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  1. What power scope is that? I got me one to ID dynos.
  2. Lies, all lies. That guy doesn't even have a tank
  3. and it isn't rated for continual water exposure. I mean, have at it and all. I was just curious what type of glue it was and that popped up.
  4. iodine dip is likely 100% better than nothing.
  5. Looks cool. Arcylic and silicone don't play well together but ibhave heard that there is some new type of silicone for bonding plastic?
  6. Kind of makes me wish i hadn't dropped your new tank and broke it.
  7. I used my sawzall and a diamond tile blade once. This is good if you want to make a bunch of frags from a colony all at once because as your cutting it will catch on something throw the colony across the room and breaking it into a bunch of little pieces.
  8. ya'll got a serious case of generator envy. I herby knight thee "The Lord of Extension Cords"
  9. You know what I have to do when the power goes out? Nothing.
  10. Its the Tunze osmolater 3155. Lets say $120 that is like 40% off of new.
  11. Yes, the honda is simply the best small generator you can buy. Period. My sat for two years and then i had to dissasemble the carb and clean it to get it to start becuase of deposits.
  12. I have a honda 2200. It is quiet, starts every single time and got my 300 through a couple different power outages. Now that I live in the mountains i have a propane standby with automatic transfer switch. It runs EVERYTHING on my system and both our refridgerators. My 3 cents. If you have more than 2-3k in your tank its foolish not to have a generator. Battery back ups are good but in the city, if your power goes out its usually for longer than a battery back up will last. Honda is a great generator, harbor freight sells honda knock offs that get decent reviews. Two things
  13. I have one with a spare pump as well. Its the popular one, the watchamacallit... someone help me out here.
  14. Funny you should say that. ALL my instructions start with "take your shirt off". But now I think I will save time and just say " I dunno, google it"
  15. Your new tank will come with a complete cleaning instructions AND materials.
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