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  1. I’m in Lake Oswego.
  2. Ok thanks. It’s on the 60 gallon. I’ll play around with it if I don’t sell it.
  3. No. Local pickup only.
  4. Aah sweet! Thank you! Do you think I could use the light for freshwater? Only selling it because I want to buy a freshwater light but if it would work I’ll keep it.
  5. No worries. Hope you find one.
  6. I’m the original owner and I bought it a few years ago and then stored it.I don’t think it’s the mint led version. You are welcome to come and check it out though.
  7. I still have my Tunze comline 9004 available.
  8. No issues. Worked perfectly and only used <6 months. What do you mean by mint led’s?
  9. Used less than 6 months. Great lights. $275 obo.
  10. I think my kids used mine for something because I can’t find it anywhere. Hoping someone has a spare from an old pump somewhere. Got one! 😁
  11. I can’t remember. Sorry!
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