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  1. I got this a while back but have decided to not install it. $15 pickup in NE Portland.
  2. Hey all - thank you. Items are sold.
  3. Recent threads on these juniors reminded me that I have one sitting in a box. I'm really not sure on prices for this stuff so feel free to tell me if it's off. Apex Junior W/Temp Probe - No Display - $75: Had it for last 5+ years and just took it down a few months ago. EB4 - $75 PM1 No Probe - $50 Let me know.
  4. If you end up still looking then lmk. I’ve also got one with a pm1. Just hanging out.
  5. I've got a used EHEIM 2262 that I no longer need. It comes with all media and quick disconnects etc. I've also got a bag of spare parts like O-Rings, clamps, etc. The only issue is a crack in the back of the pump housing, but that's just cosmetic. $175 takes it. Happy Holidays.
  6. I broke down my last not-drilled tank and I won't be going back. So...for sale is an EHEIM 2262. This is the big daddy of EHEIMS. I had to running on my 180g stocked with frontosa. I have the tubing, disconnects, lid, media, everything. There is a small crack on the back of the pump housing - but no water flows there so never a problem. It was plumbed onto a 180 so if you want to go higher you'll need a few feet of tubing. $200
  7. I just tore down this tank (was used for freshwater). It's a standard black-trimmed Aqueon 180 with the matching black pine stand. Tank is in perfect shape. I've got the glass tops and I also have two pretty new 36" dual t5 fixtures. Probably six months old with bulbs 4-6 months. It's not drilled, and it's tempered, so you're not drilling the bottom. Only issue is the plywood bottom shelf in the stand bowed out from the filter weight, so I put some boards in there. That part is purely cosmetic. Comes with two buckets of aragonite if you want it. A ton of river walk if yo
  8. I just broke down a 180 freshwater tank. I’ve got a bunch of heavy boulder rock and two buckets full of aragonite crushed coral. It will need a good cleaning. Or it could kickstart the ammonia in a new tank! free to anybody who wants it. I’m keeping the brute.
  9. Interesting. I've been having a hard time keeping my PH up for about a week now, but I wasn't really connecting those dots. I didn't switch anything and now I'm hovering right about 8.0 with lights on, and dipping to 7.8-7.9 overnight. I never really open any windows, so that didn't change.
  10. I've been losing connection like crazy. It's not an issue with Fusion, it's my dumb internet. Wifi just keeps dropping down there. I'm going to run a cable from my modem straight to the socket and put an end to that nonsense.
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