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  1. Thought I'd try Tapatalk, again, this morning...still down. Thought, maybe, I should check if there are any app updates, the app didn't even show up in my "updates." So, I uninstalled the app to find out the 'Tapatalk' app is no longer in Google Play. Hmmm...
  2. Sold, lock it up please Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  3. Whomever buys one will get a hefty shot, if you buy it all, you get the bottle! Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  4. ~Price Reduced~ Instead of me just hoarding these pumps, I've decided to let them go. All have been cleaned in citric acid and all are in, like new, working condition. 3 MP40 Quiet Drives $225ea or $600 for all 3 Local pickup in BG only TIA Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  5. There were two large heads and one really small head in between the two, but the 2 large heads were already pinching in, forming 4 heads on both heads. Thus, probably in a few more months, it would have 8 heads. Customer paid a hefty price, let's just say, 4 figures but totally worth it. Tbh, I really didn't want to sell it, but customer really wanted it... Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  6. I may have one head ready in a month. Just waiting for the two heads to completely split. There's still a small piece of flesh connecting the two. Just sold this frag last week... Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  7. Ahhh bro, a week too late! Threw one away last week, just had some rust on it but worked perfectly. Sorry man. Been cleaning out the spare garage, I may have another somewhere. Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  8. I may have several laying around. Give me sometime to dig them out. I know they still work bcuz I cleaned them about a month ago. Small problem tho, I'm in battle ground Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  9. Yeah, looked in my spare garage, and I said, "I need to get rid of some sh!t", so here we are, plus I just seem to reach for my refractometer more often than the Milwaukee. Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  10. Just don't use it as much as I thought. Like new, been in case ever since. $75 obo Local pickup in BG only TIA! Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  11. Thought I needed this, turns out I don't. Been sitting in garage collecting dust. Pump works fine, if you're not into cosmetics. $150 obo Local pickup in BG only TIA! Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  12. Interested in the fritz blue and hammerhead Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  13. Fritz... Blue or red box? Interested nonetheless. Algae scrapper for glass or acrylic? Thanks Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
  14. Yeah, forgot to mention, it's not live. Sent from Atlantis [emoji1690]
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