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  1. Nyos are good but a royal PITA to set up! Least for me I had tons and tons of problems. Now that it’s set I don’t even touch it!
  2. Please Close. Thanks Cobalt! I will return the favor once it starts growing.
  3. Looking for a decent sized chunk of dragon’s breath.... Thanks Chris
  4. Tonight will be my second dose...I’m going to keep a close eye on this dose! Dosed Monday 1hour before lights going out. Took out carbon...Turned off UV...Etc. Tank looks about the same. last night tank looked fine. All fish swimming and loving life I think. Eating fine. This AM my kick [language filter] Tahitian butterfly gone and dead! Now that pisses me off. He never nipped at my corals and all my aiptasia gone! Now after this treatment I’ll need another one...after this dose if something else happens I’ll do a 50 gallon WC.
  5. All new filters...replaced about a month ago
  6. I have read that Dino’s are fueled by water changes and the best bet is to leave the tank alone and let it do its own thing. So don’t scrap the glass no water changes. I did read that I could siphon out some of the areas out of the sand bed.
  7. The above pics in original post was how it was yesterday...when lights turn on I’ll see what I notice. At about 1:00-2:00 that’s when I’ll notice if something has worked.
  8. Last night was the first evening to dose DinoX... we will see how things go.
  9. phosphates around .1. Nitrates under 10. Calcium 430. Alk 9.8 Mag 1300
  10. This was my attempt when it first started. It’s been back on...I’ll try and find some more macro. Thanks everyone for there input.
  11. Thanks Kim. Low flow is not an issue as the whole tank has it.
  12. About 2 months ago I tossed away all my Marcos. Maybe I need to get some back into the system. I started feeding more nori and frozen as the nits are a tad low. Took the skinner off as well.
  13. I’ll look into that...Thanks
  14. Nero pump Cor 15 Return Pump Tunze Pump for flow as well.... I have a bottle of Dino x coming that I was gonna try out?! My system...It’s a 100 lagoon with 40 sump. I run UV...
  15. The last year or so my tank has many ups and downs. Curious if someone could identify this.... I thought red slime....now thinking Dino’s. What can I do? Phosphate I’m not sure 🤔 Alk 9.8 and all other levels are good. Thanks Chris
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