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  1. Jamie, I have the USB LED meter ready for you.
  2. I have the handheld LED meter ready to pick up for you.
  3. Also some great leopards are in. Our new supplier preconditions all the fish we receive. They go threw a copper treatment and deworming process. Good stuff 20201118_170201.mp4
  4. Stuff is going fast. I got everybody so far that has asked covered.
  5. Almost impossible to get. We have one box. Great for seeding your tank. Let me know if anyone needs some.
  6. We buy around 88lbs every few months. U can add to our order if u want.
  7. We have the USB, and a handheld. Both are for led. We also have another handheld meter but doesn't work as well with leds. I will put u in line.
  8. People have been doing a great job bringing them back quickly. Thank you. Line moves pretty fast.
  9. Here's a quick video of the different ones in stocks. 20201115_122927.mp4
  10. I think we only have one left. Tons of other nice clowns. Black storms. Mocha storms. I'm sure u will find a perfect pair.
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