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  1. Also, did you ever try vibrant? Works well for algae in general but I’d do as mentioned, scrub and peroxide. Not sure what fish you keep but now that you have a 90 gal, might be time for a good maintenance tang like a scopas/tomini/kole.
  2. I am curious as well to see what others have to say. We recently bought an A-Frame camper and gives me an excuse to pick one up as an emergency backup for my tank as well. I am trying to figure out a dual fuel one so I don’t have to worry about gas with the camper and can just use propane from the dual tanks it has already on it. Also, we were fortunate not to lose power in Camas during this outage. Overall I don’t think I’ve lost power at our house yet (knocks on all available wood!)
  3. Happy Birthday Brian! Cheers 🍻
  4. It’s going to be guessing without testing parameters. What is your nitrate/phosphate at now? Is there ammonia or something else in the tank? How old is the 40B? Has the hair algae issue been going on for a month? Six months? Year? What are we talking about here and how have you attempted to remedy it?
  5. Or if you feel like burning money, you can buy the DDR! Probably wouldn’t go that route again but they do look nice lol usually you can just dose Mag on a weekly basis and be just fine. Or you can use one that is pre-mixed in (I use Seachem Reef Fusion for my 2 part, which has Cal/Mag together).
  6. Definitely have to agree with @pdxmonkeyboy, hitting 0 is way more of a pain/issue than being elevated. It all depends on what you keep in the tank. If you are trying to dial in colors or something in a wall to wall SPS tank, the number is likely going to matter more than most with a mixed reef or soft dominated tank. More or less the key is you are getting a reading and it isn’t in the .1+ range. Even if it gets above .1, most simple carbon dosing solutions bring it down quickly (another issue to not overdo and bring it to 0 quickly/accidentally).
  7. Assuming you did the hold down button so it does the countdown? Sometimes I like to fill one vile with just tank water and one with test solution. I’ll often check it 2-3x just to see if there is variation and if the variation stabilizes or not. I do observe this issue occasionally but the test normally seems to stabilize after I check it a few times with the same solution. The only positive thing is you are in safe ranges with those numbers.
  8. Ok, you get bored one night and wrangle him you let me know lol
  9. You don’t by chance have that yellow coris wrasse I spy in there?
  10. Cheapest solution is to add another black box like you have. I have a 300w Viparspectra if you want to go that route, currently just keeping my wife’s deck plants alive under the house 😂. PM me if interested.
  11. Interesting test...take a light diffuser from a t5 shop/ceiling light and put it over the lights and see if the madness stops?
  12. Good God man! Are you like a secret wholesaler or something LOL! I gotta get to Oregon City one of these days
  13. Mine worked for about a year and did what you are seeing. Tried to recal like 5x and wouldn’t work. Pulled it out, not gonna pay $120 for little value add. I’m at 210 gal and for salinity to drift far enough to cause issues something catastrophic would have to happen (that would be noticed before a probe would likely alert me). I have Milwaukee and a pinpoint meters to check until Apex finally comes out with a reasonable solution.
  14. So it looks like you have the following: Toadstool small torch? octospawn Colt/Kenya tree GSP Green mushrooms And the bad on RHS of the tank: Clove polyps aptaisa If I were you I would remove the rock on the right and kill it (put in fresh water for a while or acid bath it). Clove polyps will take over your tank and fill in every free spot as they spread. main issue you will run into is cycling, or lack there of in your case. The rock being live will help but the tank will still cycle and you risk the c
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