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  1. I would get the gryphon. One purchase that i never regretted. They are spendy but totally worth it.
  2. We know the last week has been particularly hard on everyone who lost power. We have heard a lot of you have lost fish and corals and we are devastated to hear that. We at Cuttle Fish would like to help with your tanks in any way we can. We know these losses can be crushing and we don’t want any of you to give up on your tanks. Come in and let us see how we can help get your tanks up and running again. We have a few big fish and coral shipments coming in tomorrow. We aren’t looking for huge profits here. We want to help our community rebuild after loss. Come on in and we will do our bes
  3. Boom we have power!!! We made it threw one of the most stressful event in our history. Huge thanks to everyone who offered and gave help. We love what we do cause of the amazing community! Swing on in! We are back at full strength. Three massive orders coming in Friday.
  4. U can bring them in but I'm still without power but have a few generators working.
  5. We have been without power since last night and will we be closed until it gets back on. I will keep you posted. Stay safe out there.
  6. We are going to close again today but I will be at the shop from 12-2pm for emergencies. If we can help with anything let us know.
  7. Stay safe out there. Just send me a pm when u are swing in and I will make sure it's available
  8. Ok. He is after the USB one so it probably won't matter. Just pick it whenever is convenient.
  9. Lifer I have one ready for u. Scubaethan is next.
  10. Good morning everyone! With all the ice and snow covering the roads, we have decided to close for the day. We hope you all stay safe and enjoy the snow and we will see you soon. Stay tuned for updates about tomorrow! If something can't wait till later contact us and we will try to help.
  11. Dam with a n is a swear word I guess.
  12. [language filter]. This is a sweet setup. Can't believe it's still here.
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