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For sale, complete 600 gallon DT and 300 gallon sump.


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8'x4'x30" tall 1" acrylic tank,  complete closed loop system with 6 outlets on bottom. Custom Steel powder coated stand

Two 50 gallon frag tanks, timber and laminate top stand

Two rubbermaid 100 stock tank sumps (fully plumbed)

50 gallon filter and fuge 


6' geisseman spectra

three 400 watt halides

four 4'  double t5 Ho fixtures

120 watt algae growing light


Custom rollermatt (20" wide, 20" long)

Reef octopus Regal 300 INT skimmer

120 watt UV system

Poseidon 200 ozone generator

Two stage GFO / Carbon reactors


Reeflo hammerhead gold 

backup reeflo hammerhead gold

Jebao DCT 16000

6 outlet ocean motion unit 

two Gyre 380 with controller 

two gyre 250 with controller 

two gyre 130 with controller


Apex 2016 with EB832 and three EB8's

Trident module

leak detection module

PM1  module for additional PH and temp measurement

Tank management / QT 

Twin stacked 40 gallon breeders with stands and t5 lights

HOB filters for both

Inland coral saw 

Milwaukie LR phos meter

complete testing kits for phos, nitrate, and trace elements

Compound microscope for algae ID

free standing 12" 15x led lighted magnifying glass 

Water production 

Seven stage RODI.. two sediment, one carbon,  dual RO, triple stage DI filter system  

Two 100, gallon water containers fully plumbed mixing station

Pump and hoses for dispensing water.


Make me an offer.. like to get at least $5k

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2 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

Guy at the office asked me what all goes into an aquarium like mine.  I had a partial list so added some stuff to it.  Then i thought it wouldbe funny to just post it for sale. 

It was kind of funny people texting me... [language filter] dude?  

Once you list something for sale here in the Classifieds, it's official and binding.  The current bid is $550.  Going once...Going twice...


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