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  1. smarta$$! My experience with aptasia X is that it initially seemed to kill things off, then before I knew it I had triple the number I'd started with. That kept happening until I finally ponied up for the nudis.
  2. I'm in for 10, but @LadAShark sold me a bunch back in March. Let's see if he still has any.
  3. I started saltwater in 1994, after playing with african cichlids for a couple years. 29G with Magnum 350 filter, Skilter protein skimmer and VHO lights. Softies and some LPS. Took me way too long to learn the lesson of buying the right equipment the first time, but I was married back then and it was harder to justify the cost. Gateway Bob, Upscales, Waves, and Souta's were the places I frequented back in the day, and it was way before I was introduced to the Internet. It's pretty incredibly how far the hobby has progressed.
  4. I just saw this phrase used and possibly coined by Jake Adams of Reef Builders and got a little chuckle out of it.
  5. I'll take a piece, and I'd like another of that green/yellowish one I got from you previously too on the end there!
  6. I'm a big fan of my Aquamaxx DFC-280. Highly recommend. Skimz makes good skimmers too, though their pumps are expensive and hard to find a replacement for. Both have features that Reef Octopus don't have that I have found to be better for tuning.
  7. I’m running at 6.8 ph and 65 ml/min I believe. Was keeping up on my new 150g until all my sps crashed over the last couple of months. If I get to the point that I need more flow in the future, I’ve got a cole parmer I’m the closet I bought from Kilmca a little while back that I’ll eventually set up.
  8. Yep, been running whole time. I’ve replaced tubing a couple times, but not out of any reason other than thinking it’s a good idea. I bought second roller assembly and swap those because it gets noisy. Soak in Wd40 then in ATF for a couple days, and quiet as new!
  9. Thanks to all that volunteered to keep this afloat!
  10. That is absolutely normal for blennies. Quarantine for them is pretty pointless in my experience. They could likely live in a mud puddle for 2 hours and be fine. I've had a midas blenny that made a 3 hour trek in a piece of live rock wrapped in newspaper.
  11. Hate to say it, but this is what I appreciate about having separate controllers for my components that I feel need controllers.
  12. If that single 20A breaker is what you are able to use, that is absolutely all you'll need. Well depending on how far you go this time.. I bought the GFCI version of that breaker and it's dedicated to my system. The beauty of that is you could break that circuit somewhere along the line and install a 2 way transfer switch to run on a generator. That's on my list of things to do one day myself.
  13. Vipar Spectra black box size something or other grow light. It's not that it puts out much heat, but that my tank starts to climb in temperature once my house gets above 73 degrees. My (3) Reefled 160's and (4) T5 bulbs are adding the heat. After setting up my new tank last year though, I've had trouble keeping my phosphate and nitrates up so don't run the fuge very long. And my giant new badass skimmer helps with that too.
  14. I have tried all of the above over the years. I run reverse schedule just because my current system gets by with only 5 hrs on. Heat management is a deciding factor for me, as well as anecdotally my calcium reactor.
  15. Um, well yah... I just got these new Kef R3's set up, and a new turntable, listening to a couple particular albums for the first time again on vinyl in 40 years. It was a pretty moving experience. And yes, a fair bit of sativa and beer in the mix...
  16. Wow. Those are all absolutely amazing!
  17. Great video! I’m going to look that dude up and see what else he’s put out.
  18. I'm still not understanding how people apply these with Herbie and Beananimal drain systems (i.e. every friggen tank out there with a sump). The Trigger Platinum sump appears to have two drain inlets for their roll filter, so that makes sense to me. But none of these aftermarket standalone products have method to connect two drains.
  19. Streaming for right now. Just signed up for Amazon Music HD to give it a try. Really getting sucked into needing a turntable. I still romanticize about the process and enjoyment of albums from my past. It's an experience in and of itself, in addition to the music. Dang, I just sold myself!
  20. Dang, I had no idea that things had become so esoteric! That headphone video blew my mind. Hard to believe there’s a market for products like that. I’m excited about my new measly NAD receiver and Monitor Audio Silver 300 speakers. Funny how one persons high end is another’s marginal entry level!
  21. I'm getting back into hi-fi after 20 years or so, and have been researching in different forums like ours. I feel like an outsider Costco dad in their forums as I try to read their pages of info on subjects I'm looking at. Crazy! Feels pretty cool to fit into our local forum, and feel like I've got useful input and can actually understand the words coming out of everyone's mouth!
  22. Bicyclebill


    That looks good Jim! I used the Marco cement stuff and found it worked awesome if you got the mix just right. And just right is a pretty narrow window
  23. I’ve got a corona LED light. Super popular name right now. But the PAR output is insane compared to what my radions were
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