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  1. You only time i flush is when i start to make water and flush the membrane itself (manual flush). If your not flushing your membrane and just letting the water that goes through your RODI system get flushed down the toilet, well, you are just wastinf water. The increased tds you are seeing post sediment filter is just a flush of sediment that comes off the filter when water starts flowing. You want pain? I go through 10-15 gallons of top off water a day and blow through an entire catridge of anion resin every 150 gallons of water. Not so bad though, i just recharge it with lye. I have like 3 gallons of the stuff so only have to recharge twice a year. But anyways... flush membrane a couple minutes and then make water.. o tds is o tds. Cheers
  2. I would cover those contacts in silicone if that is in your fishroom.
  3. GFO (granulated ferric oxide) is what people typically run. My take is that GFO reactors are flawed on soo many levels that adding lanthanum chloride is a much better solution.
  4. Welcome. I am out in hockinson. I have frags and what not but mostly higher end stuff. I might start dosing phyto though.. so maybe we can work something out.
  5. man.. not even a single smiley face for Mr. T? Why am i even here?
  6. I would suggest a 100% water change. That will fix that problem, it MAY cause others.
  7. Just make sure you start a thread when it dies....
  8. I would be willing to bet the hannah meter will be dead in a year. Happened to mine. Rinse and dried it as recommended. Did some googling and it is a common problem. I loved it until it stopped working. Use the milwaukie now.
  9. I have pukani.. what is your frag inventory these days?
  10. what the deal on the radium bulbs? Wattage and are the new or used. thank you !
  11. My dragon soul is hosting my two clowns. Which is fine because i dont have an anemone. Congrats though, super cool to witness symbiosis in action.
  12. You moving to the couv Trevor? I would help you move but i am busy that day.
  13. Nice. I have a crested bastard wrasse i need to catch.
  14. You can make a fish trap with a 2 liter bottle. Cut the top off, and insert it back into the bottle backwards.. after you put a rock in there to weight it down and some food.
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