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  1. Scappoose and I travel to NE Portland everyday.
  2. Dang.... Crazy good deal! What year is the Apex and MP40s out of curiosity?
  3. Yeah congrats. That's some big media exposure. Hopefully it'll give you a solid boost!
  4. Spray hydrogen peroxide on the rocks and let them stay out of the water for a couple minutes. It'll die off over the next couple days. Obviously, when rocks have coral on them you have to be more calculated with where you spray and how long you keep it out of the water.
  5. I'm sure the experience will be simply electrifying!
  6. Tunze is the brand of one of the more popular ATOs. Brian was asking for a reminder on what kind it was and that was someone's guess..... At any rate, if it's a Tunze with a spare pump, you should buy it if the price is right.
  7. Rather than choking, this was my thought.
  8. The answer to that is always drill. I probably have some extra bits of varying sizes I could give you. Another option is bringing the return over the back and using the two holes as the drains and run Herbie style. I know everyone always pitches their tent in camp Herbie or camp Bean Animal, but the reality is the third pipe for Bean is overkill and frankly unnecessary. I still have not heard an account of the primary getting clogged and then the emergency getting clogged as well, thereby making the third pipe necessary.
  9. Also make sure you really wipe down the test vial. I don't think all your fingerprints and whatnot are not good for it's accuracy. Everytime I use mine I wipe it down super aggressively and then hold it up to the light to verify there are no streaks or prints. Then I'll either hold it just by the cap or use my shirt/towel.
  10. Dang, that's brutal. Super sad...
  11. Well...I guess I'll get this party started! Thanks for putting this together! 360 gallons. 8'X3' and not nearly enough coral to actually make it look like it isn't empty.
  12. I would offload what you can to one of the members who have offered to hold things. I can even do that for you.
  13. Here's Post 58. Fyi, Manny, you've made too many posts so I'm afraid you've been disqualified.
  14. Just take them to @ThePremiumAquarium, get whatever credit you can, and call it a day. You are not going to get the retail prices you are asking at a store, but unfortunately it looks like you aren't getting them anyway. That would be my recommendation.
  15. You need Prazi-Pro. You can actually dose it directly into the tank (one of the very few medications that you can do that). I have some in Scappoose I could give you although it looks like you're in Vancouver. I'm not sure if there is someone or some store that is more local that might have it. https://www.amazon.com/Hikari-Usa-AHK73254-Prazipro-Aquarium/dp/B004LOBGYA/ref=pd_lpo_199_t_0/136-7387985-0205907?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B004LOBGYA&pd_rd_r=93dbcbe2-3777-497e-9c1a-e2c6155186ad&pd_rd_w=ikfOi&pd_rd_wg=aCls3&pf_rd_p=16b28406-aa34-451d-8a2e-b3930ada000c&pf_rd_r=
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