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  1. Depends on where you are getting your acrylic. But the oversized sheets for this were $1,200 and $980..plus a sheet of 3/4.
  2. Dude! Apex classic and two leds! I was like hmmm. Maybe. But you throw a toadstool and two bubble tips... you just can't pass that up! Or i could build you a custom 8x4x 2 for like 3,000 less than that.
  3. That is because acrylic is actually clear.
  4. I have to say this is going to be an amazing tank!!
  5. Wait.. we are delivering your 10 foot tank today??
  6. False. Those are the external tank measurements.. But I digress, those with small tanks do everything they can...
  7. I made it, being delivered today after work. 112x24x30" tall. Euro-braced 3/4 acrylic with beveled and polished edges.
  8. It was kind of funny. Talked to John on the phone. We was like..watch the reflection, don't burn yourself. I was thinking, dude, you are soo soft. Three minutes in..what's burning? OUCH. My shirt. It works ok, at close range it is good but honestly, it is not as near as powerful as i would like. At about 12" away its pretty useless. It is dangerous though.. so that is cool. I can't remember the wattage but after like 10 minutes i was pretty convinced the wattage rating is false. The big problem is it doesn't focus tight enough 😞
  9. I also vote for @albertareef. He was the first person i met from the club and he doesn't have anything nice in his tank.. lol
  10. Ship it back or buy it? Lol. That is one way to sell high end stuff.
  11. just for giggles, what is thy proof of lineage? for a torch? I love how someone names something and boom! It has lineage. Not trying to dig on you, it is a cool torch for sure. but can anyone give me a +1 on aussie gold?
  12. Looks like an Aussie gold to me. I suppose you can name it whatever you want. God torch, Allah torch, ausie budah....
  13. I have one with a painted black back and lid... could drop at CF..?
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