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  1. I’m in Lake Oswego.
  2. Ok thanks. It’s on the 60 gallon. I’ll play around with it if I don’t sell it.
  3. No. Local pickup only.
  4. Aah sweet! Thank you! Do you think I could use the light for freshwater? Only selling it because I want to buy a freshwater light but if it would work I’ll keep it.
  5. No worries. Hope you find one.
  6. I’m the original owner and I bought it a few years ago and then stored it.I don’t think it’s the mint led version. You are welcome to come and check it out though.
  7. I still have my Tunze comline 9004 available.
  8. No issues. Worked perfectly and only used <6 months. What do you mean by mint led’s?
  9. Used less than 6 months. Great lights. $275 obo.
  10. I think my kids used mine for something because I can’t find it anywhere. Hoping someone has a spare from an old pump somewhere. Got one! 😁
  11. I can’t remember. Sorry!
  12. Let me know if anyone has an 8-12 gallon cube for sale please. I’m not looking for anything expensive, just something I can use as a pea puffer tank. Thanks
  13. Still lots of stuff and open to offers .
  14. Help! I’m dreaming of creating a discus tank and I made hubby a promise to only have one tank. Get this temptation out of here!
  15. Vis

    Free led stuff

    Gone. Please close 😊
  16. Vis

    Free led stuff

    Did you get my reply? Just wondering if you’re still interested. I’d hate to toss it if someone could get use out of it.
  17. Vis

    Free led stuff

    I’m in Lake Oswego
  18. Free to a diy led person. It was a nice Ecoexotic light which didn’t last. There are led dimmers and parts for someone wanting to try their own build. Going in the trash if nobody is interested.
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