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  1. We all shine in different ways 😀
  2. Nice! This makes me think about Bert wanting to create a coral warfare book. Basically which coral wins when pitted against another. The ultimate "greater than" book.
  3. I think there's a few locals reefers on your area. Well, it's Eugene so I'm assuming there's countless refers, but those are the wrong kind 😉. Seriously though, there might be a couple people in your area. Where would you get it from? Ordering it online? From a shop?
  4. No, it's not upside down. 😀 The extra brace supports on the bottom are for the flooring and are intentionally more shallow to allow the floor to be added and have the edges recessed beneath the outside braces (if that makes sense). This is what it looks like with the flooring. It's 360 gallons. 8' X 3'
  5. @spectra is your guy if you want steel.
  6. Sounds like a bacterial bloom, but the ammonia is the problem. I would continue some water changes and/or use some prime to detoxify the ammonia.
  7. Yeah I lost a PM module after the update, but luckily I was just able to unplug it and it worked right away when I plugged it back in.
  8. Dang, that's wild. The house address thing is pretty solid.
  9. You can definitely get by with auto feeders. There aren't too many fish that will only eat frozen. Most fish in the industry can get by with pellet and freeze dried. You algae loving tangs will appreciate sheets of nori, but the extent will be tank size dependant. If the tank is big enough, they're likely able to forage around for quite some time. And you can provide nori intermittently. As you are researching fish, just avoid those that are finicky eaters. The duration of how long a tank can be left alone involves too many variables to predict. The biggest issue is top off water, feeding, and monitoring the overflow (assuming you have one). Then there's dosing or CaRx maintenance if that applies to you. However, all of those things can be set up in such a way that you could technically leave it indefinitely. The problems arise when...well....the problems arise. Something goes crazy with the overflow? That could mean trouble. Reactor has a problem? There's another ordeal. All in all, you will be the best person to determine how well your tank can cruise. You just have to recognize how often you do little adjustments or changes and then consider what it would be like if you weren't around to do them. No one should be tied down by their tank.
  10. Welcome to the club. Glad to hear round two is proving more successful. There's always more and more to learn about doing things better. Keep after it and you'll get the returns on your labor.
  11. Congrats on the new build. I'm not familiar with the DIY overflow, but hopefully that works out good. Since the back can't be drilled, remember that each return is just one more thing you have to hang over the back. Single return would likely look cleaner, just my thoughts.
  12. Congrats! Sounds like you've grown a great deal in this hobby since you first dove in. Look forward to seeing where everything progresses.
  13. It's Flat Head lake, right by Kalispell. They just redid the deck last month. Still some more work to do, but turned out great.
  14. While you can see the detritus that builds up on bare bottom tanks, that's also the biggest benefit. You can just siphon it all super easily. When you have sand, you're never able to clean up the detritus as easily. Always pros and cons.
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