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  1. Glad you were able to pick that up Kim! I have been so busy I still don't have mine!
  2. You can have visitation rights my friend. I wouldn’t count on it reproducing very quickly in my tank although the shrooms seem happy at the moment.
  3. Thanks Manny! That is pretty awesome of you to put this together and sorry for the late reply. Been offline fir a while working on a house so haven’t been able to check in. Will PM you.
  4. Can’t say he didn’t warn you! Given we are two for two with shirt burning I think I may skip a tryout - probably burn the house down.
  5. Love Sam’s. Val owns that building - which is the only way I think they survive - would be too expensive if they had to lease space to put their tables in.
  6. This guy looks familiar for some reason…
  7. This is a great idea and thank you to @Manny Tavanfor launching this thread and contributing the prizes! I love this forum for all the individuals who are willing to step up and offer advice and help to those either just starting out or struggling with issues they can’t get a handle on. I have met so many generous and thoughtful people on here it is really heartening to see - which makes it hard to nominate just one. That said, I will pick @Sirena for all her behind the scenes contribution over the years. A jawbreaker would be a great way to start off a new seahorse tank 😀
  8. Sorry to hear this - your ideas and enthusiasm will be greatly missed.
  9. Tank looks fantastic Brian! Good to know someone out there has been having some well deserved luck lately! Can't wait to see the new setup.
  10. Yep, we used one that I borrowed from work on a couple of occasions.
  11. Thanks for the pics. Really bummed we couldn’t make it!
  12. Right... forgot you had that Alk driven feedback on it.
  13. What pH set point are you running at Jeremy? I know you have a large volume but curious if it's more neutral than "normal" with that flow rate.
  14. Hey Taylor- sorry to hear about the losses. Brutal. Been a rough year plus on many levels. GLWS and hope to see you back someday.
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