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  1. Rip it all out and start over...Add pocket doors to every possible wall you can! I’m sure I can find someone that can install some Bitchin’ pocket doors.
  2. I have a Sailfin Tang that loves to eat bubble algae!!
  3. I basically have the same tank and stand! Killer Deal! Good Luck Brian.
  4. I’ll cut you a Frag one of these days Calvin. Text me.
  5. Questions for the Euphyllia lovers... trying to see if anyone would be interested in a Frag? If so what is the going rate for this little guy? The Big green to the far far right. I have been thinking to thin it out Thanks
  6. What are we all shouting out for?
  7. Flash21


    What’s a docsis 3.1?...it’s like me saying a 16 penny or 16D. I just placed the order...I’m sure we made the right choice! Thanks Cjmdh!
  8. Flash21


    I think we are going to do this....
  9. Flash21


    Yep...park the truck in the house and use the hotspot off it and done! Easiest and Cheapest.
  10. Flash21


    Please! 😂 I’m a Union Carpenter that can do it all and not that well 😂...
  11. Flash21


    Thanks Again Fish Community... I have an IT guy working on this right now...With options...
  12. Flash21


    This is what I do for a living so IT stuff gets me lost... I’ll look into a whole house system or something like CJ posted. Will I need to have that hooked up to the Comcast router or does that takes it place?
  13. Flash21


    Looks like I might have an IT guy come and install something. This seems complicated...I appreciate all the help but this is above my skill level.
  14. Flash21


    Cjmdh Thanks I’ll look into that. The core of the house is good...the Perimeter sucks. I mean trying to watch falling down last night stoped 12plus times because the little crappy extender. Just need some guidance. I’m no tech wizard at all. If I seem short (cocky or attitude) or not enough info...it’s because I need someone to say you need this! I have an extender pic above and it’s not working that good.
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