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  1. You got some goggles to go with that I hope.
  2. Ok, I'll take the nano and the Aquafx RODI. Trying to coerce a friend into the hobby.
  3. Lotta deals on RODI filters
  4. @Taylorhardy1 had a 120 for sale recently. Might still have it.
  5. Personally I'm stoked for BRS, I was one of their first customers and I've really enjoyed seeing them come into their own.
  6. Condolences. We give so much of our hearts to those we know we'll outlive.
  7. Wow, quite a loss for us locally. I'll take the noon Saturday spot if it's not called.
  8. If you're having an electrician in anyway, maybe install the required stuff for a generator while yer at it.
  9. I just had an RFA eat a scooter blenny, but it's a big 6-7"er. Mostly they're easy to take care of and pretty cool. Mine spawned which was fun to see. I have one that moves around a lot but stays on the sand bed.
  10. 2 free member tickets for the gyre, please
  11. One for the icecap battery and one for the generator, please.
  12. Cool, I've been considering the same thing. Well, maybe not the tape...
  13. I would like two tickets to go to me winning.
  14. I have some pulsing Xenia if you want that new-to-reefing feeling. Seriously though, have you seen these things? THEY MOVE BY THEMSELVES!
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