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  1. Welcome to the PNWMAS Classified Forum! The intent of this forum is to provide a platform for hobbyists to buy/sell/trade saltwater-related items and livestock. Please review the following rules. Posts not in compliance with the rules, or are otherwise inconsistent with the purpose and mission of the PNWMAS, will be removed without notice at the discretion of the officers, board members, and moderators. Who May Start a Classified Thread 1. Any individual or family member may start a thread, except vendors. Vendors include individuals or businesses that acquire goods for the purpo
  2. You guys are amazing! Everything went super-quick except Pack #2. How about I throw in a "surprise coral" in Pack #2. Any takers?
  3. Here we go! The packs are identified by picture below. Each 6-pack is $60. If you see a pack you want, post "Sold" and the number. If someone beat you to it, you’ll automatically go on a list of back ups for that pack. If you are the first person to post “Sold” and the number, you will have 24-hours to make payment (Paypal*--hollysomers@yahoo.com or Venmo--holly-somers), or the pack goes to the next person. You have 7-days for pick-up, or the pack goes to the next person. *Paypal "Sending to a friend" only. The pictures are the actual frag in the pack (as opposed to the m
  4. Tonight's the night! Tune in at 6 pm. The sale will be in a new thread clearly marked as the "SALE THREAD." Also, for those of you who are looking for the gold hammers, be aware that some of the packs have gold hammers, some have bicolor hammers and some have a lilac-colored hammers, so pay attention to the pics to make sure you get the right one. But, they will probably go fast, so don't wait! Here are more teaser pics!
  5. A lot of you are familiar with my $10 sales--every coral is $10 (yes, $10!). You are also familiar with the fact that I haven't been able to put one on since COVID. So, in April and in August I did online 6-pack sales that have been a huge success. It's time for another! This Friday night (November 6) at about 6 pm, I’ll post the packs in a separate thread entitled “SALE THREAD--Friday Night 6-packs.” Here’s how it will work: 1. I’ll post pics of the packs, with numbers. Each pack is $60 (6 corals at $10 per coral...keep up with me here people). 2. You post “sold” and
  6. Well that was quick! I'll PM you. For now, pending.
  7. I have three beautiful BTAs available. They are natural splits from two of my prized BTAs. They are each over 5" and I've had them for well over a year. --Green base, orange/red tentacles with bright pink tips (2 available) --Speckled green with purple tips (1 available) I had a really hard time getting pictures that do them justice. The pic of the green/red/pink ones is pretty accurate, but the green/purple is much prettier than the pictures. I've attached a pic of its brother (sister?) so you can see the speckling, but the green color is still off. I'm in southwest
  8. This is a great deal. Someone snatch this up!
  9. I never know when you're serious. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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