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  1. Sunbursts and Toads Left all others SOLD.
  2. Just went deep sea scuba diving…. One Toad has 5-6 on like a tree…priced at 60$. Rest as 10-30.
  3. Price are Per Each Coral. Favia…forget the name (sold) sunkist sunkist Hot Shot zoas sunkist and sunburst I have Frags of Jason Fox Stargazers 5-10$ per Frag
  4. Please close will make new thread with better pics and prices. Thanks
  5. All I can say is….popcorn is gone and not sure what this movie is about. I can’t seem to find the door either….some help would be nice.
  6. Made Some Frags… Hot Shots Zoas 30$ a Frag most have 10 plus heads I believe. A couple Toadstools 10-25$
  7. Ok…so these are the shrooms up for grabs. I have a few other corals as well. Some zoas that I need to Frag.
  8. For all that need to see pics of the difference…these pics are many many months old.
  9. Not 100% sure. In my tank like fairly fast.
  10. I’m in SW Portland 1 min from CnC
  11. The momma colony is in the pic. the sunburst are hard to get a pic of. I’ll post some after 3-4. When lights change. I got my first one from LazyReefer.
  12. I have a few Sunbrust and Sunkists for sale. 25-40$ doesn’t matter which type. I will post pics later today.
  13. Looking for 4-6 if any locals have any? Thanks
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