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  1. My point with the DOS was just that it’s loud enough to hear. If you are doing 2 per dosing it runs for like 2 seconds at a time so it’s not really that bothersome, just more of a surprise they didn’t make it quieter. I would 100% use the DOS so the apex can control it easily. That also allows for Trident automated dosing, which wouldn’t be possible without it.
  2. I think you would be feeling pretty great if you had: Apex EL DOS Trident pretty much cruise control setup there. ORP isn’t really used for anything unless you run ozone. My experience was bad with salinity probe, you’d have to make the judgement if that really gives you any significant feedback or not. IMO if my salinity was significantly off, I’d know but it hardly moves on 200+ gals of water. For the variable speed ports, again, if you had something to use them with maybe it would be worth it, but remember that all these things can be added at a later date
  3. Haha I suppose it’s all relative. My tank in general is pretty quiet by most standards. Also, when comparing it to other dosers like a DP4 or something that make basically no noise, it’s kind of startling how loud they are. I do accept it as it is going to be overall more accurate with the stepper motor than the little DC motors the cheaper dosers use, however, steppers are capable of running a lot quieter by varying the voltages (as you are probably familiar with). Trident makes its weird little R2D2/Printer/Scanner noises. Not super loud but it is something you get use to. Honest
  4. I would avoid red fish like the flame hawk (or in my case flame angel). Clowns are like bulls...they attack red for some reason. I’ve observed it several times with my pair over the years, even had them go at a red tail tamarin wrasse. They never have actually killed a fish but they get super territorial and nippy when they come to their spot. I always thought some of the leopard wrasses and the orange back wrasse add some nice color/variation to the tank.
  5. Trust me on the salinity probe, I tried EVERYTHING! I did as you showed and bought the little probe storage container even. Went through like 6 packets of cal fluid trying to get it to work. When I would finally get things “calibrated” instead of reading 35ppt in solution it would read like 60 or something and along the same lines in the tank. I just can’t comprehend how these probes can be this touchy and problematic. As I said, my super old pinpoint meter with no recalibration ever has been spot on. When they come up with a better probe I will add it back but IMO wasn’t really doing anything
  6. I’ve had my apex for about a year now. My two main complaints are: 1. Salinity Probe - these are a joke and mine only lasted a year before being unable to calibrate. At $125 per probe...I am no longer using that functionality. I have an ancient pinpoint salinity meter/probe that still works perfect and is right on the money in the calibration fluid. I attempted to buy a used salinity probe from another member and had the same issue. Seems that very few manage to get them and keep them running long term. I’m hopeful they come out with a more reliable probe in the future but honestly
  7. Same as theclark said...I’d be down if you want to ship them to pay for the cost. PM me
  8. Anyone else getting this error a lot today? @TheClark
  9. No, I’ve had those things in the past, not vermetid snails. Vermetid will send out a mucus net thing to catch food from the water column. Also don’t tend to be white like that.
  10. Also have some easy beginner stuff if you want like neon green GSP and Xenia (if you dare!)
  11. Haha most things with a mouth and tentacles will put basically anything it catches in its mouth. Good thing it just spits it out. Nice looking plate, probably worth the “not reef safe” risk 🤣
  12. Any reason you only want single polyps? Just for price reason? I have the following you can just have if you want: Mohawks pink and golds (Pandoras) - at least that’s what I think they are mind blowing palys they aren’t gonna be single polyps...but that’s usually a good thing haha
  13. There is a combination of issues if you don’t flush before running. Your membrane needs to be flushed, the water lines flush out in the house, etc. If you are using a float valve that is letting small runs daily, you will always have the initial TDS spike that ends up going through your resin. Ideally like Suncrestreef said and I do, you make a big batch in a separate container and pump that in. Membranes run more efficiently over longer periods of time and thus less DI usage. Other option is to let your reservoir get down to the bottom and fill it up instead of using the float. Ag
  14. 🤣 that spongodes, those dang things grow so fast! Just for kicks, you have any full tank shots? When I saw your tank a few years back it was pretty packed but looks like it’s even more stuffed lol
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