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  1. Hey Taylor- sorry to hear about the losses. Brutal. Been a rough year plus on many levels. GLWS and hope to see you back someday.
  2. There were some mentioned at the meeting but, sadly, I can't recall who they all were.
  3. Yeah but is the color "right"? When you have a fashionista for a crab, you need to think about these things!
  4. I know how much Holly loves tech on her tank so I'm sure this idea will go over well
  5. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the fish loss - that would be devastating. That euphyllia collection is amazing though!
  6. Sorry to hear about the cross hatches - they were impressive. At least you can diversify your fish population a bit more now without worrying about predation. Silver lining I guess...
  7. That was a nice tank when you had it set up - someone should come snag it.
  8. Oh no! So sorry to hear Holly. Glad we got to say "hi" to him one last time this year. Always hurts to lose one of the family and I could tell he was a big part of yours. Our condolences.
  9. Yeah - that is an area of irrational liability claims I wouldn't want any part of!
  10. Can't believe you didn't take the opportunity to go bigger while you were at it
  11. Congrats to all and thank you for stepping up in such challenging times! I am looking forward to seeing what you all have planned for the coming year. Good luck!
  12. I was wondering how the switchover was going. Didn’t realize you did a full tear down as part of it but makes sense given all the problems. Like the looks of that new sump arrangement!
  13. Pretty slick solution! Kind of fortunate you had set the whole thing up remotely in the closet - much easier to secure.
  14. Oh man - how did I miss this? Happy belated B-day Kim! Hope you and Sirena had a wonderful day.
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