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  1. And I was thinking why is the forum so dead during summer. Lol
  2. Danik

    Sad Day

    Sorry to hear that, sounds like he had a great life.
  3. Happy Birthday Kim!
  4. If you remember my fish room I had 3 separate 20 amp circuits ran there and really only used 2. I think if you go with 2 separate 20amp circuits you should be ok.
  5. Snatch it and put it out of it’s misery
  6. A little over one year.
  7. I use the same magnet, maybe switch out the blade? On the other hand it’s squeaky clean 😂
  8. Not really, I think there is a saying in English language “no replacement for displacement “ I am Looking into building a new house so I can have a huge peninsula in the middle and a dedicated fish room like the last house I use to I have . But we are old timers I guess
  9. Glad to see you back in the game, it’s been long time.
  10. Nothing new, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube does the same. Stand your ground
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