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  1. I second checking if The Wet Spot. They typically have an incredible selection. The majority of folks on here have saltwater tanks, but I know there's some of us with both πŸ™‹. https://www.buildyouraquarium.com/oscar-tank-mates/ That's a link I found that seems to have some good intel (full disclosure, I didn't read all of it). You may want to add some decorations in there to help break up the space. That might alleviate some aggression when trying to add new tank mates. Best of luck!
  2. The calcium reactor is now gone! Now I gotta deal with that old car battery...
  3. Ok, world. Y'all drive a hard bargain. Free or I'll just throw the whole thing in the ocean with my old car batteries. πŸ˜†
  4. Sounds good. I'm around all day tomorrow, after about noon and most of Sunday. Other than that, most any weekday evening works too.
  5. I don't know how much is there. Could be 40 feet, maybe 30, who knows? At any rate, this stuff is usually more than $1.5 per foot, I think. Free to a good home. If you got a frag to offer I'll take that, but nothing required. Contact pickup in Scappoose (people need handshakes!). 😁
  6. Welcome to the club. What are your goals and plans with the new tank?
  7. You could use a bottom to pause your dosing (if you dose, of course). There will be times when you want to make sure that the system doesn't dose anything (like swapping out solutions). You can set you button to pause dosing for X minutes. Or similarly, and this is what I do, you can use it to pause an auto water change system. Whenever I replenish the 50 gallon drum and batch up new salt water, I push a button and then the DOS pauses auto water change for 4 hours. This gives the new saltwater time to mix thoroughly before going into the system.
  8. There's a thread above yours with a member looking for aiptasia for their breeding nudis. Y'all should become friends 😁
  9. I have the most highest endest ever birds nest coral. 1.25"!
  10. Text sent on cardinal fish, file fish, and yellow tang.
  11. Felix gave me $50 in cash because he doesn't have PayPal. I've sent in the funds to our account.
  12. Do they look like this? 😁😁
  13. Your best bet is to just take it to a saltwater shop asap tomorrow. That's super unfortunate..... Especially for the eel. I'm assuming you have salt? You could at least do a partial water change so it's not just wasting away in the shipping water.
  14. Marketing video looks pretty slick. Curious how it works myself.
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