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  1. Real men make their own tanks LOL
  2. @TheClark, the seals are pretty easy to replace if they start to go bad. One thing is that if you buy the seals directly from them or an aquarium place they are $30. But if you google the seal type they are like $9. Go figure. If you start going REALLY big on the Jebao pumps remember that they are similar to other large pumps and you need a good straight run into the pump or you can cause micro bubbles from excessive negative pressures.
  3. I have been thinking of switching my reeflo hammerhead out for two Jebaos.. maybe we should chat?
  4. Jebao. Silent, dependable, cheap. I have several that are 5 years old at this point.
  5. Yup. Acrylic actually absorbs moisture. So like wood, the drier side will cup (because the wetside is expanding). How big is the tank? I still have some used poly pieces
  6. "Plexi" aka acrylic will ALWAYS warp. ALL-WAYS. What you need is polycarbonate. The "green house" double wall polycarv at HD works great for lids.
  7. well, if your tank has a lid there are some absolutely gorgeous wrasses. The terminal male pintail is amazing. As is the lineatus wrasse. Other fish that have amazing amounts of personality are tail-spot blenny and flame hawk. My tail spot is always in this little hole in my rock in the front of my tank. Looks like something from sponge bob square pants. LOL A rabbit fish is also a great and interesting fish. I like the scribbled a lot more than the one spot.
  8. What size co2 tank? I have a little one.
  9. Office It is not like its explosive or anything. The acetic acid though.. wow! It wreaks even through the plastic.
  10. It is WAY easier than they make it look. Especially if you have seperate annion and cation resin. Base dunk for one, acid dunk for the other. How cool is it that anion resin sinks and cation resin floats? Thats cool!
  11. http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2008-09/nftt/index.php
  12. So i ordered some chemicals to mix up some acrylic welding solvent. The bottle was inside a bag, inside a can, inside a box, and inside another bag --LOL. No wonder there was a $35 hazmat fee. You can open weldon on without too much worry, but the real stuff... you have to be wearing a respirator. Take my word though.. it works Sooooooo much better. Shout out to Envision acrylics for sharing the secret formula. No, I am sorry, I can't share it.
  13. at first i thought you were selling four packs at $750 each. I was like... is this guy huffing paint? Thinking it over.
  14. ok, I will not throw a gallon of skimate in to sweeten the deal..
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