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  1. So I picked up this doser and when I plugged it in all it does is blink on and off,I dont see anything on display, just the light turning on and off..also the one of the pumps is turning on and off.i tried connecting to it via Bluetooth but im unable to locate it even while holding or pressing the reset button behind it. I've tried connecting with my gaming pc and my android phone but won't locate it. Previous owner had a Mac and said it was stuck in update mode. Looks like its been taken cared of but just won't connect and wanted to start dosing. Thanks in advance.
  2. They look like sponges to me, angels and wrasse fish eat them,but good luck either way
  3. Nice hammer, i have a torch that maybe I can trade ya. In Vancouver wa
  4. I can donate some corals for you, im in Vancouver wa. Near the mall. Pm me.if or when you want to come by
  5. If your treating any medications wont the skimmer pull it out? Also careful with the canister,won't it trap all the medications and or causing sickness bacteria? I'd probably give it a deep cleaning everytime you introduce a new fish to qt.good luck either way.lmk if it works because I have a few canisters and a 55 I could use to make a qt
  6. (2) torches 1head$75, 2head $100 or $150 for both (2) branching splatter hammers $20ea or $35 for both Florida ricordea $15ea Also have some hollywood stunner chalice frags $12ea on plates *free gsp frag/rubble with purchase while supplies last. Located in Vancouver wa. Near the mall. Pm me is 🔑 Will also trade for other corals,DC controllable pumps,fish,cleaning crews. Healthy stuff only please and thanks 🤙
  7. Finally finished my 55 build. Well until I add on a ph controller and maybe add another 10 gallon to the sump. 55 gallon all tempered 10 gallon diy sump and plumbing Eshopps pf800 w/dorso and custom silencer 110int octo skimmer Jebao dct4k Ice cap gyre Hygger heater controller Reactor refugium And most of it was used and only the return pump was new and pvc plumbing. Thanks everyone who i got equipment from 🤙 maybe now ill get to my fish room after my back recovers and my hands aren't as sore lol
  8. I would try to switch to dry/wet food. I don't have a lion yet but when I do id use dried mysis and let it soak in rodi and add some garlic oil( i use the minced garlic and just take the oil thats at the bottom) i also make my own diy cubes and have added that and my fish go crazy for it. My next batch ill also add the multi vitamin stuff in a bottle . If i had a fish that doesn't want to eat,that's its problem if im providing for it lol thats how I look at it anyway.sweet fish btw I want to get one also.
  9. I have a couple single head highlighter torches(greenish/yellow tips) I want to trade for some montipora and or acros. Im in Vancouver wa near the mall. $75single $90 2heads. Pm me.
  10. You can go to a home depot or lowes and check out the base vanities,looks like a single door will work.also less work and shelves inside .
  11. Location and price? Frag trade? I'm in Vancouver wa near the mall
  12. Awesome. Ill get the membership on the 1st. Lol like wise.im looking forward to meeting alot of you also. I just want to apologize in advance because I'm really bad at remembering names(army deployment symptoms) but I've found it easier to remember pple when I connect them to there tanks/setups lol.
  13. Just a question, is the membership good for a whole yr or just for the remaining of the yr? I'm planning on getting it just wanted to check and see if i should get it now or just wait till the new yr lol. Also a side note, these prizes are awesome I totally didn't expect that and free BBQ? Lol itll be better then all my top ramen (most of my food money goes to corals or equipment)
  14. Which and what size nano is it? Usually nanos are convenient enough to just put on a dresser,nightstand,counter..I've also put them on free floating shelfs I've built. Just have to make sure it secured to a stud and not dry wall.i had my 7-10gallon on a free float shelf. Show us a picture of the nano.i have them on the double stack shelf now but getting ready to empty into my newer 55 build.
  15. Ok that actually makes sense for the floor supports and im sure there was alot of thought into it. That tank is huge btw and also beautiful 😍 I will probably do the same when I get into a 150+ volume tank. It gives alot of options to use magnets for doors and panels which is very convenient.
  16. islandVib3s

    PVC leaks

    Sorry I wasn't trying to belittle or hurt anyone's feelings I was just sharing my thoughts as you asked for, I miss socal also. I also forget that my biggest tank is only 65gallons and some of you deal with bigger bulkheads or plumbing. So parts may have to be special ordered.
  17. islandVib3s

    PVC leaks

    Lol that sounds like more of a pain then just cutting it and adding a union or valve.lol id get irritated with water dripping down on me while messing with it lol
  18. Can I get a couple if they survive?lol
  19. Correct me if im wrong, is that upside-down? Lol sweet frame,what size tank?
  20. I would use a 20 gallon all in one for a QT or just a simple tank with a hang on. Pvc pipe for structure. And hard bottom. Just a simple setup on a independent system.
  21. Sump diy update .just going with a 10g and a reactor refugium. Debating on plumbing another tank like a 5.5 or another 10g as a emergency overflow tank for the sump area.
  22. No. You'll have trouble with chlorine. Chlorine takes a while to get out of the system, there is conditioners but I wouldn't trust it.
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