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  1. Small sized skimmers never work amazing, but I was impressed overall with the Tunze 9004. For as simple as it is, it skims well. Would be worth a look. They have a DC model as well now (mine was the standard).
  2. Every plumbing job requires at least 1 extra HD trip. I got tired of it and usually buy obscene amounts of extra and now have a huge bin in the garage full of fittings lol
  3. Whenever mine does that I push the reset button on the brain (“New” 2016+ model). It usually resets fine. I blame Comcast for this more than the Apex lol
  4. Forgetting exactly what the flickering was caused by but do you have the polarity backwards on the one you re-soldered? Are you using a heat gun for this?
  5. Best deal I’ve found for water storage is at Winco. They sell the square 5 gal jugs with lids for like $10 or less, I think (it’s been a few years lol)? I gave most of mine to a friend though. Look in the soda/water isle if you are there, they are meant for people to buy filtered water there with.
  6. Mine started to slip off the upper right solenoid connection after about a year and a half. We caught it after chasing down a low Alk reading. Funny thing through all of it, the trident was right and my 2 part was messed up (bad batch). Was a good time to clean the vile out good. Hasn’t skipped a beat since.
  7. Looks great! I appreciate the big toadstool, not too many SPS people keep them but I love em lol 😂
  8. This is my first year actually being prepared LOL Mostly because we bought a camper this year so the wife was ok with the Champion Generator purchase. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Champion-Power-Equipment-4650-Watt-Remote-Start-Gasoline-RV-Ready-Inverter-Gas-Powered-Generator-with-Quiet-Technology-200993/315272388 I also have an Icecap battery backup for my gyres to run. The xf350 controller somehow knows the power is out and only runs one gyre to conserve power. We also have natural gas fireplaces so I can manual light those if cold temps were an issue. @markv you want an inverter generator, they are quieter than the contractor ones. If keeping the fish tank going is your only goal, a smaller 2000w one will be quiet and do the job just fine.
  9. I dig the new scape, looks like a lot of work!
  10. You know that Petco has these for $10 suing the dollar per gallon sale pretty regularly right? Not sure if it’s happening now but it happens a lot.
  11. So the flush kit is to bypass your waste water restrictor and let the membrane itself get unrestricted flow to the waste line and “flush itself” out. Ideally you do this for like 5-10 mins prior and post running the unit to keep your membrane clean and extend its lifespan. It’s actually in the pic @parvo99 posted above. They usually run you $10-15 and are worth the money. Also it flushes the initial TDS spike you usually get when you turn the unit on, saving a bit of resin as things settle down. As far as filters being utilized, they are working as intended! Your first filter is grabbing tons of sediment, meaning your carbon block isn’t getting browned out as bad. Knowing that you have high sediment in your water, I would just keep an eye on it and swap it earlier instead of waiting. Sediment filters are the cheapest so won’t break the bank swapping out with your carbon every 6 months. My sediment filter never turns color and gets changed every year. Could it go longer? Maybe, but for $5 it’s easy insurance to keep everything working as it should.
  12. I guess the part that worries me most is I see the filter pad on the bottom of your DI section turning brown, same as your sediment filter. I usually prefer the micron ratings of my filters to be like 5 for the sediment and 1 for the carbon block. Usually any product water leaving the membrane should be overall very clean (like 1-2 tds, with your input being only 8, it should be 1 max) and free from sediment, so that is odd yours has brown in it still. also, how is old is the membrane? Are you showing 1TDS max coming out of the membrane and going into your DI? also, do you use a flush kit prior and after running the unit?
  13. Holy cow you pulling water from a swamp?!? 🤣 So I think something is wrong, are your filters in this order? Sediment -> carbon block -> Membrane -> DI If not, there is an issue. Looks like you may be using your DI before the membrane? Typically you should change sediment filter if it gets bad like that sooner, Carbon blocks are usually every 6 months, DI is as it is consumed and you start not reading 0 at the end. Also, do you know what micron rating they are?
  14. Wait…what algae are we taking about here? Algae on glass? Rocks? Hair algae? Cyano? I doubt anything in your fresh reservoir is causing the issue. Each type of algae is treated differently so maybe show a pic of it or describe it better.
  15. Also, with a new trident they say should run for a week to “settle down”. My Ca does run higher and I will shut off part of my 2 part for a day usually once a month to let it come down but never had anything that high, usually in the 500s is the Max mine has reported. Glad you got the leak issue sorted, the reagent I wouldn’t dare get on the carpet
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