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  1. Great idea, John! Abe already responded--RMF Psychoberry!
  2. Anyone happen to know the name (if any) of the acro at the 7:00 mark? Tagging some of our resident acro-loving gurus: @CuttleFishandCoral @reefnjunkie @goldenbasketreef @Jorge @mattv @Danik @pdxmonkeyboy @stylaster @The ReefBox @Bicyclebill @zorroreef
  3. Yay! Thank you, John, @SuncrestReef for all your hard work coordinating, and Jeff @CuttleFishandCoral for hooking us up with some great prizes!
  4. For my 24 tickets--Let's do 10 on the Koralia, 10 on the Nero 5, and 4 on the MP40. Thank you! 🙏🤞🥳🐠
  5. Yeah--I was thinking that was a possibility too, but I still wanted to respond in case it isn't "spam."
  6. It looks like this is the second thread you have posted with the same title. I hope you saw that some members responded in the other thread with suggestions to keep the eel alive--including getting the eel to a local saltwater fish store as soon as possible. Most (but not all) of the members of this forum are significantly south of you (Portland/Vancouver area) and although it is possible someone out there is north of Seattle, I think it is highly unlikely you are going to reach someone with a freshwater eel that is looking for a saltwater eel. I think it is great you reached out, I just do
  7. I just Googled that...looks pretty cool! If you try it, I'd love to hear how it worked out.
  8. I'll put my two on the generator. Thanks for organizing!
  9. Hey...never noticed the post count to the right (at least on my PC). This is showing as #84.
  10. Great idea, Manny! Here is one of my favorite shots, for something fun to look at while we scroll.
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