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  1. You so smart! Thanks! 349 indeed, nice going @pdxmonkeyboy!
  2. I think there was an upgrade recently. That said, I am still seeing unreads in bold and reads not in bold. Weird that my settings would have migrated but yours not.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up on this, Jeremy. Yes, me too. It sounds like BRS will be honoring MD gift cards, but this caught my eye-- Honoring the Marine Depot return policy for orders placed prior to June 23, 2021 (all sales on or after June 23, 2021, at Marinedepot.com are final) That's today, folks.
  4. Some of the most amazing dads I know are reefing friends. I'd love to call some of them out, but I'm afraid I'd miss some. I've always wondered if there was some correlation between reefing and parenting. Maybe it is that those of us who do both thrive on the challenge of raising beautiful and amazing creatures by balancing multiple parameters and equipment--all without a manual! I wonder if BRS or MarineDepot have parenting videos... Happy Father's Day guys!
  5. Honestly, I rarely check any levels other than salinity after my weekly water changes and alkalinity daily. Yes, daily. The tank has been set up for more than five years now, so it's pretty dialed in. If alk is good and corals are growing, I don't sweat the rest. I'll check calcium and nitrates every few months, if that. Magnesium and phosphates even less often than that. I've done a Triton every one to two years.
  6. Hi, @Parzifal! That is the CR I have on my 600 gallon system. Seems to work fine. Once all the media on the left are depleted, the right side is worthless. I'm not great with equipment and I have a love-hate relationship with my CR in particular. When it is dialed it, there is nothing better. My levels stay stable and it's worry-free. But when something goes off, ugh! It takes days of fiddling with it to get the right combo of CO2 and effluent rate. To lessen the hassle, it helps to have a good regulator. I have a fancy-schmancy one--I'll take a pic in a bit and add it here (done). Also, a flow meter on the effluent tube makes it easier to dial it in to exactly the right rate. I use this one: Dwyer Mini-Master Flowmeter, MMA-36, 4% Accuracy of Full Scale, 10-150 cc/min Water: Science Lab Flowmeters: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific You're welcome to stop by anytime if you want to look at things first-hand. Good luck!
  7. Gil&Fin

    Sad Day

    I love this, Dakota! Thank you.
  8. Gil&Fin

    Sad Day

    Many of you have been to my house, and know my dogs--Leo and Ruby. Leo is, was, the 16 year old Manchester Terrier, that has been my best bud since he was a pup. I wanted my Fish Family--many of you who are dog lovers, too--to know that he passed last night in my arms. I feel very fortunate to have this had this little guy for so many years, and to be there right until the end. RIP little buddy!
  9. Happy Birthday, Kim @Emerald525! She has been one of the pillars of our group for more than 10 years now, and she has served many roles including President of the club. She is always willing to help out fellow reefers, and has a great Can Do attitude. We have organized projects together dozens of times in the past, and she is driven, intuitive, generous, and great at recognizing people's strengths. Not only are we lucky to have Kim, but we get the added bonus of the help and support of her wife @Sirena, who is an amazing person too (and smooths out some of Kim's rougher edges...lol...). Happy birthday, Kim! I hope you have a great one!
  10. Great idea, John! Abe already responded--RMF Psychoberry!
  11. Anyone happen to know the name (if any) of the acro at the 7:00 mark? Tagging some of our resident acro-loving gurus: @CuttleFishandCoral @reefnjunkie @goldenbasketreef @Jorge @mattv @Danik @pdxmonkeyboy @stylaster @The ReefBox @Bicyclebill @zorroreef
  12. Yay! Thank you, John, @SuncrestReef for all your hard work coordinating, and Jeff @CuttleFishandCoral for hooking us up with some great prizes!
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