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  1. Also, with a new trident they say should run for a week to “settle down”. My Ca does run higher and I will shut off part of my 2 part for a day usually once a month to let it come down but never had anything that high, usually in the 500s is the Max mine has reported. Glad you got the leak issue sorted, the reagent I wouldn’t dare get on the carpet
  2. I’ve had my green Milwaukee for years, works great! That is what I would recommend first. My apex probe died at about the 1 year mark and decided not to bother with it again since it’s like $120... I also have an old pinpoint salinity monitor that is dead on every time I put it in cal fluid as well as reads pretty much the same as my Milwaukee. I’m surprised more people don’t use them, but not as common as the Milwaukee.
  3. Welcome! Glad to have more people on the right side of the river 😉 40 looks good, lots of space to fill up with corals. You going to run a skimmer? If you are ever looking for some starter/easy corals, hit me up, I’m just in Camas.
  4. Those nems you got from me look great! Overall tank looks great. What plumbing do you need done? I have my DOS doing AWC from my garage as well, it’s a bit of a pain to setup running conduit around to house the tubing but once it’s done, smooooth sailing! You won’t be disappointed.
  5. I had something similar happen with a piece of frogspawn that came off. I just set it in a corner and left it, eventually it grew a base and I was able to attach the little nub to a frag plug. Now it’s 2-3”. Was just a little side experiment, wasn’t really expecting it to grow. As long as it’s not blowing away I would just leave it and see what happens, sounds like you have it in an ideal spot for it to grow or attach.
  6. I’ve got some captured in my sump, several rainbow and one rose (might be a black widow). PM me if interested, I’m in Camas.
  7. That’s awesome. They are weird little buggers, I put in about 30 into my 210. About 20 in the display and 10 in my sump/grow out fuge that had aptaisa in it. I thought my wrasse wiped them all out but did finally see some in the display a few days ago. Slowly the aptasia are disappearing, but not sure they will make It to all of them. They take a while, still have lots of work to do. Wouldn’t mind getting some more in the future from you 👍 saltyunderground wants a mint for them...glad I bought during the sale.
  8. In the past I found about 16ish hours was a pretty decent sweet spot and just opposite your primary lighting schedule. When I ran 24 hours growth wasn’t as good. Been a long time though since I’ve had a Chaeto based fuge, right now I just grow nems in my fuge when I can catch them from my display 😂. Not really for nutrient export though, but I do run it slightly offset from my primary lights to help with pH.
  9. Corals can go several days with no lights without issue. Priority should always be aeration #1, heat #2.
  10. Before I forget.... 1 Nero 5 1 Gyre
  11. Cool little tank. Is the water bottle ATO just doing gravity/siphon break to top off? Haven’t seen anyone doing it that way before haha kinda cool.
  12. What size system? Aqualifters have always served me well and are reasonably priced.
  13. Haha yeah gotta love that! My main point was just to use an additive instead so sounds like you are set. The Fritz stuff is so much powder you basically have a lifetime supply that you’ll never be able to use up.
  14. I used this for ammonia instead of waiting for shrimp to decompose and all that jazz. Fritz PRO - Ammonium Chloride - 500gm https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OTH5TAQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_PTQJE3QYG87YJ1KAQ3H9
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