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  1. Lots of great corals coming out of that tank. U grow great stuff.
  2. Dendros is a general term for Dendronepthea. Plenty of variety in that class. There is some fancy varieties like fat head dendros that are rare and hard to come by. These are more commonly called sun corals.
  3. These are coming out of indo. They do have a fatter tentacles like aussie.
  4. Glad it went to someone who appreciates it. Been growing it for 6 months. Enjoy
  5. Good looking stuff. Excited to see the new tank.
  6. U are on the list. I know the hand held is coming back soon.
  7. Sure. I have the usb meter ready for pickup. I will let u know when ur up.
  8. We know you love it when we have BOGO sales and we haven’t done one in a while, so we have decided we will be running a BOGO sale this Saturday and Sunday on our 10-40 frag sections. We have fully stocked tanks and some really nice frags as well as stunning colonies available. We will also be running a salt special. With any $20 purchase, you can get a blue bucket of Red Sea Salt for $59 while supplies last. Limit 1. Deals are not valid with any other coupons or discounts. Come see us and stock up on some new corals!
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