got a few freebies from Hayes and the blk box and Milwaukee was one of many.i did spend $200 on cleaning out his hammers and other shut down corals.so I'm running that for now.i have it plugged into 2 different smart plugs for timing schedule. Blues all day and white lights as a spike from 1pm to 3pm. I also have a uv light I took off my green machine and just mounted it in sump its working great.i need a skimmer next.or ill be upgrading bigger either a 75 or 125. Still checking my options and seeing alot of used stuff just havent pulled trigger yet.i got into the hobby because I used to spend every other day on the ocean when I lived in Socal,but been living here in Vancouver for the past 4yrs so I brought the ocean to me instead .I have my breeder and 2 nanos. Breeder stock... 2 reg clowns,scopas tang,6line,cleaner shrimp,2 peppermints. Random snails lost count.i try to buy snails everytime I buy fish or corals to make up for a CUC for what I've gotten currently making phytoplankton also to cover some of the costs and feed my stock. I love SPS but I need to upgrade equipment like a doser,skimmer,socks to help with stability. Manually keeping it stable is pretty hard by hand without spikes.also need to setup a auto top off. Well thats about everything. My nanos are kinda species specific, 1 is my nem tank and overflow corals, 2 clowns,3 nems rainbow blk widow morph,rainbow purple tip,and a rainbow pink tip.all bubble up.and the other nano has 2 blue damsels,and a bunch of random zoas.thx for your time ,here's some pictures...
  3. Lol this post is so confusing, why not delete everything thats gone instead of still listing everything pending and sold. I got money to blow but don't know whats going on in this post lol.
  4. Lol is this forreal a name of a zoa? Lol I know they could look like a gorilla nipple when closed but uh I need a picture please 😆 🤣
  5. Are you sure its not the angle of the lighting?
  6. Wow nice job of treating them. Wish you nothing but the best.
  7. Also I think it is developing blue along the sides of the original plate. 😆 im getting old and im pretty out of it atm. Blew out my back about 30mins ago moving my mini fridge,stubbed my big toe about 3 days ago and its killing me,might be broken or gout flair. And my ptsd meds have been messing with my head,been feeling daised and confused for past 3 days like im in a dream.idk im just gonna try and sleep
  8. Yea I dont remember lol I got it from you I do remember that lol!!it was a 10 or 20 piece in you frag tanks.
  9. Oh your probably right! It kinda rings a bell lol I just forgot because I bought about 8 other things and they were all new to me that I never had before lol I appreciate that!!
  10. Need help with ID on my chalice/favia? I bought it along with a bunch of other corals about 2 months ago and this one i just could not remember the name/type for the life of me. Its covered the cut frag plate and I have added it on top of a bigger frag plate.thanks in advance. I just like to know whats in my tank so I can have a better understanding of care thats needed.
  11. Oh you're pretty close by, yes I have phyto and brew a fresh batch about every third week or so. I just ordered a mini fridge also to keep a stock and hold my DIY frozen cubes.but yea send me a pm and some pictures, im always willing to do trades
  12. Sorry bud,I've been pretty busy myself,good thing the rain has come to slow me down and check on my tanks again. Lol my tanks are almost all completely filled now,I've been buying more and more corals weekly pretty much.time to slow down a little.but yea I still have phyto and still willing to do trades.
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