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  1. If not does anyone have an extra bag? I have to leave town on Wednesday so shipping isn't an option.
  2. Neve you sent the unit off for it's periodic maintenance? The instructions say to keep the box for maintenance shipping, but I never hear anyone talk about the process.
  3. Just got one. Really nice build. First thing I've bought that's 3D printed, feels really solid and fits tightly with the mounting bracket. Got it with the reef jerky which seems to be going over well.
  4. Here's a link to the BRS page https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/max-e-260-led-complete-reef-system-red-sea.html I'm going to make a 60x32" plywood tank because I have some glass left over from the last plywood tank I built.
  5. I have a Red Sea emax 260 I'm looking to sell soon-ish as I build out a bigger tank. 69g tank with stand and sump, new plumbing and screen top, and 2 built in power heads. $400.
  6. How far is the move? Getting a new tank may be a better option. Moving a tank across town is enough of a PITA, the farther you have to transport the more likely you are to damage it. 120s are pretty common used. Keep the other equipment and have someone ship your valuable livestock when you're set up.
  7. I'm looking for a 1 or 2 bulb 5' T5 fixture or retrofit kit. Beat up is okay, so long as it works.
  8. I'll be vaxxed, masked, and waxed... oh, wait, wrong forum.
  9. You got some goggles to go with that I hope.
  10. Ok, I'll take the nano and the Aquafx RODI. Trying to coerce a friend into the hobby.
  11. Lotta deals on RODI filters
  12. @Taylorhardy1 had a 120 for sale recently. Might still have it.
  13. Personally I'm stoked for BRS, I was one of their first customers and I've really enjoyed seeing them come into their own.
  14. Condolences. We give so much of our hearts to those we know we'll outlive.
  15. Wow, quite a loss for us locally. I'll take the noon Saturday spot if it's not called.
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