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  1. @Nes has some great deals here! Get them while they last!! Thx again bro,hopefully you'll make it back to the hobby.
  2. 5 gallon nano available. All in one. $60 pick up in Vancouver. No stand,no lid.no rim.foam leveling pad. Comes with nano heater,light, sand,filter media if you want it.iys been cycled and its grown coralline no problem, I've had nems,corals,fish in it in the pass.just freeing up space..Will also trade for corals/fish/ in line uv sterilizer, nano light for a 16gallon cube.
  3. Free tank and stand in Portland https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3096796203899341/?ref=facebook_story_share
  4. 32 ga sold, please delete. Ill be using the 10g
  5. They're long tentacles, just pissed off i keep moving them.lol and I moved them again into my frag tank
  6. Well filled it up last night and woke up to the PH @ 8.0 so I stocked it with some of my over flow and they're all loving it so far. Lol I have my sols mounted at 3-4 ft above the top rim because my controller hasn't arrived yet. Im so excited, now I have the extra space in my main tanks and now I can farm lol I still need to do some organizing and cord management. Ill also make a control board and maybe a shelf inside the cabinet to house all the power stuff, no leaks atm but on the bright side if something does leak itll fall into the sump. Lol
  7. Its ALIVE!!! lol somehow I made a raft so I had to add rock onto my frag rack to keep it down.lol time to let it cycle and get the ph to stabilize before I start the farming in it. Oh maybe ill wait before adding the cheato. Loudest thing is the return pump humming.๐Ÿคจ well at least it isn't in my bedroom or living room lol.anyone have dragons breath?
  8. Well I have everything sealed,threaded...time to fill and just let it cycle. Also have to do some cord management, waiting on my AI SOL controller...YES I found 2 on reef2reef lol I only needed 1 but ill get the other newer model he has later for a backup since I have 4 old SOLs ,also waiting on my mp10 motor..I bought it used and let's just say it wasn't a quiet drive,wetside ceramic was cracked and gone,bearings were also shot.i have a 480gph return pump but ordered a 800ghp just incase its not enough. I should have it up and running before the fight tonight.maybe ill throw in some cheato in the 20gallon refugium also,why not lol..im making more water now. I almost filled the breeder(sump)last night and added a bunch of rock and bio rock I had marinating in my other running tanks for about 2 months so that should help population. Lol also noticed pods already so thats positive
  9. Lol ill just wait for my royal blues to come in from aliexpress then ill switch them out lol.it does make the reds pop but ehhhh
  10. Did a thing,replaced some leds in this old box.the blue channel is burnt out. Removed leds,replaced them into place and changed and added more blues and uv. Ill keep the red on for now,is it beneficial to keep the reds?
  11. Lol yea im to broke to do that
  12. Not perfect but I got the (2)3/4 drains drilled and bulkheads installed. Now back to HD i got the wrong fittings ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  13. Venmo/cash/zelle.also have macroalgea (ulva,caulerpa fern,cheato)$8 obo sandwich bag. domino damsel $15 about 3in blue damsel$10 about 2in yellow damsel$15 about 2.5in
  14. Yea its straight from the di. I have multiple buckets and I plug them in when I need to make some. My originals had the float on the lids but it was a pain whenever i opened it so I figured why not the side. Yes its sealed like a tiny bulkhead and Teflon taped threads.
  15. Yep that should work, might want to try and find just the float kits because the rodi comes with alot of line that you can use. I literally just set mine up because I upgraded but I havent added my spouts yet.
  16. Yea I use to use it alot for my dog and for when I first started my 40b .its not that good of a camera though, the blue light kills the view lol
  17. Yea I know they say frag/grow tanks aren't supposed to be pretty but I figured why not have both lol, I just cut up some 1.5in pipe to lift the 38in eggcrate off the bottom . Its going to have (2)3/4 drains in bottom panel w/stand in pipes and 1 will be emergency. Ill add a baffle to protect and keep it caged to avoid bumping. 1/2 return for high flow and 2 power heads on opposite sides of return and high as the return will be low to mid. Back to HD because I forgot zipties and they charged me twice for 1 par 38 blue led bulb which im going to return because its trash lol
  18. Don't forget to get float valves for auto shut off to avoid floods also get a tds meter to measure and check if its working correctly, also get a extra heater for your salt mixing,makes mixing faster and to avoid temp shock when doing water changes.
  19. Well my roommate moved out and I was stuck between getting another roommate or making it my fish room,lol later maybe 8hrs. Fish room it is! Currently working on my frag tank setup. 50 lowboy,will drain into a 20T refugium display and drain into a 40breeder sump. My custom stand is coming along pretty well. 36in high and will house the 20 and 40 right under it.i also did a little over hang which I think is pretty cool. More pics and updates to fallow, just made a stop at HD and will have to wait till this Sunday for holesaw kit delivery for the 20t overflow box. Im pretty excited. Hopefully this system runs aswell as my 40B. Had to upgrade my water making/mixing system. Went from (2) 15g to (2)32g. I opted out from the brutes to the roughnecks. Both are Rubbermaid same thickness plastic stuff but half the price lol.
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